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3.3k · Nov 2013
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
A single teardrop rolls down my cheek
My heart has been broken for so long, it is now turned to stone
I'm no longer alive, a wilted rose dropped carelessly to die
I cannot live without you
2.2k · Feb 2014
wolf sky
Silver Wolf Feb 2014
course fur
tangled up
matted down and
entwined with nature herself
She yawns exhuming
releasing all troubles
as they float on up
silhouette outline shades inside filling up
coloring in the lines and
all you can make out is
an incandescent glow as
twilight sky
streaked watercolor beckons
as the stars line up
take their positions
spelling out the truth
always watching
always shining bright
lighting the way home for all
who find themselves
lost and alone
looking for the answer
2.1k · Nov 2013
velocity of love
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
A curiosity at the velocity
Of the travel of boulders
Crashing into ships
Descending upon us
Second goes by
Pauses looks around
And time resumes again
Speeding towards insanity
My mind screams yes
You say no
You will regret
Hindsight goes hand in hand
With impulse
The consequence
The aftermath
Of your decisions
1.8k · Nov 2013
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Stare out blankly
Focus on the dots
Violets and blues dancing across the walls
As I perfect the art
Of actually caring
Disillusionment in action
Distortion at
Its utmost perfection
As the eyes see
Only what they want to see
1.7k · Feb 2014
Silver Wolf Feb 2014
I’m not straight
I’m not your doll
I’m not your toy
You can’t play with me
Use me
Then discard of me when you’re done
I will not conform to your standards
Because I made my own a long time ago
Before I ever met you
I will not wear a dress or makeup
Because it makes you feel better
And more comfortable
I will not listen to your lies
Because the truth speaks louder
In my mind
I will not let myself savor your *******
Because ******* is disgusting and
I’m not disgusting
You think I am
You spit on me
You laugh at me
But I don’t care
Because I’m stronger than you
I deserve better
I may be the same age as you
I may even be younger than you
But my heart and soul have suffered years
Longer than your short pathetic excuse of a life
Because the you behind your eyes
Deep down inside
Is a vortex of hatred
And your overinflated ego
You’re so shallow
You can’t drown me with your spite
And abuse
So while you’re putting me down
The voices in my head are having the time of their life
Laughing at you
And your ****** up
1.7k · Nov 2013
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Colors spin and whirl around
Lines begin to blur
In the distance and
Something pushes
Against me
Pounding incessantly
I’ve had enough and
It won’t stop
Up ahead sadness washes over
And carries away colors
Leaving grey streaks
And blistering
In the evening rain
Darkening the sky
Painting it the color
Of your heart
Remember when
Happiness was reality
Not a memory from storybooks
Deceptively simple
Seemingly easy
Just out of reach
Out of range
Out of sight
And the harder I grab on
The more I want
1.5k · Jan 2014
perfection's wrath
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
I hate perfection
I hate its debilitating clutch
As its voice criticizes and demands in my head
Its hands crushing my soul
And I’m sick of it pushing past
Cleverly wriggling its way into everything I ever do
Anything I ever create
Because its not good enough
‘Your not good enough’
It speaks
Driving needles into my heart
Poisoning me with its venom
Possessing me
Manipulating me
Until my voice succumbs to perfections wrath
Giving in
Giving up
Because why bother trying
If your not good enough?
1.3k · Jan 2014
smoky rims
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
Eye liner smudged
Rimmed in black smoke
Darkness begins to blur
Forming shadows that hide in dark crevices
Wings feather out
And darken
Dripping with sadness
Innocence glistens
As hazel speaks the truth
That no one wants to see
Clarity epitomized
And set free
1.2k · Nov 2013
x y z
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
The logic, math problems threatening me
Laughing in my face
Emerging from the deep dark depths of
The textbook of my life
My hands trying to make it work
Dividing until there is no leftover
No remainder
But there’s always going to be a remainder
An unexpected variable thrown in
Watch out for that
Make one change one mistake and
You end up with a different answer
As your footsteps deviate from the path
You thought was right
Hopelessly wander, search for your light
And find yourself immersed in an ocean of
Parabolas and quadratics of the equation
Attempting to answer
Decode the numbers
Read between the lines
Break down the algorithm
And desensitize
As you calculate the rate at which
My mind speeds towards insanity
Measure how much you love me on a scale
Of one to ten
What if the number is eleven?
Then compare to a love for her
The question is irrelevant
Because what is equality
Two different things so much same
How can one surpass another?
Always want to know how can
You compare and contrast the highway
Of your body your mind to that of
Another body another mind
What makes one worth so much more
Is it really worth that much more
It’s unfair once you factor in opinion
After all love can’t be measured
In quantity or numbers
1.1k · Nov 2013
Love Eclipses Fear
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Traipse towards the elven forest
Say hello to the trees
As they offer words of wisdom
Sit still and listen
They contain multitudes
Open your eyes
Watch violet stretch into
Ebony’s fingers
And wrap it all together
Giving you the gift of night
The moon guides my footsteps
Illuminating the path
Enlightening my mind
And the stars sparkle bright
Your dress glides close behind
Carrying pieces of the fairies
With you
Beauty is real here
And here everything is beautiful
While beauty there
Is trapped in a narrow looking glass
A privilege only available
For a select few
I was never a part
Of their corruption
Because their windows could not show everything
Selective at best
Where truth is a rarity
Like the so called unicorn
That only shows up for those who believe
So I traipsed here
Where the ghosts of yesterday cannot follow me
And I can flow freely into the blue
Swaying gently with the breezes blowing past
Breath is a sacred instrument
That cannot be tainted
By empty words and broken dreams
So I put the pieces together
And find I am part
Of a greater whole
Fear is not fear
Because power of love eclipses
And overshadows the dark
1.1k · Nov 2013
Refugee's Reveries
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
She feels so lost
So confused
Don’t know what to do
Hands that could create
Feel so weak
Left to wither in defeat
As rainbow rivulets
Finding refuge in
Welcoming shade
In her mind
Endless everglades
Resonate and sing
To the song of serenity
And here she stands
Mesmerized by greenery
Watching everything
Fall into place
One step closer
To euphoric grace
1.1k · Nov 2013
Unrestrained Madness
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Hands wander over
Unknown territory
Ready set go
Let’s explore
New path
New life
Touch another dimension
Above reality
And beyond
Rise up
Scaling the heights
Of pure elation
Infinite bliss
Innocent joy
Sheer perfection
It won’t last forever
Falling is unavoidable
The crash
As ecstasy begets insanity  
Slowly sickening
Slowly morphing
Turning rancid
With madness
When you look down
Instability is
Eventually you begin to
Crumble into pieces
When the foundation
1.1k · Nov 2013
butterfly wings
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Laced with moonlight
Spinning intricate patterns of
The colour of your thoughts
And ideas soaring above and beyond
Touching infinity with shimmery tips
Feel the air rushing past
Light to the touch
A relief of cool from the burning fire
As you savor the moment
Drawing it all in
And back out again
Lost in your own conceptions of perfection
Summer rain brings the pain
The strain against flying
Hold you back
Adding to the heaviness in your heart
Your soul
Like the shards
Pieces of glass wedged between
Ripping apart graceful strands
Of your innocence your naiveté
As strings unravel
You give up and surrender
They fray become a tangled mess
Heaps of indigo on the frosty ground
Leaving behind a remainder of the girl
Who once knew how to fly
Silver Wolf Dec 2013
I see bodies
Huddled on the floor
Laying lifeless
Drained of hope
Deprived of what could be
Decorated with knives
Tattoos stained with
And self-hatred
Does anyone care?

