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Nosipho Khanyile Dec 2018
Like the Nile river that flows through the dry sands of Egypt,
I will soothe your war within.

Like an angel sent on earth,
I will trade your broken wings for mine.

Like a Bouguereau canvas,
I will show you what love is.

Like endless notes played by the mysterious composer,
I will whisper sweet melodies to you.

Like a dog waiting for it's owner,
I will be loyal to you.

Like an IT specialist removing a password that's had 8 failed attempts,
I will decode you.

Like a painting in an art gallery to the aspiring artist,
I will arouse your *              
                                         *  imagination

Like the humid air awaiting the rain's arrival,
I will wait for you

..for I have not yet met you.
a boy can be beautiful

and I never really understood

why they weren't allowed to be

because if beauty lies deep within then anyone can be beautiful

and if the unpure girl is still beautiful

and the angelic boy isn't

then what indeed is beauty?
eh just 1am thoughts...
  Dec 2018 Nosipho Khanyile
Sometimes I wonder
if the smile I gave you
is long gone
or do you keep it in your pocket and put it on from time to time
in the darkness of the night
She's beautiful as beautiful gets,
As the nature of her beauty is the beauty of nature's equivalence,
With every movement she's special and different to no ends,
Yet, to her, her being beautiful is anything other than common sense,
With scars sliced up and down her arms and wrist,
It's evidence this beauty has cried, has wondered, and reminisced,
As it's evident, she's tried, has stumbled, and even wished,
Someone would take her beauty for what it really is–
And see the most beautiful woman that has ever lived
  Dec 2018 Nosipho Khanyile
I tripped over a shadow today
and it reminded me
that things don't have to be real
to leave you scratched and bruised
and wishing you had paid more attention
to where you were stepping
  Dec 2018 Nosipho Khanyile
What became of the land which birthed Nelson Mandela?
What became of the land which displayed unity,
A rainbow nation?
What became of the energy of 2010?
Why is there dissatisfaction?
What became of Steve Biko's consiousness?
Why do we have no confidence?
Why do we have to build high walls?
Why do we fear guns?
What became of 27 April 1994?
What became of my land?
What became of the rich African soil?
What became of my land?
What became of my land?

The land that once nourished patriotic seeds,
Now bears fruits of violence, corruption, sinister deeds.

What became of my land?
South Africa has always been a violent filled country. However it is exceeding limits. I am deeply disturbed by what is happening to my land. We live in constant fear. If we are truly a free country, then why do we fear for our lives on the daily?
Nosipho Khanyile Dec 2018
She visits me after day comes around
for her scheduled visit.
Takes me to a place where
stars are served on oceanic platters.

She draws me closer to her at night
and pretends she didn't see any
other body while she was away,
somewhere in the milky way.

She circles around me as though
taking a deep look into my soul,
but actually admiring my physique

because she knows my soul will always be with her when this love affair with me, her and earth ends.
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