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meher iqbal Mar 2018
And suddenly
You became a memory
A hazy picture in my mind
Of laughter
Of beauty
Pure happiness
And I don’t know
If I can find that again
Or if I want to
meher iqbal Mar 2018
“They’re stealing our jobs”
They say
“everyone is equal”
Then they turn and look away

Why do we decide
Who to help
And to let die
Based on whether
Which side of the border
They may lie

For what if we lay dying
Blood seeping from our wounds
In the distance, children crying
And help just turns around.

We try to pretend they’re not innocents
Fleeing from a war
But all these “evil” immigrants
Are desperate to the core
meher iqbal Mar 2018
How can you say you know me
When you were just a chapter
In a book on endless pages
You thought you'd found the answers
But you only read the first few pages
Since then I've gone through changes
Found madness between the phases

You may have read the first few pages
But did you read the ones that faded
The ones I've locked away
Those long forgotten "some days"s

Did you read about the nights I've spent
Curled up in my bed
With my mind the greatest torment
And of how I didn't give consent
Did you read about how I'd hurt myself
Or did you "skip over" that?
When every breath I took
Was dying to be my last

How can you say you know me
When sometimes I struggle to
When all my bridges seem to collapse
And I don't know what to do
When I chant to the girl in the mirror
What makes you; you
When I fail an attempt
Yo give this grey world a hue
Please tell me what you think!
meher iqbal Mar 2018
So what would I do
If there wasn’t a you
If the universe
Did not align for us to meet
On that day
In front of the vast field
What would I do
If we didn’t click
Like pieces that belonged together
A puzzle
In a world full of
meher iqbal Mar 2018
And I'll always love you more
A poets often do
strapped between similes and metaphors
and all my shades of blue

I'd always have more to lose
if we went our separate ways
and the rain is all you'd have to get through
when for me it'd be hurricanes
Okay, first poem. Please critique

— The End —