They fade into the shadows
And left abandoned
A beauty forgotten
Withering in defeat
From your words
That stab swords
Through hearts
Do you care?

Their eyes once saw
Mountains that touched infinite skies
A blue
So pure and clear
That once mirrored the innocence reflected
In their own
Mountains they planned to climb one day
And reach that place
So high  

Their eyes saw (but you never seemed to notice)
Lakes that appear shallow
But hold deep crystals beneath
Along with a whole life force
Flowing curving
Ripples of delight
That harbor her treasures
All connected by watery strands
Of energy
Webs weaving passions and dreams
And touch the depths that dive into hearts
Of the matter
Dreams and passions that can be followed
Pursued with unrelenting
Mysteries to unlock

Their voices spoke words of wisdom that could
Transform into flighty doves and claim wings
That softly land into unbound books
Scrawled in personalized script
With the little curlicues
And indigo ink puddles breathing life
Into blank white pages
All of their own ideas
And opinions
You never cared about their opinions

Their hands caressed another
Their bodies hugged
And encircled
Holding on tight
And passed so much to each other
Saying everything
And nothing
By touch
Contact sizzles
And fire burns
Pressed against another
They never found love
Hearts that beat so loud
And resonate in tune with
The rhythms and patterns in that
Of another
And lost themselves piece by piece
Until their identity reflected that
Of another and became
Maybe so
Maybe not
But you’ll never really know
But you said you never cared

