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Sep 2017 · 253
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
She growls and thrashes

Concerned eyes follow her sounds.

I hope she's happy...
Sep 2017 · 321
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
Stop. Take a moment.
Close your eyes and just breathe, here.
Exhale, be present.
Sep 2017 · 172
Tick Tock
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
Isn't it funny
There's a me and I in time
Yet it can't be owned
Sep 2017 · 202
Flying School
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
It's hard to soar

When you learned how to fly from

The stones on the ground
Sep 2017 · 201
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
The people watcher.

Only deemed creepy if caught.

Eye contact? Never.
Sep 2017 · 594
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
Dear car behind me,
I want medium well fries.
Let's sit together
Sep 2017 · 263
Pull Ups
shyguypoetry Sep 2017
With an open palm
The boy reaches down to grab
His own **** bootstraps
Aug 2017 · 329
Wallet on the Metro
shyguypoetry Aug 2017
Paying it forward
Heroes don't always wear capes
Thank you, uncle John
Aug 2017 · 240
shyguypoetry Aug 2017
"How do you cook rice?"
My Chinese girlfriend asks me
Uh, what? we're Asian...
Aug 2017 · 105
shyguypoetry Aug 2017
How many keiki
Has the valley heard laughing?
She weeps as they grow.
Haiku thoughts time Kauai Hawaii
Jul 2017 · 227
shyguypoetry Jul 2017
‪Four little letters.‬
‪Place, person, or memories,‬
‪Who, what, where is "home"?‬
Jul 2017 · 279
shyguypoetry Jul 2017
If I must play games,
It will never involve hearts.
Unless it is "hearts"
Jul 2017 · 356
Happy Birthday Love
shyguypoetry Jul 2017
‪Happy birthday, babe ‬
‪I'm so happy you were born. ‬
‪I love you so much‬
Nov 2016 · 510
Never Ever Land
shyguypoetry Nov 2016
"Follow the leader"

Peter Pan to the lost boys

Wendy stood, unmoved
Nov 2016 · 910
shyguypoetry Nov 2016
In my last moments

I wonder what I will say,

"All set!" or "not yet..."
Oct 2016 · 378
shyguypoetry Oct 2016
Black, gracefully white.

Old joints, playfully youthful.

You're still my good girl.
Oct 2016 · 402
Every Night
shyguypoetry Oct 2016
Lying awake, still.

Pretending you are closer,

Wishing you were here.
Oct 2016 · 925
shyguypoetry Oct 2016
If I was super,

I would want x-ray vision

To peer past your doubts.
Oct 2016 · 263
Present Past
shyguypoetry Oct 2016
The harder I try

To forget about my past,

It remains present.
Sep 2016 · 599
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
No matter how hard

The wind blows against bamboo,

It bends, but not breaks
Sep 2016 · 849
In the Darkness
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
When the world looks dark,

Sometimes all you have to do

Is open your eyes.
Sep 2016 · 328
Survive or Surthrive?
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Caring for his crops

The farmer waters his fields,

They refuse to grow.
Sep 2016 · 332
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Isn't it funny,

How the smallest things on earth

Can be the strongest...
Sep 2016 · 657
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
In constant motion.

The world yells, "YOU MUST PRODUCE",

My souls smirks, "look up"
Sep 2016 · 765
Cuz I Miss You
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Thinking of your face...

Freckles and that stupid smile,

RETURN MY TEXT,  *****!!!
Sep 2016 · 337
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Funhouse reflections,

Not all mirrors are honest.

Choose what you will see
Sep 2016 · 191
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
What's behind your eyes?

We sit for twenty minutes.

What more can I do?
Sep 2016 · 728
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Rain on the window,

Droplets flirt as they foxtrot,

Finding their partner.
Sep 2016 · 286
When Coffee Meets Baegel
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Where did you come from...?

I love you more than I planned.

I would swipe right, again.
Sep 2016 · 403
Sharing Space
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
"He was my whole heart..."

Her tears caressing her face.

"I am so empty..."

"He was everything",

"Now he's gone, what do I do?"

She sits quiet now.

Fading in her haze

She drifts darker down her hole,

dodging her feelings.

Finally it comes,

stale words limping from her lips,

"...Because I loved him..."*

Unrequited love.

I  sit with you in silence.

Mending broken wings.

I think to myself.

Only one question remains,

...But did he love you?
Sep 2016 · 422
The Sad Girl
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
What are you hiding?

