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s 1h
I don’t rely on anyone for my happiness
That is of my own

I made the mistake of wishing
Hope is to be disowned
s 2d
A loose thread holds us together
fragile heartbeats of a mother
aching breaths of a father
s 2d
like, love, and in love
knowingly feeling all three
heart full— choosing you
s Oct 30
I can wait, so take your time
I want to hear you unwind

Slowly tell me everything
Just know that I’m listening

Nothing you bring is a burden
I’ll sit and wait when you open
Happiness isn’t the only emotion that I want to know with you.
s Oct 4
You laugh,
but I’m the one left breathless.
s Sep 29
A childhood spent playing around caskets,
peering at the mournful glances,
leaving flowers in several hundred baskets
daughter of a funeral home director
s Sep 26
There’s some sunshine left on the grass.
I pocket it, and hope it lasts.
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