They once sparkled
Shimmered with life
You took it all away
Their beauty
Their light
Do you care?
918 · Feb 2015
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
Wispy angel Children embedded with
Sparkling fibers of light
Danseuses blanched
Paper doll trails honeycomb drippings
Shedding casings
Hollow cast offs coiled gaunt carapace loom
Ominously floating in sea of shadows
Byproducts of incessant motion
growing thin
Fading away with the glow of dawning
until moon wakes from its perpetual sleep
Awash in an ocean of night
and luminous constellations of
Twilight gloaming
Silver Wolf Dec 2013
Do you ever feel like you’re living someone else’s life and not your own?
Aimlessly following the same path blending into the masses of thousands?
Do you feel deprived of your dreams, your heart, your soul?
Do you feel an emptiness residing deep within, that continues to grow and devour you, until there’s nothing left to live for?
Do you feel like a ghost, half in, half out, there, but not really there?
Maybe you feel as if you’ve lost yourself and the sight of your passions, wishing someone would swoop you into their loving embrace and lead you back home.
Or you’ve begun to accept that happiness is elusive, just as intangible as the feeling of completion, filling the void inside.
Maybe you’ve finally begun to understand that you’re just a pawn in the greater scheme of things; that you’re a piece of rope used in a tug of war game.
The ultimate tug of war game with the weight of society’s expectations pulling you in one direction; yet the very strings on your heart, the ones threaded through your core
subtly nudging you
                                   In a completely different direction.
It is your choice,
                            And yours alone.
908 · Jan 2014
incense fires
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
Your breath thaws my heart
Your smoke fills my lungs
Inhale in
And then out
Igniting my once dead spark
My inner passion
Leaving traces of sandalwood residue
You’re incense warms me up
Burning fires in places
Once abandoned
Opening portals
Unlocking doors
Bits of ash scatter across and dust floors
Curling tendrils float on up
Touching dark crevices
That finally see the light
Smoke please heal me
Take me on a ride tonight
894 · Mar 2014
Silver Wolf Mar 2014
I miss you so much
I wish we didn’t have to part
I’m so sorry things didn’t work out
I couldn’t heal your broken heart
I wish I could fix things up
But you can’t heal old wounds with flimsy tape or gauze
Why did you try so hard to hide your flaws?
Even stitches will unwind
If given enough time
If things worked out differently
We could have been friends
Best friends
But things didn’t work out
All the screams and the shouts
The doubts we had about
Our love
Time’s hands you can’t bend
Backward and mistakes you try to mend
I just want to let you know
I’ll always love you
It was never false, never a show
Even though you didn’t care
About the things that we both shared
The memories
The bittersweet melodies
Beautiful elegies
You created
Out of thin air
Revealing a heart so raw
And so bare
I just want to let you know
These things I’ll never forget
I’ll never regret
That indigo night when we first met
Under moonlit sky
And approving stars
So innocent and white
I’ll remember that starry night
Until the day I die