Behind your haphazard smile,

Sadness, anger, hurt?

Midnight haze sets in,

Floating past all of your feels.

Breath in, stuck on ex.

Do you know your worth?

Not your weight in lust, but love

In all ways, always.
Sep 2016 · 375
Dating in 2016
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
If I grew up now,

I would fur sure die alone.

Where is the romance?

They use their bodies

Their private parts, not their hearts

Satisfied, empty.

Unlike your snapchat

With love, no filter needed

Natural, beauty.

Does *** equal love?

Perhaps love was redefined.

Good luck little ones.
Sep 2016 · 898
The Listener
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Tell me your story,

Traverse your fact and fiction,

Please, I will listen.

Cover to cover,

I don’t want anything more,

who are you, really.

I want to hear it,

I won’t say a word, honest.

be you, who you are.
Sep 2016 · 216
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Sunrise or sunset

Distance makes things look smaller

Perspective is key
Sep 2016 · 194
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Why do we want more?

Leaving naked as our soul

I wish you enough
Sep 2016 · 216
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
spinning dizzy man,

Trying to stay in control

Failing miserably
Sep 2016 · 363
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
stripper tears are real
selling her priceless secrets
mental, physically
Sep 2016 · 372
Drunk Haiku
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
I am very drunk

All the drinks in my belly

Lightweights for the win
Sep 2016 · 306
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Airport metaphor

Running, sitting, waiting at the gate

Coming or going?
Sep 2016 · 200
Painted Lines
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Dear black ranger rover,

The painted lines mean something,

You park like an ***…
Sep 2016 · 316
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Homeless with a house.

Migrations are not stagnant,

together, we move
Sep 2016 · 199
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
door slightly ajar,

footprints linger in the dust

doormat whispers, “wait”
Sep 2016 · 240
One day to Remember
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Freedom isn’t free

Thank you, we will remember

Silent, we salute
Sep 2016 · 176
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
graveyards are peaceful.

zombies are never happy,

ghosts cannot be held
Sep 2016 · 558
Go Chance Um
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
How can, if neva

If no go, neva know how  

No sked, go rush um
Sep 2016 · 201
Bees and the Bees
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
bees fly aimlessly,

never smelling the flowers.

Except for lilies…
Sep 2016 · 1.5k
Tidal Insomniac
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Waves torment the sand,

pulling back, always running

empty shore, naked
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
Dear girl I’m too shy to talk to,

 I know, I know nothing about you...
And we have nothing in common
But this moment,
and this moment is fleeting,
and my heart is beating out of my chest.

And I don't mean to be creepy...
but I wish seconds could last longer
because when you walked into the room,
I swear time slowed, and perhaps even froze.
But in that moment,
the room was filled with your presence
that radiated from you essence while I melted into the pool of nervousness
into the cracks of my subconscious.

See, I wish we were 5,
At least that way I could tell you I liked you
by hitting you,
I could tell you how much, by how hard,
without saying a single word or emotion.

I wish I could just say what's on my mind...
But you are so stunning,
and I'm trying to be cunning,
But instead I stand here like a mute, Speechless. Once I heard that 98% of human communication is nonverbal so,
I were a bear, I could show you I care,
With my little boy stare.
I stand before you, a mouse.

I hope you didn't catch me staring  But its just a bad habit...
Like a smoker longing for one last kiss  from a burnt cigarette,
I just can't help it.

See, they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul,
then in that sense,
I'd be like lil Romeo,
On my knees throwing you soft glances,
that flutter like you eyelashes in the wind,
trying to catch your glances with butterfly nets as they flutter around the room.
Like the ones that fly around in my belly,
you make me so bashful.

Even in my head, I’m tripping over my words like a one legged hurdler,
and I honestly don't know what I’d say...

My eyes haven’t even crossed yours,
and yet I’m trying to find the right words to open with.  
But, it's like attempting build words out of Scrabble tiles without consonances.
So my brain is left with  "I-E-O-A-U?"

I’m sorry for being such a dork, But you make me feel small, lost, and even confused.  
You make my knees knock while I seek safety from behind the legs of my confidence...

And as the clock strikes 12 on this fairy tail tragedy,
If I were going to say something, say anything...

I’m not quite sure what it would be,
But it would start with something like,  
"Hi,  my name is Ryan,
and I think you’re beautiful"
Sep 2016 · 206
last sessions...
shyguypoetry Sep 2016
he says, "i love you"

goodbyes are not my forte...

"i love you too, dude"

— The End —