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Feb 2022 · 934
ever enough
Sienna Feb 2022
dawn breaks
eyes open
another day
a little taller but
weaker too
they do say it gets
but is better
hope so…
Feb 2022 · 510
pillow to me
Sienna Feb 2022
oh, my dear
no feelings here
only head
down eyes
no opening
how we all love sleepless nights…
Sep 2020 · 203
what i fear most.
Sienna Sep 2020
why do i mourn the unlocking of my chains?
seems freedom is what i fear most…
Jun 2020 · 269
all talk.
Sienna Jun 2020
he was all talk
and that says a lot
he rarely spoke
at all.
Apr 2020 · 471
make time.
Sienna Apr 2020
i take up your
free time.
problem is
you have none.

so i want you to
make time.
problem is
you dont.
Apr 2020 · 133
the spell.
Sienna Apr 2020
you act like
loving me is a
curse you count
till the day
you can say
Apr 2020 · 116
not worth it.
Sienna Apr 2020
it breaks my heart to think
im not worth
what it takes
to hold me in your arms
and never say goodbye.
Mar 2020 · 98
willful ignorance.
Sienna Mar 2020
what you see
is what you get!
so sit back, relax,
and close your eyes...
Mar 2020 · 107
Sienna Mar 2020
wide eyes
sewn shut
20/20 vision
in the dark
Mar 2020 · 76
little you.
Sienna Mar 2020
i was your home
you watched it crumble
i’m so sorry
i hope it didn’t hurt.

you trusted me
i let you go
and i'm so sorry
we never got to meet.

or maybe we did
i really can't say
but i'm truly so sorry
i didn’t think to say goodbye.

you were a part of me
and i, a part of you
and i'm really so sorry
but i’ll always love you so.
Feb 2020 · 174
newton's 2nd law.
Sienna Feb 2020
i will always be
too much
yet never enough
for you.
if the sum of the forces add up to zero, then what am i?
Feb 2020 · 98
Sienna Feb 2020
i feel myself closing
in inward inside and
i feel myself folding
collapsing maintaining
no control.
Feb 2020 · 91
walls pt. 2
Sienna Feb 2020
****** feet lead you out of the
cold ice freezes over your
you fall

you get back up but you’re
dizzy this time you look right and
left but you
can’t see the sun

or the moon.
there is nothing here
                    ­                       there

except the walls.
four sirens to your sunken vessel.
but then you blink
that shine you see?

it’s your blood on the ground

you turn around.
this land has no direction
but somehow
you know you’ll make it home.
Feb 2020 · 127
Sienna Feb 2020
you say that you care
but you don’t say why
am i living a lie
when you tell me goodnight?

do you really love me
or that i love you too?
i wonder what you would do
if i ever left you

would you notice i was gone?
or just move on with your life
would you even bat an eye
and if you did, would you cry?

are you really there for me?
should i trust the things you say?
i think i should go away.

would you let me?
the nights when everything comes into question and anxiety reigns supreme...
Feb 2020 · 290
let me.
Sienna Feb 2020
i’m sorry for it all
i don't know where to start but
it's time for me to go

please let me say goodbye.
Feb 2020 · 132
Sienna Feb 2020
the walls are up—
you can feel them. your
graze at their temperament.

ouch, you caught a nick.
so your blood begins to

and you watch
as your feet begin to
turn that shade of red.
they leave

as you pace,
you scream,

what did you want, my dear?
i’m afraid
those walls
didn’t build

Feb 2020 · 158
Sienna Feb 2020
where have you gone?
where did you go?
why aren’t you here?
and why don’t i know?
but is the answer ever enough?
Jan 2020 · 1.6k
out of sight out of mind.
Sienna Jan 2020
you dimmed the lights
closed your eyes
and so did i.

still felt the weight
and all the pain
when you left marks on my thighs.

i just laid there
weren’t you aware
that i didn’t want to die?

though out of sight
out of mind
you heard me cry.
Jan 2020 · 786
Sienna Jan 2020
do you know who i am
at 3am
when i lie quietly awake
and think of him?
Dec 2019 · 165
all i ask
Sienna Dec 2019
please hold on
even when i dont
and tell me i will be ok
even when i wont
Dec 2019 · 180
if you saw her in the night
Sienna Dec 2019
green yellow red
its time to go home
what do you miss?
shhh can you hear him?
melatonin is no match for nights like these...
Sep 2019 · 163
*tick tock*
Sienna Sep 2019
there's a reason
its not easy
to get used to the quiet.

