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Feb 2019 · 474
So Speaks the Heart
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
The mouth speaks what the heart feels
And hidden truths are now revealed
Our words can give life or bring death
The power of God is in our very breath
What is in our hearts comes out of our mouths
We have control over what is allowed
If we are what we consume
There shouldn’t be any room
For vileness and hatred to take residence
When we show the overwhelming evidence
Of love and truth gentleness and peace
Patience, faith and prayer that doesn’t cease
This is how they know us: they know us by our love
In this we show our kinship with the Father in Heaven above
And let us not dwell on other’s faults
But seek first to find our own
And bringing judgement to a halt
We find that we have grown
Love your sister and your brother
Though they may have a different mother
There are hundreds of languages in the world
But love is universal and a smile is unfurled
They know us by the fruit we bear of peace and unity
With eyes of love striving for a world in harmony
The outside is a manifestation of what is within
Do we reflect Christ or are we soiled by sin?
We are Christ bearers light bearers
Salt and light to the ends of the earth
We are truth sharers and Armor of God wearers
We are here to bring about a time of rebirth
So my friend guard your heart and guard your tongue
So you may stand victorious over the evil one
I pray your words would give life and your life would bless
And God provide what you need no more and no less
So Speaks the Heart
Feb 2019 · 380
Take Me Back (A Prayer)
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Won’t you take me back to a time before
When life was simple no one keeping score
When I was full of innocence and total trust
Before the dreams that I held turned to dust
I was filled with a sense of awe and wonder
I heard you in the soft wind and in the thunder
Over the years that faith has slowly faded
And life’s experiences have left me jaded
Won’t you take me back to when I was a child
Young and free, rambunctious and wild
I would leap off and with perfect faith I know
You would catch me and never let me go
You would set me right where I needed to be
I could safely be anything. With you, I could be me
I feel sometimes as though I’ve forgotten your voice
I’ve been distracted and concerned with the other noise
Help me relearn Lord like a child once again
To recognize the sound of your voice and then
To listen for you purposefully and with great care
In the stillness and silence I feel the breath of air
The spirit is moving and lifting and healing
The very word of God in truth revealing
Come upon me and illuminate the dark
I love your law for it helps me hit the mark
I know I can’t go back to where it all began
I know that it is all a part of your great plan
But if I could know again a little joy and laughter
It would help remind me why and what it is I’m after
Someday you will take me back and I’ll be home once more
To be with Him for all eternity: Jesus Christ my Savior and Lord
Feb 2019 · 318
On Earth as it is in Heaven
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Be merciful even as your Heavenly Father is merciful
Thy kingdom come thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
The Father who loves us died for us and paid the debt we could not pay. May we strive to be merciful, loving, forgiving for the small things. Let us be like Jesus to others. God is LOVE. The reason the world does not know God is because it does not know LOVE. And what is Love? Love is patient, love is kind, slow to anger, protects, trusts, hopes, believes, perseveres. Love never fails. Forgiveness is a great weapon. It disarms, diffuses, stuns, kills hate, squashes vengeance. It heals and sets free, but surprisingly it most often frees us. If someone can forgive you for something and move forward, never think for a second that God can’t forgive you and hasn’t already. God is so much better and so much more merciful and loving by far! The challenge is you need to learn to forgive yourself. God, help us to be merciful, forgiving, loving and kind to all, especially those who probably don’t deserve it. In these moments Lord, remind us gently that we didn’t deserve your mercy, forgiveness, love and kindness, but you gave it anyway and we aught to do likewise. Amen
Feb 2019 · 266
The Revealing
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Lord you reveal yourself to me in a way so profound
That if only I would seek you, there you would be found
For I opened the doors and there you were waiting
My steps falter and my words are now hesitating
I opened the windows and, on my heart, you alight
You were singing so happily like a bird that’s in flight
Once you were there you began to build a nest
And for now and always it is where you now rest
Lord I have found you in the hearts of the poor
And seen you dwell in those I thought were the least
I have known you when I doubt if anything is real
I have felt that when I’m hurting you helped me to heal
This is the revealing of the soul’s great lament
The moving of the spirit by which we are sent
The yearning to be united to our Lord once again
The working and waiting that we have until then
You know my inmost being Lord you know my every thought
Nothing is secret; all my efforts to hide are for naught
So Lord help me open myself to your holy and perfect will
To accept you and in my empty spots, won’t you fill
