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Silver Wolf Feb 2015
Creatures dancing under stars gleam, shining luminescence

s t r i p p ing their bodies
n         to the core
hearts so bare. Boats sailing away to seas so wide
               s t  r    e   t  c  h i        n     g
                                              o   u      t
to                  infinities endless. But some stretch wider than others, eclipsing
your shallow distorted view on reality.               Shift
your telescope just a little bit to the
challenge the
blankness between the                       margins like

you actually care.

Liberate yourself from the shackles of love,
dream and


nothing is

And everything is

Welcome to life epitomizing insanity. Hands  
              guiding bodies       this                   way

until black abyss swallows whatever darkness
remains. Darkness that peels away at your flesh with its unnerving stare as it
demonizes you. I am Satan and I build  
             friendships upon
                   silver blades               and
                    fuchsia vials
  laden with venom for
eternal sleep. Let sleeps hands gently
carry you to clouds that absolve you of past
shadows so you can float on. No one will find you
no matter how much you scream screams fall on
deaf ears whose eardrums have been perforated eons ago.  

your voice has been stolen along with your wings, lying
torn and
shattered. You h

                                hovered between the
past                                           and                                          nightmares
                                                                                           yet to come. But                                you stay there, forever a ghost

while time
                 s             a w  a     y
a strawberry Popsicle
bleeding freely down the
                                             e         of your face.
So go out
your aspirations into paper airplanes
them soar
                           r e  
                                 e   l
before they crash land into
your graveyard, a collection of:

broken promises
unrequited love

*Dreams of what could have been
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
I will wade out of these turbulent waters
Frigid waves crashing against
The backdrop of a silver skyline
With grey lace
Stars dot the view shooting
Luminous sparks that transcend
The shadows of your mind
Demons lurking underneath the contours of
Your body among saccharine
Coursing through blue veins
Shooting up your arms
Encircled like ivy
Dormant ideas waiting rebirth
Nestled in peaceful repose
Along with nascent seeds of hope
Awaiting spring’s supposed glory

The ice is thawing
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
Screams ring out again
Blood seethes under opalescent flesh
Mouth mute
Choking on the hate
And profanities left unsaid
Anger running through veins
Water flows crimson
Like anger tinted rain
Creating bubbles holding
Ticking time bombs
I guess that's what I have to pay

Open wounds mark their presence
Like rusted pearls crusted over with
The buildup of lies
reminiscent of melancholy
Songs jammed into my bruised and battered head
Pounding out incessant melodies
Your voice lingers here
Invading and
It won't go away

Scar tissue blossoms into your definition of beauty Forget me knots and mauve hued contusions
Etched across peachy dreamscapes of what you Thought was yours
The darkest war ever known
Closing over
As you continue to **** me dry
As I pay you in my blood

Desiccated body bags and
Pieces of my skeletons
Left scattered over the places your feet have touched
Pushed further into the ground
The gallows of our past
Fossilized terrors of our mistakes
Until little memory remained
Of the contours of your face
Waves obscuring and obstructing the view
Words washing out like a flood

You broke me ****** again
And this time I can't forgive you
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
Sleep sneaks up on her
like shadow's tendrils curling across the walls
Stretch and shrink as she recoils back into her shell
Defenses stripped clean
Huddled against a corner with mere blankets
For protection
barely suffice

Ghosts looming over
Wraiths of her former self
Superimposed against ebony horizons
Tainted a sickly shade of sulfur
A warning sign
Of worse unlived nightmares to come

Cracked blinds and tattered curtains stripped of joy
Windows translucent with fear
Eyes peer out glinting icicles
glass fragments refracting
Slivers of the last gleams of light

Bloodstones shattered ruby
Silhouettes of what she once had
Now swallowed by the knife of memory leaving
Decayed flesh gravid with
Unwanted tissue
And hauntings of nightmares past

Clouds of darkness enshroud
Creatures entombed in flesh
Craving freedom
And warm milk
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
I miss the way your eyes used to sparkle
Glinting with starlight and summer
Dust swirls around your auburn locks
Uplifting rosy tendrils
Dancing around your head
like fire crackling and sparking embers
Igniting the view

Leaves turn crimson
Along with your heartbeat
Pumping blood through infinitesimal connection
Of veins and arteries
Running deep along with the roots
Sleeping dormant underneath beds of leaves
Yearning to resurface
Germinate beauty

Winds blow free
Whistling through the night
Chilling what's left of our bones
trees to shed their only cover
Castaways left abandoned
Scattered over a once fertile ground
Harvested gems ****** dry
To meet their fate of crumpled defeat

Shadows grow thick
Hanging heavy in the air
They seem to be draped over things
And follow your footsteps wherever you tread
Looming over you throughout the night
Along with taunts and cackles of phantoms
Darkness is coming

crystallized rain a washing the world with blankets of ice
Creating dreamy snowscapes
A mystical wonderland
as if everything slows to a stop
It seems so ethereal
My mind loses feeling
giving way to a perpetual numbness
As we all fall asleep
dreaming of morning dew coating meadows
before ice brought the cold along with its tears

Light continues to dim
Letting a fuzzier coat of blue paint the sky
Silhouettes block out the warmth
The last remnants of sun
Fading away with the vibrancy and laughter of autumn
Leaving a meek replacement of what could have been

And a longing to break free of this frozen apathy
That glaciates our hearts
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
Wispy angel Children embedded with
Sparkling fibers of light
Danseuses blanched
Paper doll trails honeycomb drippings
Shedding casings
Hollow cast offs coiled gaunt carapace loom
Ominously floating in sea of shadows
Byproducts of incessant motion
growing thin
Fading away with the glow of dawning
until moon wakes from its perpetual sleep
Awash in an ocean of night
and luminous constellations of
Twilight gloaming
Silver Wolf Feb 2015
She's a withered flower
Frozen icicles taper from her nails
Smooth, delicate
Crystalline infrastructures
Encase her face in a sculpture
Her own glass prison of memory
Snowflakes feather her eyes
Glistening with melancholy
Tormented thoughts of a lost soul
She hangs heavy

Wing weighted with a harrowing defeat
Bones drag her body down
Under the darkest waters
Smoke fills her lungs
Choking her core
Her once graceful body
Moving  with the dance of night
Now paralyzed

Suspended in an icy grip
Her own demise
Of wanting
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