as once you're used to the quiet,
your timer's just begun.
say goodbye while you can
it won't be much longer...
Sep 2019 · 272
Sienna Sep 2019
shut up! i have more friends than you!
and we always get along.
i just sprinkle some sugar and watch from my window
and hear them sing their songs!

now they don’t stay very long,
but it's a small price to pay.
real friends sacrifice, plus
their hearts would burst if they stayed.

but it's okay, really!
i could never let them die.
they say distance makes the heart grow fonder,
and i know they’d never lie.

they just love me so much…
what?! i’m not alone, what do you mean?
i have more than i could ever want! in fact,
they say that i’m their queen.
Sep 2019 · 467
the rocking chair
Sienna Sep 2019
ding **** the witch is dead
but she lit a fire under my bed
i woke up to the heat
but why did she leave?

the fire under me still burns.
Aug 2019 · 225
a rock and a hard place.
Sienna Aug 2019
i just keep telling myself to
breathe, but i dont want to
do that anymore
May 2019 · 288
will this be the one?
Sienna May 2019
i want there to be a poem that
shuts the door
     lights the fire
and pronounces you dead.

i just can't tell if that's for better,
or for worse.
May 2019 · 380
the fishbowl.
Sienna May 2019
please don’t touch the glass
i’m startled enough as it is.
everything is warped and i
can’t tell ceiling from wall.

please tell me where i am
and please do so right away.
i’m running out of oxygen and i
need another breath.

please don’t feed me here
i do not intend to stay.
will it crack if i scream?
these are things i must know.

but please don’t walk away
iloveyouimsorryimsogratefulforallyouvedone but
can i walk beside you now?

i promise i’ll be good.
Apr 2019 · 1.2k
taylor nation
Sienna Apr 2019
shake it off? ive tried but it hasn’t gone too well. you see, in my wildest dreams i’m clean and he does not belong with me but we all love a good love story and i think she knew that when she wrote fearless. we dream of the white horse but it doesn’t come around it never. ever. does. and i think she knew that too. which is good because to be honest i’m sick of waiting. one of the Kardashian's called my girl a snake so it goes but she can do no wrong she really cant. even when she says she did something bad she cant do no wrong. she’s the queen of my heart to be honest so dont blame me, her love makes me crazy. i think she would understand.
inspired by taylor's new single, "ME!" :)
Apr 2019 · 1.4k
Sienna Apr 2019
i think a lot
about sphynx
no hair to care
for the lemon-shaped eyes
that squeeze shut in the breeze
but do not make lemonade

no sugar either
all protein bro
do you even lift
a finger because EYE do
YEW dont but they dont call you a
sphynx, do they?

oh wait nevermind i sphynx i got confused
eye am not a sphynx i do apologize
but Lucy is, shes my friend.
maybe even more than a friend
eye dont know
its just that shes a

mutant like me
and she pays for it too
just in cancer and heart disease
not with crying and mocking screams
saree i didnt mean to go there
but eye sphynx eyem getting worse
so random but i kinda love it?
Sienna Apr 2019
bathing in lava and burning alive
     but melting too, into little rivers that
     drain into the sky and
     down to the earth
     like rain.

          holding the sun and boiling up
          but glowing too, with light
          traveling through space and time
          from heaven
          and her spawn.
               reaching for stars and blistering quick-
click goes finger against glass.
i giggle at the sight of hurt people hurting one another.
no wonder this one has a 85% on rotten tomatoes.

               but beaming too, up and about and
               everywhere at once

swipe goes finger against glass.
i smile at the sight of couples breaking up and getting back together.
this one has a 53%.
makes sense.
just thought i'd give it another go:)
Mar 2019 · 193
conflicts and resolves.
Sienna Mar 2019
bathing in lava and burning alive
but melting too, into little rivers that
drain into the sky and
down to the earth
like rain

illuminated by light but flying
into the sun
turning into ash with the snap of a-

click goes finger against glass.
i giggle at the sight of hurt people hurting one another.
oh, no wonder this one has a 85% on rotten tomatoes.

the air smells sweet as i close my eyes
clouds and dreams swirl
into blackness that-

i smile at the sight of couples breaking up and getting back together.
this one has a 53%.
makes sense.
Mar 2019 · 275
my room.
Sienna Mar 2019
ceiling and floor switch
candle flickers
                              (1mph wind blows it out)
1000mph wind gets it going
again papers turn me
my head in glass
crashing into the
mattress which holds
my dreams
        my fears
my dreams
               my reality

it all goes quiet
except for the roar of
dust landing on lava
microbes burning alive from the lysol in my
everything is there.

