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SK Mar 2021
In this frosted bite of sheet cake...
Is my aunt sally
And in this bite, my auntie Chloe
And my uncle Peter...
Who knows now more

I chew on my childhood
And I think of how
Each age is only just a bite

A bite of the past
A bite of the present
And a bite of something yet to be told...

The succulence of a future’s past,
Is the greatest untold
SK Jun 2019
In the rubble of me
Lays infinity
A heart
Broken wide open

I feel the burns of a thousand souls
I see the pain in the eyes of my whole
I taste the acrid flavor of emptiness
I hear the cries of the unknown
I breathe out a sigh of peace

For everyone in their destroyed home,
You’re not alone
There is more to this
Than we’ll ever know
SK Jan 2019

Maybe we can have a conversation
About our flaws
In all their enormity

Future built on stable uncertainty
How can I ensure
You’re the one for me?

I’m scared,
You’re more of the same
And not what I crave

Do you remember
The endless conversation
The mutual exchange?

Not a tug of war,
But a graceful ballet

I suppose,
The musical score was too fast
To keep pace

And now we lay,
Broken dancers
In the night

Your New Past
SK Feb 2014
Dear Diary,
You hold the problems
That are always true
Things that should’ve been forgotten
By today
It’s a shame
But it’s always true
These memories will always haunt you
Try to escape
There is no gain
Only tomorrow to weep again
SK Oct 2015
Desire etched in hard lines
Hollows cradle broken dreams
Reservoirs of sunk treasures lost to time

And I question:

What is life when
It hands you a glimmer
And then takes it away

When is success when
Your bones are tired
And the bills still wait

Who is society when
The standard is this
And you are that

Where is human when
Some die from consuming too much
And others die from consuming too little

How do we change when
Power is a drug
And doped addicts run the show

Why are you here when
It's clear meaning is undefined
And the responsibility is yours?
SK Jan 2013
The silence echoes off the walls
It's sound deafening
Yet still music to my ears
Speak to me silence
Drown me in your sound
Wrap yourself around me
To protect from those all around
SK Jan 2015
We crave warmth
Bare touch
Sullen words that drip
Illuminating the dark,
we meld
Weaving our stories
Seeking solace
in a sun that's already set
SK Nov 2015
In the wind,
Etched in fire,
There's only desire
SK Feb 2019
Spinning in your web of lies
A cocoon of love
Or a festoon of self?
Trophied under disguise

Cold to the touch
But burning in bliss
Partial exposure
I know what this is
Solar eclipsed

You do not know who this is
One face over another
Mirroring within
Body, malnourished
Feed me your sins
SK Jan 2019
Wet heat
Filthy teeth
Open wide

Burning sheets
Biting lips
Dessert me

Aching knees
Begging please
******* flesh
Your remedy
SK Oct 2015



C­ome back up
Thick with dread

Water flowing
Gills adapting
Eyes flying
Wide open
SK Jan 2013
Plant a seed
Watch it grow
Delicate petals unfold
Untouched beauty
So pristine
Yet so alone

Bathe in the sunlight
Soak up the rays
Grow ever more beautiful
With each passing day
Passer-bys walk on through
Caress your petals
Fawn over you
“How beautiful you look”
Your color so vibrant
You extend into the sky
Reaching so high
But the clouds gather
Their color darkens
Drops flow
Your beauty is marred
No longer untouched
You’ve been ruined for all
SK Oct 2018
For the world,
To see what is
To see what is not

Figures frozen
Muted, untouched
A clock that never stops

Time again,
Time undone again

Again and

Broken and shelved

This poem lay ruined
And why you ask
If the potential was there

Cause I’m invisible
And your eyes are only there
If the opening is strong

And reflects the angst
Inside your heart
Blood smeared on the screen
SK Jan 2013
I told you;
That shipped has sailed
And I watched it go
I watched as it sailed into the sunset
And then darkness fell
Just like the darkness that settled into my heart
But alas, I can only hope that one day the tide will change
Returning that ship to its rightful harbor
The harbor that longs to be settled into
The harbor whose ties are so strong
One will forever be kept hold of
But most of all
SK Mar 2014
The idea of love is so beautiful
but the execution, so dire.
SK Jan 2019
This is.
And. more.
Like so.


This is it.
Poets and holes.

Should I thesaurus more?
What am I saying?

