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Ak 4d
The pains you offered,
I take them all.
Your mystery and smile,
Oh! It hurts me more.

I forgot your image,
Like a forgotten page.
Forgot the pace of your lips,
When they meet mine.
Even the gap between our fingers
I recall none.

I took a road, parting from you
To an unknown realm,
Where I am far forgotten.
For words fallen from those light eyes
If you ask me to repay
Take my life,
Once you've returned it
By that empty roadside.
Ak Oct 19
Souls who gifted me pain
I am grateful,
For flavoring my soul.
Every drop of tear transformed
Into a beautiful cave of art
Words are trapped like a grapevine
Entwined to each other
Calling you flirtatiously,
To take a mouthful.
Even I adore their gravity
I cherish the offerings deep within me
Intensifying the fire within.
Comrades drag me along,
But opponents lifted me up.
Look at my eyes,
Enjoy the fire that forgot to sleep.
  Oct 17 Ak
We would collect
the wrecked
And broken toys.
The unspoken for toys,
That no one cared about anymore.

Each year on that day,
they were shipped and sent away.
Where did they exactly go?
I finally wanted to know.

I told dad these damaged toys sound like my brother Jimmy who was also wrecked and broken.
He couldn't control himself in his child like ways, was full of anger and ill spoken.

Where did you send my brother Jimmy to, was he really so bad?
Where has he gone to my brother Jimmy, where did you send him dad?

"Son, I'll be honest. Your brother Jimmy now lives with the other troubled boys...on the ISLAND OF BROKEN TOYS"!
Happy Halloween
  Oct 11 Ak
mercy party
true darkness speaks
through the vents
in gaps between
the strike of bells
in my dream
i heard a knell
my time is soon
one can't conceive
how much it is
i have missed you
  Oct 11 Ak
From the depths of my soul
My most reputable
source of information Told me
to keep it real
but the reel's spinnin' Towards me
and the fact of the matter
is a matter of fact
the laughing stock
is just a toy warehouse in the back
and these feelings are just feelings
and it's clearly appearing
that merely believing
is healing the cracks
Sanity intact
Man it seems that that alone
Would satisfy my manic past
A lapse of judgement
Frequents me
So let's adjust the frequency
Muster up the decency
To face it head on peacefully
Turn another leaf for me
To at least get through this evening
So I can focus on just healing me
  Oct 11 Ak
UNHURRIEDLY, THE days sink scarce, over sleepy cabins, banked breath fog the cold villages thick in white fire as if dying had a say made seeable. Now, in the shadows flake why not us illuminate the ghostly fever in silent resurrections.

It is a listless rhapsody.
It is love slumped.
It’s all the adrenaline of the grove
Among the ***** of the breeze,
It’s beyond the blue by boney antlers
A choir of tiny voices.
O delicate and crisp the daisies whoosh!
It chirps and sighs,
As the hoarse grass at last breath -
Under rapids that turn
The worn rolled pebbles,
This sorrowful soul
In this quiescent whinge.
Is it not ours? Yours and mine!
Whose unpresuming antiphon
By this cozy eventide; moonflower?

(c)  HollyD Poetry
So, if you've toured a realm where the sol sets shallow and closing times cinder unsuspectedly through the AM. You'll know the opposite arrives impossibly evident as well, eh?
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