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Shrishty Nov 2018
Romance is not when you kiss me
Or when your hand is around my neck.
It is not in the way you smile when you look at me
Or when you take control.
I feel truly yours
When you seek comfort in my arms,
And when I circle infinities on your back,
And you tell me about the things that hurt.
Romance, for me, is when you give in
And hold me a little too tight
Because this is where you belong,
This is what you need.
Shrishty Aug 2018
On nights like this
I feel myself shrinking
Piece by piece
Until there’s nothing left
Tell me, are you happy now?
  Aug 2018 Shrishty
I am adept
In the art of being okay
I have mastered the craft
Of covering my troubles
I use all sorts of fancy facades
Acrylic, oil, watercolor
You name it.

I can paint over nearly anything

You will never know
How late I was up last night
Or why.

My eyes flicker
Like candlelight
But you couldn’t see
You couldn’t possibly see
I’m too good
For that.

I can dance, too
Waltzing away my sorrows
Carefully tip toe-ing the
I get a standing ovation every time

I’m very talented, you see.

But my all time favorite
Is my disappearing act
I’m still perfecting it
Right now
But one of these days
I’ll show you
How I

Right through your fingers.
Shrishty Jul 2018
there was a void inside me
which i knew you could never fill
the last time i told you this
you drunkenly laughed and said
there was no void
i was just ****** and empty
and maybe you were right but
since then i’ve had this satisfaction
for now i know there’s no more of me
that you can take
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