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  Nov 2019 Ak
Lamar Cole
Our eyes met.
Our souls touched.
First love is a feeling that you never forget.

First love brought to my heart.
A flood of emotions.
Beautiful and wide.
Exciting like a ballon ride.

Years go by and days pass.
But the memory of a first love will always last.
This is something that must be realized from the start.
A first love always remains in a secret place in the heart.
  Nov 2019 Ak
Orion Lesneski
People tell me to get over it,
When they see what I write,
They say it’s just a phase,
That I will get over it,
But they don’t know….
  Nov 2019 Ak
Mystic Ink Plus
And what if
I say
I know you
Without knowing you
Since ancient time

And what if
I say
I see more than just
You let
Through calming vibes

And what if
I believe
You are one of
The kind
Peace of mind

And what if
I say
What you mean to me
Beside the dreams
And the reality

And what if
There is more to say
Being a dreamer
When you are a dream
Genre: Almost Romantic
Theme: The inspiring soul
  Nov 2019 Ak
Bogdan Dragos
In the afterlife the creatures that
gathered around him
asked, “Why did you do it? Why
did you jump in
front of that train?”

He shrugged. “Life wasn’t
worth living anymore. And I wanted


“Yes, revenge.”

“On whom?”

“On the man driving the train, obviously.
My wife was divorcing
me, a lawyer, to be with a
locomotive engineer. Can you believe that?
So I had to do
something about it. I jumped in
front of his train
and now he’s got PTSD, depression,
he’s about to lose his job,
my wife has second thoughts
about being with him. His life’s nasty, alright.”

“Woah... you’re a smart man.”
  Oct 2019 Ak
We would collect
the wrecked
And broken toys.
The unspoken for toys,
That no one cared about anymore.

Each year on that day,
they were shipped and sent away.
Where did they exactly go?
I finally wanted to know.

I told dad these damaged toys sound like my brother Jimmy who was also wrecked and broken.
He couldn't control himself in his child like ways, was full of anger and ill spoken.

Where did you send my brother Jimmy to, was he really so bad?
Where has he gone to my brother Jimmy, where did you send him dad?

"Son, I'll be honest. Your brother Jimmy now lives with the other troubled boys...on the ISLAND OF BROKEN TOYS"!
Happy Halloween
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