In your love and by your power, make me complete
Won’t you melt and refine me and turn up the heat
By the power of your passion, your burning love and desire
Burn me and brand me with your Holy Living Fire
Little by little you restore and reveal and I am being remade
Some things are sharpened and some places seem to fade
One day when this life is finally over
And I go walking through the golden field
Questions will be answered, eyes will be opened
And that which once was hidden, in truth, shall be revealed
Feb 2019 · 285
I Need Someone
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
I need someone to lean on and to trust
I need someone who will love me no matter what
I need someone who will find the hidden beauty
Someone who helps out of love and not simply duty
I need someone to defend me when I am under attack
Someone who is in my corner and who always has my back
I need someone to see the real me and still not leave
I need someone who will also give back not only receive
I need someone who is gentle and yet strong
I need someone at my side as we walk along
I need someone who will listen to me when I need a friend
Someone who is faithful and true to the very end
I need someone who will treat me the way that I deserve
I need someone who is willing to surrender and serve
I need someone I can turn to in any situation
Someone who will share in both sadness and elation
I need someone who understands what makes me what I am
I need someone who will be with me to hold me and take my hand
I need someone can tell when something isn’t right
Someone who will watch over me both by day and by night
I need someone who will tell me that things will be okay
I need someone who isn’t afraid to kneel down and pray
Someone to forgive me and help me forgive myself
Someone who makes me feel like there is no one else
I need someone who knows I am special and unique
I need someone who will be my light when life is bleak
I need someone to care to act with loving kindness
Who will open my eyes to see and remove my blindness
I need someone so rare there might be only one
And I pray it’s not too late before the search is done
Feb 2019 · 312
A Prayer in Pain
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Lord right now I’m lost and confused
Hear my cries Lord I’m begging you
My life was going so well and you turned it upside down
And now I can’t tell which way is up and which is down
Lord I’m trying so hard to understand
How this all fits into your grand plan
I feel you calling me to be to be a husband or wife
I feel you calling me to married life
I know I ought to trust but right now my heart is as dust
To follow you I’ve tried and tried
But what you want I can’t decide
I’m hurting Lord can’t you feel my pain
And world is gray and my sky is all rain
Help me Lord I don’t know what to do or where to turn
What is it Lord that you want for me to learn
Part of me should feel happy but part of me feels dead
The days are painful reminders and most nights I cry in bed
Oh Lord my God why must you wound me so
Please hold me close and never let me go
There are moments when the pain is too much to bear
And when I pray I don’t seem to feel your presence there
I know you love me and you are by my side always
And, if you chose, could turn this protest into praise
But even if you don’t right now I know I’ll be alright
And from this darkness deep inside will come a brilliant light
I’ll be there eventually, but right now what I really need
Is your patience, your guidance, your love, and your lead
Feb 2019 · 258
I Know
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
I know. I was there. I am here.
You are never alone. Turn to me and I will be your comfort and your peace. One day I will dry your eyes and the joy will never cease. I know you feel pain right now so deep and so profound. Caught in the undertow of sorrow and feeling like you’ve drowned. I know. I was there. I am here. I have never let you go. You have never left my sight. Trust in me and everything will turn out all right. I know it seems like the end right now but you don’t know the plot. Please believe me when I say that, the end, it is not. I was there nailed on the cross and I felt all: the pain the sadness the loss. I took it all so you that you could understand and place your hand in my hand. I have danced. I have laughed and I have wept. I understand how it feels to lose someone you love. But I also know they look down from above. No more hurt and no more hunger no more older no more younger. No more sickness no more death. Only joy and praise with every single breath. I know sometimes you wonder about the meaning of it all. And sometimes you question whom and when I call. I know it seems impossible now, but you must remember and move on. Remember that nothing is impossible with me. I know. I was there. I am here. On the days when it gets too hard, lean on me and I will help you up. I will give you the strength you need as you eat this bread and drink this cup. I know. I was there. I am here. Let this be a gentle reminder not to take life for granted but to live each moment out. Live each day as if today was your last day; make every second count. I know. I was there. I am here but do not live in fear. I am with you now and always even through the end of the age. The world and it’s things are fleeting and will eventually pass away, but the word of the Lord is eternal and His love is here to stay. I know. I was there. I am here. I love you. Be at peace.