*I’ll still yearn to mend
The things we had
Everything will work out in the end
I understand it’s time to say goodbye
If only we had a second try
Another chance
And you didn’t have to die
On the inside
I wish it didn’t have to be this way
889 · Jan 2014
dr. death
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
You wake up to the sounds of foreign beeps and buzzes
Pounding their way through your eardrums
Invading your head
Manipulating your thoughts
You find yourself strapped down by some invisible force
You can’t quite make out
Opening your eyes is too hard
Drenched in layers of sweat
Built up from last night’s visions
Clearer than the sunlight
Faintly glowing outside
Is it even daylight?
You don’t even know
Or remember
There are no windows in this place
White walls drowning out your thoughts
Your ideas
And replace it with sterile censored
This phony face you stole from the inmate who
Sometimes invades your privacy
Feigning clemency
All doctored up in a silver platter in the form of
Syrupy voices laden with empty promises
Emptiness screams louder than parties and bars packed with people
It seems as if no one is here
Yet everyone’s watching
Spirits haunt this prison while i sleep
They are always here
They never leave
Whispering my mistakes
Constantly reminding what I could have been
And never will
Make them go away
It finally dawns on you
This is the place of nightmares
And there is no escape
861 · Jan 2014
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
Her face trapped behind a shiny glass
Ethereal traces of humanity evaporates into gray
Smoke curls about
Resembling satin ribbons laced with ash
It all seems like
Another world parallel to mine
Going through the motions
She paces about from point a to point b
Hair feathers across her forehead
So eyes can hide secrets behind
Comforting curtains
Her only sense of security
Obscuring the view
Drained of color
Whitewashed orbs
Stripped of emotion
Of passion
They mechanically follow you
Fixed on something you can’t
Quite make out  
They pull you in
Her delicate fingers curl
And you can see veins
And flex
In and
Out again
Time slows
Decreases to a halt  
And the smoke continues to grow
Filling up every last corner
Breathing becomes labored
She presses against the glass
Drawing smooth fingertips across
A thin layer of condensed vapor
Covering  coating the glass
Her mouth screams out
But silence blankets
You can’t quite hear what she has to say
Because of this boundary
That supposedly divides
Separating your reality from
What she once knew
What she thought she will always know
The glass
It’s not solid
But liquid moving molasses
Ever so slowly
Right before your eyes
Clean air gets claimed by the grasp
Of smoke
And the choking
The glass is actually
Quite fragile
In nature
Waiting to be questioned
By those brave enough
To look past
Beyond glass walls
And venture into the abyss
But it can’t be moved
Flexed or bent
Towards your point of view
Or hers
You finally found the key
That unlocks doors
That could not be opened
You’re finally beginning to discover
How close you are to the outcome
Yet further than you’ve ever dreamed
And everything tangible slips into the ether
What you think you see
It’s not really there
And neither is
The girl
The glass suddenly disappears
Along with the girl
Who turned off the lights?
Blackness takes over
And it’s all just a dream
They are just figments of your
Just mirrors
Reflecting lightness
845 · Nov 2013
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Your hands reaching towards the sun
They’ve conned you into thinking its fun
Grabbing fistfuls of darkness
While longing the lightness
Feel it slipping through
Almost as elusive as finding remnants of you
Before happiness was a memory you could only dream of
And frozen snapshots of her face the girl you used to love
Reaching reaching reaching reach for a hand
Anything you can hold on to
Try to lighten up find someone new
So you let down your guard
And grab mine hard
As you trust me to lift your body
Higher up than anybody
Because you know I can
And I know you can
You strive toward the feeling of lightness
Like a ghost there but not really there
Watching in the background you used to stand
Now you find out you really can’t
As more falls to the ground
The lower you sink down
Going through the motions
Mind zombified you lost your emotions
Your vitality your control
You became so focused on your goal
When will you be satisfied
When will you realize
That too less is too much
A revelation falls from the sky
Carries to your mind
In the form of a white lily
The voice whispering in your head
Lying in the hospital bed
The lighter you are
The heavier my heart becomes
830 · Nov 2013
insanity's ride
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Trapped inside my curious mind
Insanity clawing
On the outside
Pushing bending
Looking to dominate
And take control
Distorting reality
Twisting contorting
I want more
Leaving me
Make it stop
No don’t stop
Craving the want
Of instability
Enjoying the ride
Of surprise
Go go go
Not caring about the aftermath
The consequences that happen
After the crash
When fantasy and stone cold reality
And I die all over again
On the inside
809 · Nov 2013
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Your words melt in my mouth
I savor them in
Drawing the flavor
******* on them  
And they dissolve
Leaving me craving more
You had me hooked
On your saccharine
Your very own heroine
Marketed specifically for
Idealists like me
I turned my head away and refused to see
Refused to taste the underlying sour
The syrupy sickness surging through your veins
Travelled up to your brain
Tainting your thoughts
Your words
Your actions
And you cast off your innocence
Like a snake simply sheds their skin
Revealing the rotten core
Within you
Beneath layers
Walls you built around this tumor
Carefully guarded
Drowned in a lake of fake maple
Syrup you find in grocery stores
With empty promises
And wishy washy half truths
I didn’t realize your poison
Until it was too late
809 · Jan 2014
paint me female
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
Blonde hair hangs heavy
Soft to the touch and coated with oil
Barely touches the shoulder
As it curls outward
He wishes it was longer
Clad in black band t-shirts
Skinny jeans that were outgrown years ago
Sneakers accumulated grunge
His feet prefer to be bare
As well as his legs
Straightness defines his body
No curves
No waves
He yearns for the softness of shape
The feeling of roundness
And a pair of hips
Beneath his fingers
Polish to adorn his nails
And studs through his ears
Among other things

His blue eyes cry sad memories
They speak words no one else knows
This is not my body and never will be
Until I reclaim my stolen femininity

She strips off her mask
Her false identity
Spins around
Blonde curls cascade down her back
A shimmery black dress swirls
Making waves
Along with a pair of silver stilettos
Leaving a legacy wherever she walks
Black lace gloves guide the way
Acrylic nails
And smoky eyes
That tell stories without words

