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Why does the summer breeze feel so cold....
.....because you left us to face this world alone.....
  Jul 8 thara
Once i start writing poems about you
There's no going back
You hurt me and i wont forget it
  Jul 8 thara
Ashly Kocher
Close your eyes
Reflect on your day
Dreams take you on a journey of come what may
Eyes open wide
Smile on your face
Place your feet on the ground
Embrace the day
thara Jul 8
he thinks that i destroyed him
but he threw the spear
he thinks that i scarred him
when i was near

now all my hate and all wonder
changed the girl i was summer

i loved every small thing
of cute imperfection
the spark of his lightning
beautiful juristiction

thinking of all the love lovers
changed the girl i was over summer

i felt love
i felt fright
friends gave love
the left in light
they are strong
to hold me tight
when its dark
their love  ignites

his hate for me hurts
but it doesn't matter
cause friends mend my heart
while he makes it shatter
time makes heartache a dull blur
but it still changed me over this summer
  Jul 7 thara
Ashly Kocher
What’s yours is mine
What’s mine is yours
The love in our hearts
Are always intertwined
That will connect us for all time
  Jul 7 thara
she stands there,
wind through her hair,
dazed and unaware,
numb and hopeless,
a broken goddess.

she stands there
waiting for time
to fade her away
into the dark, cold night.
  Jul 6 thara
Indigo Dream
All the stars that glisten in the night
are suns in someone else's sky
Which are you?
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