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shreyas bhalekar Jan 2019
My imagination controls my life
my dreams control my mind
As if I've disappeared in them.
I live in my head,
And I hate that.
shreyas bhalekar Dec 2018
A silent boy with many secrets,
his secrets are conquering him,
He is allowing them to smash his brain, silent boy is still silent, gathering more secrets.

A silent boy with many lies,
Trying to hide many mistakes,
Mistakes are making him,
Silent boy is still lying,
Making more mistakes

Silent boy is so secular and diplomatic,
He says nothing,
He does nothing,
That makes him perfect.
shreyas bhalekar Feb 2018
Brothers who invented aeroplane they actually were trying to fly bt at the end of the day they invented a machine
They made a scrap to fly
And now we are using it as a missile
Moral of the story our efforts are useless
shreyas bhalekar Feb 2018
Why are we self-assured
In the sea of people
But drown
In the drops of emotions

Why are we so convinced
to believe firmly in the
Truth of something which
We don't know

Why are we broken
everyone i met thus
Far is broken in one
Way or another

The consequences we faced
And kicked on the *** of problems
At the end of the day
I tried to swim without any support
shreyas bhalekar Feb 2018
You might think I’m insane.
shreyas bhalekar Feb 2018
My amazed ghost, you inspire me to write.
How I hate the way you skip, walk and hide,
Invading my mind day and through the night,
Always dreaming about the light yuletide.

Let me compare you to a crazed cherry?
You are more unfazed, banal and active.
Ice bites the debris of February,
And wintertime has the beguiled practive.

How do I hate you? Let me count the ways.
I hate your brilliant lip, smile and eyes.
Thinking of your reviled smile fills my days.
My hate for you is the attractive flies.

Now I must away with an open heart,
Remember my wild words whilst we're apart.
shreyas bhalekar Dec 2017
I do not remember the things I done in my childhood but I am sure that I was happy. I was happier than today I am. I don't want to pick a random train but I also don't want to stick to the point, I don't want to face the problems i want to solve them, I don't want to cross the river, I don't want to survive in a city, actually I am not sure or planned anything I just want to hide from the obstacles to live peacefully.
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