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She said change was good;

contrary to her life decisions-

every day

life continued the same way.

But she didn't know how things would change

After the day she decided
to stop changing herself.

After the day she decided
to stop tormenting herself.

After the day

she started to grow herself.

Believing herself.

Trusting herself; her emotions.

Loving who was, and is, and is to come.

And   from   that   day,

nothing was ever the same.
I was a sunflower;

in all my colorful glory
a happy sight to behold
—more to my nature than could be imagined.

But you preferred roses;

With petals that called your fingers
to linger as they please.
I missed you once.
Those days I thought life was different without you.

But when I stopped missing you,
I realised everything was the same.
If being in love makes the world make sense,

could sanity and love be the same thing?
My hatred boils with every attempt to hurt

My fear fills the atmosphere at every attempt to hide my desires

But still,

My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me

My love spreads at every attempt to empty my darkness

My dreams reveal themselves at every attempt to bring hope

My words escape my mind with every intent to be heard.

My heart heals itself, with every chance to live.
nosipho khanyile Dec 2018
Like the Nile river that flows through the dry sands of Egypt,
I will soothe your war within.

Like an angel sent on earth,
I will trade your broken wings for mine.

Like a Bouguereau canvas,
I will show you what love is.

Like endless notes played by the mysterious composer,
I will whisper sweet melodies to you.

Like a dog waiting for it's owner,
I will be loyal to you.

Like an IT specialist removing a password that's had 8 failed attempts,
I will decode you.

Like a painting in an art gallery to the aspiring artist,
I will arouse your *              
                                         *  imagination

Like the humid air awaiting the rain's arrival,
I will wait for you

..for I have not yet met you.
a boy can be beautiful

and I never really understood

why they weren't allowed to be

because if beauty lies deep within then anyone can be beautiful

and if the unpure girl is still beautiful

and the angelic boy isn't

then what indeed is beauty?
eh just 1am thoughts...
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