                                       but where am i?
Mar 2019 · 199
Sienna Mar 2019
lukewarm coffee
still tastes alright
melted ice
still chills

wide ruled paper
still ***** up ink
bleach stained towels
still soak

greasy blowouts
still look okay
chipped gel nails
still shine

broken phone screens
still do turn on
unbound books
still read

still always wake
and the depressed?

they still breathe.
you're gonna be okay <3
Feb 2019 · 446
valentine’s day.
Sienna Feb 2019
a day to celebrate love
or to feel its absence pulling at the seams of your broken heart.

but a greeting card will do.
Feb 2019 · 318
eyes open.
Sienna Feb 2019
you’re here,
though only for a moment.
“if you blink, you’ll miss it,” they say.

though only for a moment,
you’re here.
so keep your eyes open.
Sienna Feb 2019
i see that you're home,
body curled up in bed
damp pillow underneath
i say you've been missed.

i tell you im sick,
though you should already know
i have dreams at night
but you don't keep them in the morning.

blinded by paradise,
you planned to never return
i told you perfection's impermenant
i guess you('ll be) forgot(ton too).
(but i won't tell you that part)

came back to me shattered,
the pieces diverged
left you bleeding out
but the timer, you set.

so please, dear, do hold on
just consider one last thing:
do you regret going
just because you couldn’t stay?
i think not.
Feb 2019 · 1.0k
Sienna Feb 2019
make me
turn me
to We

they live
with pride
with love
they die

thats We
We cares
for me

a team
We’s made
me’s not

of all
that’s here
no, dear

cuz they
is me
and me
is We.
Jan 2019 · 342
there’s been a mistake.
Sienna Jan 2019
like a tumble ****
rolling down a city street—
i dont belong here

and i know it.
Jan 2019 · 116
love & loss
Sienna Jan 2019
oh, how hard it is to face
that what you once loved
is no longer.

and oh, how much harder it is to face
that what you still love
is never coming back.
it doesnt feel real.
Jan 2019 · 860
go away.
Sienna Jan 2019
im addicted to the thought of you

i just cant seem to take my mind
please, make it stop.
Jan 2019 · 202
go numb.
Sienna Jan 2019
i dont like the way that love ends
i think its time to go numb.
i cant do this much longer.
Jan 2019 · 306
i’ll love you anyways.
Sienna Jan 2019
i dont deserve to be treated this way
but i let you linger
come and go as you please
hoping that one day youll feel sorry for taking my light away.

i know you never will.
but even in the dark
i’ll love you anyways.
Jan 2019 · 201
all alone.
Sienna Jan 2019
ive come to realize
that im here all alone
and i’ve tried to be happy
with being unknown.

but its just so hard
with no one around
i have so much to say
but i don't speak a sound.

so i talk to myself
and my thoughts overflow
but they don't listen either
they say i must go.

away, that is
i know they're not wrong
im not wanted here
i just don't belong.
i dont know what to do.
Jan 2019 · 602
tears rolls down my face.
Sienna Jan 2019
ive come to realize
im no ones favorite.
im all alone.
Dec 2018 · 1.0k
Sienna Dec 2018
i missed you so much
but i dont want to have to keep saying goodbye
it’s just too hard.
How can I want to spend the rest of my life with you while hoping to never see you ever again? Such is love...
Dec 2018 · 702
Sienna Dec 2018
you hugged me like you did when we were together
long and tight
you hugged me like you did when you loved me.

and it just made it that much harder to remember that you don’t love me anymore.
Dec 2018 · 680
Sienna Dec 2018
thinking about you doesn’t help me,
and it doesn’t help you.

yet i just can’t seem to stop.
Dec 2018 · 389
i hope you think about me.
Sienna Dec 2018
i hope she makes you smile
i hope she makes you laugh
i hope she makes you feel special
i hope she makes you feel wanted

i hope she tells you she cares
i hope she tells you she’s proud
i hope she tells you you’re beautiful
i hope she tells you you’re everything she ever wanted and more.

and if she doesn’t,
i hope you think about me.
Dec 2018 · 800
it hurts.
Sienna Dec 2018
i miss you so much,
that sometimes i wish we had never met.

but at least i got to call you mine,
even if just for a little.
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