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migi Mar 26
he did not find purpose
in the titles
the money
none of that

so into the forest he went
to lose his mind
to lose his life

but to find his soul
migi Mar 3
oh, how delightful would it be
to know that you're wanted

to be reassured
that the world would be lacking
without you

to be gently pressed into his chest
as he whispers honeyed words
into your little ear


oh, how delightful it is
to be wanted
migi Mar 3
i want to remember
what it feels like
to be home

to have your hand
intertwined with mine

to have you here next to me
under a myriad of city lights aglow

to breathe deep and know
that i'm safe in your hands
migi Mar 3
i feel like i talk too much
about roses -

how their petals and fragrance
hide a much deeper secret:
their thorns.

but we have all met a few roses
in our lives:

ones that are almost perfect
in any way imaginable

ones that we've danced with
in heavy, pouring rain

ones that our hearts
have kept so dearly

all these things
and we embrace not the petals
but their thorns

and this is what causes
a bitter end
migi Mar 3
let me tell you a story

a man of wisdom
was perched on a cliff

"The best things
are those left unfinished."

these words he spoke to me


as he jumped off the edge
migi Mar 3
stop asking for so little -

i would give you

the sun
migi Mar 3
years i have spent
wandering aimlessly in the dark

blackest nights come nigh
where one's blinks make no difference

i stumble and fall into walls and corners
enveloped in darkness' veil


but today i saw the sun
radiant and pure

and for once in my life
all felt well

for once in my life
i was home

— The End —