Feb 2019 · 227
New Name
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
I, the Lord of all creation, give you a new name
And, from this day on, you will never be the same
Be transformed in your life and follow my will
And know that no matter what I love you still
Take this moment here and now you are a new creation
Learn from your mistakes and live in right relation
Channel this energy this love and passion
And find a love that’s never out of fashion
I call you my child and I am your Father
Call out to me always I won’t be bothered
I want to hear from you and I want you to listen
There is a beauty in the eyes that glisten
I call you forward to my loving merciful heart
That you and I are never very far apart
Cling to me in the storms, the wind and waves
I will be your anchor and the hand that saves
Cast out in the deep and try once more
And know the wondrous things I have in store
You aren’t perfect, but it is you that I chose
With time and grace your faith will grow
I know it’ll be hard, but I believe you’re worth it
Feb 2019 · 199
Open Hearts and Open Hands
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
Open hearts and open hands
Help us do what love demands
To give of self to serve and uplift
True love is the most precious gift
To lay down one’s very life
To make the ultimate sacrifice
We must have open hearts and open hands
There is peace and comfort where love reclines
And it lives in a house big enough for all mankind
With open hands we both give and receive
And together marvelous things they can achieve
From Jesus side both blood and water flow
To unite once more heaven above and earth below
The nails that pierced his hands and feet
Now the act of love was complete
We pray Lord Jesus let our hearts be open wide
That upon your grace and strength we always rely
Let our hands be opened not closed in anger
And in the storms of life your love is our anchor
When we live with open hearts and open hands
We will not seek first to judge, but to understand
Though, at times, we may wander and go astray
We are never too lost to be found if we pray
Open us Lord to see in others what you see in me
With open hearts and open hands we are setting prisoners free
Giving food to the hungry money to the poor
Never turning someone away from the door
Clothing the naked and visiting the ill
We pray most of all Lord, help us do your will
These are all important but help us not forget
What matters first and matters most I bet
In all we do to pray and act with open hearts and open hands
Feb 2019 · 176
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
So many choices, options, decisions
Bombarded barraged created divisions
The possibilities are endless; a veritable buffet
This is the world in which we live today
We choose how we act, how we feel and what we wear
We choose what we say and how much we want to care
God gave us free-will he gave us a choice
He gave us our minds and he gave us a voice
Tricked into the sin of jealousy and pride
Realizing the mistake and trying to hide
Like Lucifer we too fell from Grace
And sin entered in to the whole human race
But God in his mercy would not be outdone
For in the fullness of time he would send his one and only son
To suffer and die and rise from the grave
Not to judge or condemn but that we might be saved
He gave himself freely; his body and blood
The ultimate expression of his divine love
Our hearts are broken and we seek things to fill
But no matter what we try nothing fits the bill
His body as bread he joins his heart to ours
His blood the wine sweeter than flowers
United on a physical and fundamental plane
So intimate and so profound you can never be the same
We have a choice: we can be believe and accept
Or we can deny, and doubt and be circumspect
But we have a choice and it can’t be coerced
What will satisfy this longing this deep thirst
And when all is said and done at the end of the age
It’s your turn in the spotlight it’s your time on the stage
Our choices carry a surprising amount of weight
Did you choose to love, did you forgive instead of hate
Did you follow in His footsteps and help others on the road
Did you ease someone’s burden, help them carry the load
Many times you have to make choices that are hard
None come through not bruised or cut or scarred
Though the way is hard and the journey ever long
We are not alone and together we are made strong
In the world of a million choices there is one that I will make
Find something that will mark me like a stamp or seal
I choose to live a life of love that’s real
and not just some cheap fake
Feb 2019 · 186
The Power of A Moment
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
There is power in a moment. A moment of weakness a moment on your knees. A moment of silence a moment of ease. A moment can feel so long and pass by in the blink of an eye. Between life and death there is but a moment. How did I use the moments I was given? So much can be said, conveyed, felt in a moment of silence between friends and so often we want to fill these moments with noise because the silence is deafening. There are defining moments and moments that take our breath away. All these moments and many others make up our lives. Just sit still and be quiet for a moment and you begin to realize everything you’ve been missing. We are so distracted and we distract ourselves so we don’t have to listen to the uncomfortable truth and the tough love. We become oblivious to what is in front of our eyes. And what is in front of our eyes right now is Jesus. He leads us so he should always be in front of our eyes. Jesus loved us so much that he died for us while we were unworthy to free us and be with us one day. It was over in a moment. Let us take a moment now to stop and listen and feel the power of that moment. The moment that God said “I Love You. See how much I love you!”.