Paint me female
She says standing tall and proud
Your words can’t hurt me
They never have
And never will
I am stronger than I ever was before
If you try to break me one more time
I will kick you with my stilettos
And whack you with my purse
798 · Jul 2014
Aurora Starlight
Silver Wolf Jul 2014
Maybe if I look back far enough
Whip my head into the hands of oblivions
It will snap
Eyes once focused
Sharp as a camera
Now fogged over
Apertures glazed over with misty perplexions
Hazy dreams of aurora
Ghosts of starlight
White splatter paint haphazardly silhouetted against
And recollections of midsummer night
Forever lost to the banks of memory
796 · Jan 2014
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
Ensconced in metal
Chains corrupt my mind
Cutting white flesh red
Scar tissue blisters
Digging deeper
Imprinting memories into porcelain bone
Marrow trickles
Leaving hollow tunnels behind
That echo when you knock
793 · Jan 2014
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
It was hungry
Starving, catatonic grin plastered on its
Crimson lips curling back
Dripping with
Broken promisesand
Pictures flashing
Buried under years of regrets
And your lies
Random letters pieced together
Forming words
Arrangingandrearranging into
Piece by piece
Threaded through
Forming a story
Of what once used to be
Now strange
So you cover up
And again
With another tale
Your story of the situation
Erase what happened
Replace with another lie
And another
Memories flashing in reverse
Unearthed trying to surface like
Your bones protruding through an ashen membrane
Too thin
Like a rubber band
Waiting to snap
A memory pushing
A soul breaking free
Breaking the metal of
stone cold cage
Scattering fragments in the air
Dispersing your negativity
And your eyes crystalize
Harden into the ice daggers of an eye
Draining all the light
Of your conscience
Gouging bullet holes through your flesh
Leaving behind scars
Staining what was once white
786 · Nov 2013
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
I’m running away
To a place of dreams
Leave it all behind
Start again
Wipe the slate clean

Pioneer hero paving the way
I push ahead
Against all walls
I spread my wings wide
Embracing it all
My levity takes me up
And away
I think I’m floating

I hope
No one will remember me
Or my mistakes
Remove all traces
So no one will follow me
Don’t look back
For i am a dot
Melting into a sky
So blue
So pure
Because this is all over

The past begins to
Blur and waver
Clogging up windows
Behind my eyes
Become a distant memory
Clouds hover
Wispy strands of summer
They fly through
My fingers
And Flow

The ghosts of yesterday
Will die and dissipate
Along with my agony
I live with no regrets
Rivers wash away remorse
I am finally free
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
When I was younger
I used fists
Instead of words
To show how I feel
I continued this
As days
Melted into weeks
Blending into months
Until I stumbled upon
The pen
The perfect conduit of expression
In my personal opinion
Not sharp
But sharper
Gliding with grace
Drawing conclusions
Imaginary lines across
Your face
Stabbing you
Not inadvertently
But injecting the truth
In a convenient little vial
Only enough
But not enough
To keep you wondering
Sitting at the edge of your chair
Coursing through your veins
Don’t look away
You never know when
I will pull the trigger
Unsheathe my knife
And glide tainted rivers
Spelling out everything
And nothing  
The worst’s still yet to come
Who knew something so innocent
Could prove so lethal?
667 · Nov 2013
silver threads
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
threading through memories of your past
weaving hopes and dreams on the loom of life
in and out
under the hanging overpass
over a creaking bridge
poised to collapse beneath me
constantly testing me
asking me the question embedded in my heart
take the route of avoidance
and back again
echo patterns of yesterday
trace back to the start
follow through a silver thread
I perfect my backwards walk
Across the avenue
As I make amends
Picking up pieces of broken glass
My collection of mistakes
Trying untangling knots
That can’t be untangled
Longing for the day
When string flows freely once again
652 · Jan 2014
nox arcana
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
When the sun’s rays fade
And darkness shade
Covers the stars
Shuts out the light
And here I am
Shaking with fright
As the demons inside me wake
Haunting me their hands take
Pieces of hope
Pieces of happiness
Pieces of my soul
Leaving me anxious and awake
Trembling with fear I shake
As I watch shadows
Silhouettes of my biggest nightmares
Slither their way across walls
Looming over me
Laughing at me
Mocking me
As my soul quakes
My heart aches
Tears pour down
Empty into lakes
Puddles of sorrow
Pull me down
Watch me drown
As they beckon to me
Call out to me
Beg me
What choice do I have
So I follow
Take a spin
With the monsters
Let them decide my fate
After all
I don’t want to be late
For the last date
650 · Jan 2014
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
The space between your hand and mine
So vast
So empty
I feel the hiatus increasing
With every word
Every stroke across my neck
My cheek
Every move you ever made
As your fingers used to enjoy connecting dots
Tracing masterpieces along the small of my back
Leaving tingling sensations
That cry out for more
The hiatus deepens
So much left unsaid
Torment hangs heavy
Tainting the very air
We both breathe
And share
I feel so out of touch
Broken connections whisper louder than
The time you wrote love on your arms
And called me home
You are just out of reach
This touch may be your last
As I feel you slowly pulling away
Your sweat still sticking to my skin
Your last breath
Condensing sweet dew on my face
I will never taste again
As the hiatus consumes
The last memories
Of you
647 · Feb 2015
sapphire embers
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
I miss the way your eyes used to sparkle
Glinting with starlight and summer
Dust swirls around your auburn locks
Uplifting rosy tendrils
Dancing around your head
like fire crackling and sparking embers
Igniting the view

