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Shyheim Davis Aug 2020
Is the only craving
i need
take me under
your wings
maybe we can be free
for you a dream
is a dream
but for me
its just us
in sweet sweet harmony
Shyheim Davis May 2018
You left him broken
Left in the unknown
Found a new guy
He’s All alone
  Mar 2018 Shyheim Davis
she was only ten years old
when he made the video tape
the film shows a horrid crime unfold
that little girl was *****

(the story that remains untold
a past she can never escape
available for an easy download
fuel for a pervert's sake)

they have their way with her over and over

******* eyes watch with bad intent
she is a victim again and again
every time that file is sent
she is ***** by other men
  Mar 2018 Shyheim Davis
I can feel the gravity
savage sadness grabbing me
like a stabbing agony
panicking heartbeat rapidly

like a drastic atrophy
the tapestry of travesty
applicable calamity
catastrophe is my canopy

the faculty of tragedy
with no strategy for amnesty
the laxity of sanity
I can feel the gravity
Shyheim Davis Apr 2017
Hurts seeing you go so fast
But we learn from our mistakes
Thank you for your time
Now I'm lost in the forgotten
And stuck with the broken
Shyheim Davis Oct 2016
It's been a while since we've last spoke
Hows it been for you? Knowing that you're no longer on my mind
Three years of loving, turned into a three year mistake being that you slept with, my once best friend
Shyheim Davis Oct 2016
I miss the subtle kisses
you gave for my birthday wishes
and those nice joyful giggles
you did as you wiggled
i miss breathing in your hair
and holding you with care
slowly slipping into bed
with no care in the world
we slept
in sheer
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