Feb 2019 · 337
A Single Solitary Rose
ShowYouLove Feb 2019
A flower dances under a sky of blue and white
Petals outstretched to take in the sun’s great light
A bloom so beautiful and pure that none can match
No words can contain nor brush that can catch
The radiance of this single solitary rose
Of how it came to be, no one truly knows
But here it stands tall and strong
Blessing all those who happen along
Is it just a hardy stubborn thing or is it something more?
Is it a message for someone and, if so, who is it for?
For myself it is a reminder of all that life can be
And a statement of all that we can achieve
We can overcome heartache and sorrow and pain
We can be an example and stand strong in the rain
With patience love and kindness we can cultivate the seed
And with grace and peace and quiet strength, be what people need
But like the rose we must open to the sun
And by our living lead others to the Holy One
He is our strength he has given us this gift
So let us now sing out and our faces lift
How Great is our God who alone can save
Whose death and resurrection brought vict’ry o’er the grave
Jan 2019 · 362
I Love You (As You Are)
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
Big or small thick or thin
No matter the place you live in
Black, white, brown, red
I know every hair on your head
I know you, I know your name
And when you hurt I feel your pain
Do not listen or pay heed when the world calls you freak
Because, in you, there is something special and unique
And because I love you as you are
If it seems you don't fit in, can't find a place where you belong
When the world says they're right and all you are is wrong
There are people of compassion who look beneath the skin
To find the light that burns inside, the beauty that's within
And remember I love you as you are
Sometimes the world can be cold and cruel
They might mock your belief and call you a fool
Being different can make people uncomfortable
They'll try to define you and give you a label
But you already have a label more important than the rest
You are called my child and it is you that I will bless
And I love you just as you are
Be yourself, be honest, be gentle and kind
And, throughout your life you will come to find:
You don't need to change who you are to make me love you
For I love you as you are
Jan 2019 · 197
Kiss of Heaven
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
I feel the kiss of Heaven press against my brow
And it’s gentle touch changes me somehow
Feel the love. Feel the power of that precious act
Be filled now with what it was you had lacked
Let it wash over you and may you be forever blessed
In the chaos and confusion we find peace and rest
Heaven has marked you and chosen you as it’s own
It is the greatest thing to be not only loved, but also known
Here, in this place, where Heaven and Earth meet
I sit here watching with a front-row seat
Take a moment to let the weight of the kiss sink in
Let the gravity of the situation bring a grin
The kiss of Heaven given just for you
Is a miracle that can make your wildest dreams come true
My prayer for you is that you be at peace friend
And that you know this divine love until the very end
Jan 2019 · 189
Mary’s Song
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
I will take you in my arms and hold you while you rest. Who am I that I should be worthy to hold the savior of the world close to my chest. Singing so softly a simple lullaby, hush now my darling and close your little eyes. Enjoy this moment of love and of peace for now, just your mother I’ll be. My Lord and my love I’ll be by your side both day and night. You shatter the darkness you are my light.
Jan 2019 · 179
Who Is My Star?
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
Thank you for the epiphany Lord for the three wisemen who were seeking the truth followed the star that led them to your truth and changed their lives to listen to the truth. Who is my star? Who or what is the light that I follow that leads me to you Lord? Adoration can be a sort of epiphany a revealing of you as God and we can find insight and revelations through prayer and experience. Sometimes Lord I am the wisemen seeking the truth searching for you and other times I am the scribes and Pharisees who are comfortable and seek to destroy or stop the truth because it threatens the way of life I am accustomed to. Sometimes I travel in lands that are green and lush and still other times I am following the star across a barren desert. In these times, my spiritual life is dry and desolate. I am weary and begin to wander. Sometimes I get lost or turned around and need to ask for directions. I take solace in this long hard journey, because I believe that at the end of the journey I will find something so incredible and joyful and full of life. I will find you.