Leaves turn crimson
Along with your heartbeat
Pumping blood through infinitesimal connection
Of veins and arteries
Running deep along with the roots
Sleeping dormant underneath beds of leaves
Yearning to resurface
Germinate beauty

Winds blow free
Whistling through the night
Chilling what's left of our bones
trees to shed their only cover
Castaways left abandoned
Scattered over a once fertile ground
Harvested gems ****** dry
To meet their fate of crumpled defeat

Shadows grow thick
Hanging heavy in the air
They seem to be draped over things
And follow your footsteps wherever you tread
Looming over you throughout the night
Along with taunts and cackles of phantoms
Darkness is coming

crystallized rain a washing the world with blankets of ice
Creating dreamy snowscapes
A mystical wonderland
as if everything slows to a stop
It seems so ethereal
My mind loses feeling
giving way to a perpetual numbness
As we all fall asleep
dreaming of morning dew coating meadows
before ice brought the cold along with its tears

Light continues to dim
Letting a fuzzier coat of blue paint the sky
Silhouettes block out the warmth
The last remnants of sun
Fading away with the vibrancy and laughter of autumn
Leaving a meek replacement of what could have been

And a longing to break free of this frozen apathy
That glaciates our hearts
646 · Feb 2015
La Mer
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
I will wade out of these turbulent waters
Frigid waves crashing against
The backdrop of a silver skyline
With grey lace
Stars dot the view shooting
Luminous sparks that transcend
The shadows of your mind
Demons lurking underneath the contours of
Your body among saccharine
Coursing through blue veins
Shooting up your arms
Encircled like ivy
Dormant ideas waiting rebirth
Nestled in peaceful repose
Along with nascent seeds of hope
Awaiting spring’s supposed glory

The ice is thawing
632 · Feb 2014
paper cranes
Silver Wolf Feb 2014
Your heart
Comprised of sheets of paper
So delicate
Torn and frayed at the edges
Worn out
Aged beyond its prime
A victim of folds and tears
Crinkles define its shadows and

Yet it can leave little scars
Across daring fingers
That live off of
The excitement
Of fresh paper

It can be folded so easily
Twisted this way and that
Some may fold your heart
Crumple into a ball
Stomp on it
Sail it into the nearest trash can
Others rip it into little pieces
Until nothing is left
But little white snowflakes
Fluttering aimlessly about

When i found your heart
I remembered that time back in elementary school
When they taught us how to make art
Out of nothing but paper
So I took your heart
And put all of my love into it
Lovingly crafting
Origami masterpieces
After years of perfection
A paper crane emerges
Ready to fly away
And set free

I like to say I released you
But it was my hands that guided the way
621 · Feb 2014
winter's warning
Silver Wolf Feb 2014
I wish I could become one with the snow
Soaring freely
Pure and white
Living in a state of everlasting chill
The feeling of perpetual numbness
Winter calls me home

I continue to flutter about
Drifting downward
Without a care
Maybe I’ll land on a soft pillow
Along with my other friends
Instead of fighting against
Whirling winds
And the threat of summer

Perhaps I’ll land on your roof
Shift into an icicle
Embrace the sharpness
As I hang over the edge
Tapering down
Melting Ever so slowly
And remind you that
Pain begets

Watch out
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
I feel it all coming to an end
Heart ripped broken it won’t bend
Lightness thins and fades
Blending into a melancholic haze
Shadows creep closer they draw near
My sense of pride diminished by fear
Lurking, stalking in the distance
Walk the path of least resistance
The thread continues to unwind
By now you’ve crossed the line
Trading your body for a dime
You’ve really went too far this time
A crimson dawn tiptoes close
Darkness seeps shows no remorse
Waiting for the monster to swallow whole
My body heart and soul
619 · Mar 2014
Silver Wolf Mar 2014
I wish I could purge myself free
Of this all this negativity
Hanging storm clouds stretch endless
They match the color of my thoughts
When I stare I see little contrails
From a lost airplane
Looking for safety
Looking for land

The night sky
Keeper of darkness
A glowing white moon looms
And a handful of stars scattered like freckles
With no silver lining
Black smoke filling my brain
Distortions at their height
As brainwaves shift their dance
Slow to a halt
There really is no silver lining

