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SK Mar 2021
In this frosted bite of sheet cake...
Is my aunt sally
And in this bite, my auntie Chloe
And my uncle Peter...
Who knows now more

I chew on my childhood
And I think of how
Each age is only just a bite

A bite of the past
A bite of the present
And a bite of something yet to be told...

The succulence of a future’s past,
Is the greatest untold
SK Jun 2019
In the rubble of me
Lays infinity
A heart
Broken wide open

I feel the burns of a thousand souls
I see the pain in the eyes of my whole
I taste the acrid flavor of emptiness
I hear the cries of the unknown
I breathe out a sigh of peace

For everyone in their destroyed home,
You’re not alone
There is more to this
Than we’ll ever know
SK Feb 2019
Spinning in your web of lies
A cocoon of love
Or a festoon of self?
Trophied under disguise

Cold to the touch
But burning in bliss
Partial exposure
I know what this is
Solar eclipsed

You do not know who this is
One face over another
Mirroring within
Body, malnourished
Feed me your sins
SK Jan 2019
The sullen faces
The tired eyes
Confused expressions
Wondering why

Are we better now than we were before?
Will time advance us or say no more?

Subliminal rhythms
Throb on thin air
Gentle music to the ears

Glue in hand
Eyes paralyzed
Will this be our grand demise?

Worlds alone
Are we any different
Than we were before?
SK Jan 2019

Maybe we can have a conversation
About our flaws
In all their enormity

Future built on stable uncertainty
How can I ensure
You’re the one for me?

I’m scared,
You’re more of the same
And not what I crave

Do you remember
The endless conversation
The mutual exchange?

Not a tug of war,
But a graceful ballet

I suppose,
The musical score was too fast
To keep pace

And now we lay,
Broken dancers
In the night

Your New Past
SK Jan 2019
Her mystery,
Like a maiden on her first night

Though she is more experienced
Than you’ll ever be
Blood, sweat and tears
On her palms
Not ever her knees

She will reveal who you are
Battle wounds and scars
Not hers to wear
But yours forever to bear

Who will you be?
A successor to her dreams?
Or a failure in the midst,
Of her unforgiving blitz
SK Jan 2019
This is.
And. more.
Like so.


This is it.
Poets and holes.

Should I thesaurus more?
What am I saying?

Words. Periods.
Random exclamation!
Statement piece.
Crescendo time.
Drum roll please.

Too many lines?
And cease.
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