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 Jan 2019 Shrishty
Cliff Perkins
She was by here earlier today
Flirting with my wild imagination
Revealing lines and stanzas
The way you casually drop
Your clothes upon the floor

I yearned to pick them up
Preserve them with ink and paper
Or little bytes flashing on a screen
But I was busy
Doing more important things
So it seemed at the time

I should have remembered
That these gifts of poem pieces
Are more perishable
Than an overripe peach
And disappear more quickly
Than flakes of snow on warm earth
 Nov 2018 Shrishty
 Nov 2018 Shrishty
How can emptiness be so heavy?
 Nov 2018 Shrishty
Ashley Jerome
some slash their wrist,
ingest a bottle of pills,
jump off a high rise building,
hang themselves, or
blow their brain off.
and in that moment,
when they are bleeding to death,
closing their eyes for the last time,
hanging loose in the air,
about to let their weight drop
and let that
bullet pierce through their skull
are moments, they fell the most alive
maybe suicide
is meant for that
so very "special moment",
to feel alive
just once before
you cease to exist
 Nov 2018 Shrishty
 Nov 2018 Shrishty
You said you

were made to

swim free;

but, my darling

I'm a harbor not

the sea..

 Oct 2018 Shrishty
you terrify me
because i know that in years to come
when i am finally happy and settled down,
you will come along,
and i wont even second guess walking
away from that life to be with you.

to be broken all over again.

- Leah
 Oct 2018 Shrishty
Keep Me Safe
 Oct 2018 Shrishty
Keep me safe.

Keep me unseen
from eyes that ask incessantly.

Keep me from questions
with answers that reveal too much.

Keep me dignified.
Keep me filled what little I have left.

Keep me sane.
Keep me the same.
Keep me collected.

Keep me close.
Keep me comforted in my sleep.

Keep me from harm.
From the monsters under my bed.
From the demons in my head.

Keep me safe...
 Oct 2018 Shrishty
Emma Price
If living in someone’s shadow my whole life means I’ll never be blinded by the sun
I’ll take it
~much love
 Oct 2018 Shrishty
 Oct 2018 Shrishty
I have 2 questions:
One, will the scars fade?
Two, when they do
Will i forget about you?
I disappoint everyone anyway. Why try?
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