Subject my body to a cleanse
From the inside out
Bleach my bones white
And splinters shatter
All around me
They think it’s pretty
I disagree

I wish that I could unlock doors
Shut up tight
Shut out the light
Let beauty transcend
Ascend your biggest fears
I wish I held the key to your heart
I’m not skilled at picking locks
But you are

I wish I could be an angel
Fly high and set free
From endless captivity
Reclaim my innocence
Live life the way it's meant to be
Erase the images from my mind that replay
For hours on end
And your face
All scarred and beautiful
With wisps of hair blowing in the wind like a halo

I wish I could make things right
I don’t wanna have to fight
In a world where civilized is a metaphor
For refined savagery
603 · Nov 2013
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Lose yourself
Desensitize and block out
Fade back into the vast canvas
Of your mind
Splattered with crimson
Tears and gray sorrow hang heavy
Intoxicating carrying burdens of your soul
Obscuring all that you are
All that you know
Plunge into ebony
Dance with the darkness
You take a spin with
The shadows
Succumb to the want
The desire of your isolation
And recoil
Numb to all the pain surrounding
Alone is easier after all
596 · Feb 2015
pennyroyal tea
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
Sleep sneaks up on her
like shadow's tendrils curling across the walls
Stretch and shrink as she recoils back into her shell
Defenses stripped clean
Huddled against a corner with mere blankets
For protection
barely suffice

Ghosts looming over
Wraiths of her former self
Superimposed against ebony horizons
Tainted a sickly shade of sulfur
A warning sign
Of worse unlived nightmares to come

Cracked blinds and tattered curtains stripped of joy
Windows translucent with fear
Eyes peer out glinting icicles
glass fragments refracting
Slivers of the last gleams of light

Bloodstones shattered ruby
Silhouettes of what she once had
Now swallowed by the knife of memory leaving
Decayed flesh gravid with
Unwanted tissue
And hauntings of nightmares past

Clouds of darkness enshroud
Creatures entombed in flesh
Craving freedom
And warm milk
590 · Feb 2015
Mindless self indulgence
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
Creatures dancing under stars gleam, shining luminescence

s t r i p p ing their bodies
n         to the core
hearts so bare. Boats sailing away to seas so wide
               s t  r    e   t  c  h i        n     g
                                              o   u      t
to                  infinities endless. But some stretch wider than others, eclipsing
your shallow distorted view on reality.               Shift
your telescope just a little bit to the
challenge the
blankness between the                       margins like

you actually care.

Liberate yourself from the shackles of love,
dream and


nothing is

And everything is

Welcome to life epitomizing insanity. Hands  
              guiding bodies       this                   way

until black abyss swallows whatever darkness
remains. Darkness that peels away at your flesh with its unnerving stare as it
demonizes you. I am Satan and I build  
             friendships upon
                   silver blades               and
                    fuchsia vials
  laden with venom for
eternal sleep. Let sleeps hands gently
carry you to clouds that absolve you of past
shadows so you can float on. No one will find you
no matter how much you scream screams fall on
deaf ears whose eardrums have been perforated eons ago.  

your voice has been stolen along with your wings, lying
torn and
shattered. You h

                                hovered between the
past                                           and                                          nightmares
                                                                                           yet to come. But                                you stay there, forever a ghost

while time
                 s             a w  a     y
a strawberry Popsicle
bleeding freely down the
                                             e         of your face.
So go out
your aspirations into paper airplanes
them soar
                           r e  
                                 e   l
before they crash land into
your graveyard, a collection of:

broken promises
unrequited love

*Dreams of what could have been
586 · Mar 2014
Silver Wolf Mar 2014
I feel this breaking up
Bad connections worsen
Like static on the other side of the phone
The other perspective
Silence shouts louder than
The lies escaping your dead blue lips
Disconnection looms up ahead
Tension severs
The knife going in
And unrequited love
Counts for nothing
578 · Feb 2015
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
Screams ring out again
Blood seethes under opalescent flesh
Mouth mute
Choking on the hate
And profanities left unsaid
Anger running through veins
Water flows crimson
Like anger tinted rain
Creating bubbles holding
Ticking time bombs
I guess that's what I have to pay

Open wounds mark their presence
Like rusted pearls crusted over with
The buildup of lies
reminiscent of melancholy
Songs jammed into my bruised and battered head
Pounding out incessant melodies
Your voice lingers here
Invading and
It won't go away

Scar tissue blossoms into your definition of beauty Forget me knots and mauve hued contusions
Etched across peachy dreamscapes of what you Thought was yours
The darkest war ever known
Closing over
As you continue to **** me dry
As I pay you in my blood

