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Pat Sep 24
Everyone wants to be remarkable
Everyone wants to be legendary
Destined for greatness
The next visionary
One in a million and one of a kind.

But not every starlight is meant to be blinding
Not every star shines as bright as the Sun

In 'one in a million' there's only one 'one'
No 'one in a million' with millions of 'ones'
Yet cherish the million for it lets the one
Be 'one in a million' not simply some one.

So some will never be remarkable
Some will never become legendary
They make the million
They are ordinary
The simplest of specks dimly lit in the night
Yet cherish them, cherish them they make the kind.
Pat Sep 24
Completely blinded by the pain
Like shards of glass piercing her lungs
Unable to breathe
Unable to live
A heart so full of love to give...
Yet none she dared ask to receive

Despair and doubt
Filling with lies her head
The weight of the world
The pain and the cold
Would tear her soul to shreds

She dropped the weight
She pulled out the glass
Revealing all that had been hidden;
She made a vow
She dried up her tears
Despair was forever forbidden.
Pat Jun 5
On the darkest of dusks
Only stillness and calm
When your soul might be broken
You have lost all sight
To the shimmering shine that dares light up the sky
To the kindest of creatures caressing the night
May the weight of this world never dare dim your might
May you evermore bless with such brightness and light
May you fly
Pat Mar 22
Was I ever above all? So I thought.
Can’t recall the moment when all
Slowly began to fall apart
Addicted to the world’s rejection
Yet constantly seeking affection
Loathing my every imperfection
Such darkness poisoned the heart.
Always content, never truly happy.

Now a stranger is all I see
My reflection, but not me.
My reflection, but who is she?
She is smarter than this mess
Or so she thought.
She won’t perish like the rest
Or so she thought.
Yet again, she fell into the trap.
Darkness spreading within
Silent, deathly and unseen
Consuming all that’s left of her
Ripping her to shreds.
Her mind.
My mind.
Pat Dec 2018
She hides herself behind a mask
Building, her main task,
piece by piece. Lies piling up
She buries, she conceals, she performs, she perfects.
Her essence deep inside
a mere presence left behind
Eyes blind
Never can they know
Never can she show
How could she? Who would she be? Who even is she?
Is she even any more?
Broken fragments, shattered shadows
Always trying
yet failing.
Always failing
yet smiling.
A spiral of despair constantly consuming her,
yet smiling.
Sinking, drowning, failing
Always failing
Always wondering
Is she even any more?
Is she even good enough?
Piece by piece, walls fall apart
No longer burying nor concealing
nor performing nor perfecting.
Breathing at last, free from the past
for broken means fixed
No faking, no smiling
From now on she is.

— The End —