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Silentwriter180 Oct 2018
All he had to do
Was take me by the hand
It was at that moment I knew
That he would understand

His touch, it showed the care
His eyes, they showed their love
His hugs, they make me feel
A warmth I knew nothing of

He feels me when I'm sad
Although I turn to hide
He wraps his arm around me
And pulls me to his side

He embraces me so close
Reluctant to let go
I lay my head upon him
And his heart will tell me so

He tells me I am strong
But at times I just don't know
My heart she tends to crumble
Not knowing where to go

I look at his warm face
And I can't help but smile
His eyes they say it all
A love that flies for miles

His absence through the days
Is sometimes hard to steer
But I keep my thoughts within
Knowing that he's near.
Silentwriter180 Sep 2018
In a world of silence
I feel I belong
With no one to talk to
I cry my own song

Sitting alone,
Looking out to the sea
As those walking by
Won't even look at me

I try to remember
Just who I've been
But the visions I have
Just blow off in the wind

So here I still sit
By the oceans salt air
As I suffer in silence
Alone, saddened and scared.
Silentwriter180 Sep 2018
I love you a little
I love you a lot
One will never know
The one thing
In my mind
Is how you
Make me feel
Like a queen
On top of the world
Like a princess
In your arms

As I sit
On my bench
My face full of tears
You come
And hold me
I tell you of my fears
You kiss my
And you tell
Me that I’m safe
I’m alright

There are times
I can’t handle
The pain
That runs through me
There are times
I feel strong
There are times
I just want to
Feel as though
I’m loved

There are times
I just want to
Be loved
Silentwriter180 Sep 2018
When you looked at me with your loving eyes,
Tell me, just what did you see?

When you held my hand with your loving touch,
Tell me, just what did you feel?

When you heard my voice ring out to you,
Tell me. just what did you hear?

When you buried your nose behind my ear,
Tell me, just what did you inhale?

When you closed your eyes to kiss me,
Tell me, just what did you dream?

I ask myself these questions every day
As your memory continues to haunt me.

Wishing I had just one more day in your arms
Just one more day to tell you that I love you
One more day to say………..Goodbye.
Silentwriter180 Sep 2018
When I start to fade
You pat my hand
When I sit there in a day
You take my hand

When the tears start to flow
You hold my hand
When I don’t respond
You squeeze my hand

Until I come back to
You don’t let go
Without a second thought
You always know

Just knowing that you’re there
I know I’m safe
Even if you’re not near
You’re with me in space
(This was written for my family after one of my epileptic seizures)
Silentwriter180 Sep 2018
Sitting on the park bench
Staring at the bay
Crying out to spirits
That haunt me everyday

Wishing they would leave me
At peace to fall asleep
Instead they come to poke me
And grab my soul to keep

I tell them that my heart hurts
And is crumbling as it falls
But they just keep on laughing
As their fires burn the wall

I sit here with my writing
At loss in what to say
All I can do is stare
At the horizon of the bay

The tears begin to fall
As the spirits call my name
Suddenly I'm weeping
As I try to put out the flame

Here I am alone
Or lonely as it will
As the emptiness within me
Fills my soul with nothing still

The spirits they still haunt me
As every day begins
They know what I am feeling
Yet they still hurt me within
Silentwriter180 Sep 2018
For it was not in my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
For it was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
For it was not my hand you held, but my love.
For it was not my voice that you heard, but my tears.
For it was not my skin you caressed, but my essence.
For it was not my scent you inhaled, but my presence.

You spoke to my heart.
You touched my soul.
You embraced my love.
You listened to my tears.
You felt my essence.
You recognized my presence.
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