Desiccated body bags and
Pieces of my skeletons
Left scattered over the places your feet have touched
Pushed further into the ground
The gallows of our past
Fossilized terrors of our mistakes
Until little memory remained
Of the contours of your face
Waves obscuring and obstructing the view
Words washing out like a flood

You broke me ****** again
And this time I can't forgive you
563 · Jan 2014
Silver Wolf Jan 2014
The ink on your skin defines you
Spelling out plans for a better tomorrow
Pictures speak a thousand words they say
The lines define you, they bind with you
Patterns shapes and designs
It’s all the same
Despite what they may say
We’re all the same at heart
Shades and tints of the color of the day
Let the similarities overshadow the subtleties
The variances in the direction of the lines
But all ink fades away over time
Permanence is an illusion we all wish to hold on to
Yet deep down we know nothing lasts forever
Because the world is changing
Evolving ever so slowly
Into something more beautiful than before
As the hands of a greater universe
Entwined together they create a force
Exceeding expectations of a history past
Releasing a thousand sliver butterflies
Sometimes we see them in the shape of a tattoo
Flying high
Soaring across your best friends back
And you trace your finger over it
Reliving the memories
And shaping them
Creating your own destiny
Out of
553 · Nov 2013
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Can’t move
Can’t speak
Can’t breathe
Choking on doubts
Your broken dreams and
Unfulfilled promises
Oppressed outwardly
Suppressed inwardly
Digress into your past
Before your conscience
Falls apart
Before you drown
In their sea of hatred
Your cries repressed
By an army of thousands
Screeching lies
In your ear
Coming too close for comfort
Cut straight to the bone
The cloak tightens
Taking away pieces
Of you
Claiming your voice
Your soul
For their own
548 · Nov 2013
weathered glass
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Now you know why
I’m afraid of flying high
How can you leave everything
So far behind
Forget your problems temporary
Then fall back down flat on your face
And have a fist fight with reality
That you tried so hard to escape
To defy
To deny
All those years
I feel trapped
Claw at the fogged up windowpane
Tempted to shatter glass
Make impact
Leaving marks
Imperfect streaks smudging
The view
Blurring the scenery
Until everything fades into
This oneness
This Monotony
And everything appears
To be the same hue of gray
Even the brightest shades of
Colors wash out over time
Years later no one will remember
Forget the history their lives
Forget the daring leaps she made
And smoky ash litters the ground
A residue of what could have been
510 · Feb 2015
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
She's a withered flower
Frozen icicles taper from her nails
Smooth, delicate
Crystalline infrastructures
Encase her face in a sculpture
Her own glass prison of memory
Snowflakes feather her eyes
Glistening with melancholy
Tormented thoughts of a lost soul
She hangs heavy

Wing weighted with a harrowing defeat
Bones drag her body down
Under the darkest waters
Smoke fills her lungs
Choking her core
Her once graceful body
Moving  with the dance of night
Now paralyzed

Suspended in an icy grip
Her own demise
Of wanting
509 · Nov 2013
labels are for boxes
Silver Wolf Nov 2013
Try to put me in a box
Castrate me
The box you say
Defining everything
I was
I am
I could be
Would be
Will be
Stick a piece of tape
The label
On my head
Spells out the
That’s what you say
And they
Follow me
Trace the path my footsteps take
Always close by
Never far behind
As they try
To categorize me
Put into the container
The name
As they see best fit
Believing it
Everything about
But the problem
With labels
Is that
They are for boxes
Not people
Silver Wolf Jul 2014
You can’t piece people back together
With masking tape or ace bandages
Because stitches don’t hold
Time unravels faster than your own undoing
By your own hand
Bones lead back to hollow sockets
Lined with flesh
Already starting to decay
It’s not enough to patch up open wounds
Because the deeper ones hide inside
Away from prying eyes
Of people who pretend to care
Some people just don’t hold
Far too broken
Forever scarred
You can’t undo the harm
You can’t erase the hurt
It lingers with you forever
Watching your every move
Until you fall again
Time after time
Coming undone all over again
Until the last time
And you don’t come back

I don’t hold up
490 · Jul 2014
Silver Wolf Jul 2014
Nails scrape against skin
Collecting dirt under translucent half moons
Tinting shade
Crisp with mint and rust
Corrodes edges
Percolating crevices
Along with bleach white bones
Straw colored hair
Products of peroxide’s touch

Inflated lips puffy
Harboring bodies of deceased
Fragments of skeletons blended smooth
Stripped of grit
Stripped of love

Plastic eyes glassy
Fixed on light emissions
From tv screens
Cheap magazines
And hours lost on internet
Never to be claimed again
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