Words. Periods.
Random exclamation!
Statement piece.
Crescendo time.
Drum roll please.

Too many lines?
And cease.
SK Jul 2014
They will take it away
Whittle it down
To the point
Where spell check
Is the only way to spell correct
Where Google
Is the real arbitrator of truth
And the words, lazy on our tongues
Cling to the warm recesses of our mind
Forever happy
Easier, still
No hurdles to jump
No trees to climb
The obedient citizens of our Earth
No wrong
No unpleasantries
All good and fine
SK Oct 2018
Inky pools
Cradling the shadow
Of the starlit moon

Perfection fetched
From the crevices of eternity
Unbounded and unexplored

Ensconced, warmth
Solitude but more
Peaceful tides

In even the shallows
Of the unknown
SK Oct 2015
It didn't happen in slow motion
Nor did it go by in a blur
I heard you before I saw you
Laying cracked upon the floor

Pieces of you were missing
And some of you, scarred
Battle wounds of an eternal doom,
I couldn't spare you from

I pieced you back together,
And now you're almost whole
Forever my Frankenstein
I sip from you once more
SK Sep 2015
You said I wouldn't purple and blue
Walking on the pieces of your promises,
Red is now running through
Whisper in my ear, next is you
SK Feb 2013
And here I sit
An empty shell
For the world to see

Go on now
Take your look
These are my scars
Here for you
Like an open book

Go on laugh if you’d like
Laugh at the pathetic-ness
That has become my life

Go on judge me why don’t you?
Ridicule me for my choices
Condemn me for my heart

Little do you know
I’ve experienced worse
Your words are nothing
Is that understood?

So go on,
SK Sep 2013
How does one achieve a state of balance and unity?
An internal peace so quiet and calm.
How can we adapt to the greatest fall?
When the concrete ground does away with it all.
How can we seek a connection, when inside there is such unrest?
A frayed wire, chaotic and angry
Whipping about in undulating stress
What does it mean for the ones who seek beyond the horizon of what we know?
Of what we are taught to know?
May we slip through the fissured ground to explore a world un-owned?
SK Apr 2016
In a sense...
I thought I knew who I was
But I only knew myself in that time
All these years have faded the familiar lines

You never step in the same river twice.
SK Jan 2019
Her mystery,
Like a maiden on her first night

Though she is more experienced
Than you’ll ever be
Blood, sweat and tears
On her palms
Not ever her knees

She will reveal who you are
Battle wounds and scars
Not hers to wear
But yours forever to bear

Who will you be?
A successor to her dreams?
Or a failure in the midst,
Of her unforgiving blitz
SK Jan 2013
Suppress your thoughts
Suppress your feelings
Suppress anything that doesn’t fit

Society society
Hear their rules
Abide by their dictatorship

Long for more
Yearn for pleasure
Learn to live

Society society
Hear their rules
Abide by their dictatorship

No feelings are right
Individuality is contrite
Burn that heart
It has no place

Society. Society.
SK Jan 2019
The sullen faces
The tired eyes
Confused expressions
Wondering why

Are we better now than we were before?
Will time advance us or say no more?

Subliminal rhythms
Throb on thin air
Gentle music to the ears

Glue in hand
Eyes paralyzed
Will this be our grand demise?

Worlds alone
Are we any different
Than we were before?
SK May 2015
Write everyday. Just 200, 3000, 5.5 million words a day. Just write.
Write something. A love story. A horror piece. Elicit moans and groans.
For goodness sakes, JUST WRITE!
Your ink is drying up.
Why won’t you write?!
Unstuck the words from your fingers. Fling them on a page.
They are DRYING! These words only have once to get out.
Sinking, withdrawing, they shrink in fear.
The voices in your head, louder now, shouting. Shouting with a plead…WRITE!
Like a dictator commanding its people, your head commands you to write.

But don’t write.
Don’t write now! You’re not ready.
Your words are too precious, you can’t share them.
They are heavy in your hands, their weight a familiar feel.
Keep them to yourself. Soak up their beauty. Don’t share your words.  
Like a monk in a monastery, your heart commands you to keep these words to yourself.

So don’t write.
Don’t write cause you’re not ready,
Your heart and head are at odds
I command you not to do anything
And you’ll listen,
With a fervor,
You’ll obey
© Sim Kaur

— The End —