Jan 2019 · 172
To Lead
ShowYouLove Jan 2019
To lead by example to live out your love
To speak words of wisdom and live a life of grace
To show others the way to see Jesus’ face
Loved by the Father of Heaven and Earth
Wanted to be with you he became human by birth
I want to lead your children help me to follow you
Help my heart be a place where you can grow
Be born in me as I bear you within
Cleanse me wash me from my sin
Bring me to your heart, the heart of the father
A love that has no end it is unconditional, forever
We can’t earn it and don’t deserve it
But that’s what makes it a miracle
Show me how to love, and pray, and work
Help me to write and play and sing
In a way that gives you glory and brings a smile to you
Turn your face to me, look with favor upon your child
Thank you for loving me

Forgive me Lord, when I doubt you and don’t believe what you say. I don’t think I’m qualified to lead anyone. There are so many more people more qualified, more experienced and more wise. But like Jeremiah, you show me that you can use anyone and you don’t call the equipped, you equip the called. You are Emmanuel (God With Us). You are with us always even to the end of the age. Help us take comfort in that and grant us the strength and courage to stand up and lead your people trusting that you are in control and you have a reason. Something that we alone can do. Lead us Lord always and help us to lead your flock with wisdom and grace. Amen
Dec 2018 · 168
You and Me
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Here we are again just me and you
Sitting here showered with a love so true
Let’s be personal it’s time we got real
Sometimes I gotta cry a little so I can heal
But you know me full and love me still
You are by my side now and you always will
You stir in my heart a new song
A melody you put on my lips
I know that here and now is where I belong
In the Eucharist where Heaven and Earth kiss
You and me we’re a miracle a thing so divine
That to me you would say “I love you and you are mine”
It’s so hard to imagine it any other way
I want you I need you a part of every day
In your presence troubles vanish and worries melt
In their stead deep joy and perfect peace are felt
This time it is personal it’s how it has to be
Because our relationship is between you and me
Dec 2018 · 188
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Draw me close to You Lord and never let me go
Arms outstretched on the cross to love me so
Open my eyes Lord to see the beauty around
Place my feet upon the rock and on holy ground
Open my ears to hear the voice of the one who saves
For love of you the dead will rise from their graves
Put a joy in my heart that can’t be contained
A fire, a passion that can’t be dimmed
Your word lights my way through the dark place
And everything is brighter in the light of Jesus’ face
With peace flowing like a river
From the throne of the giver of life
You have shown us the way to the father
You know us and call us by name
You see us as we are and you love us the same
And when the day comes for this life here to end
Lord protect us and let sweet sleep descend
Grant us the peace and the comfort
Wrap us once more in your gentle loving arms
Bring us home to be with you in the fullness of your glory
To be in your presence a saint among the saints of history
Dec 2018 · 168
The Turning
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
As I turn my face again to you
I see your light come breaking through
In the darkness and the pain of life
And the sorrow that cuts like a knife
I look to you to help me through this hour
As I call upon your Heavenly Power
I turn my eyes again to see your face
And feel your presence fill this place
I see you stretched upon that cross
I see the love and I feel the loss
I try to fix my eyes on you
But I stumble and lose my way
Sometimes I get distracted it’s true
But as I practice it gets better each day
I know you still love me and call me your own
And even in the hard times I am never alone
I lift my gaze to the heavens a song will I sing
Glory and honor and praise to the Risen King
You have my undivided attention I am restored
Speak to your servant for he is listening Lord
I turn my face to you in humble form concealed
Through the eyes of love is this mystery revealed
Turn to me oh God your face do not hide
Please continue always to stay by my side
Dec 2018 · 198
Reason to Believe
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
So you say you’re gonna need a reason
A reason if you’re gonna believe
You’ve got a long list and it’s not easin’
Lies and let downs, how you’ve been deceived
You say it’s a nice story, but how can it all be truth
You heard the words and read the tales
But now you want to see the proof
What good is this faith if logic has failed
Have you felt a hunger you could never satisfy
Have you ever felt had a chill in the middle of July
Did you ever wonder if life had purpose and meaning
Or pass by someone why was positively beaming
It’s a chance to be part of something greater
It’s a family you can turn to when things are looking grim
A place to love and be loved in plenty and in trim
Look at the beauty all around fill your lungs with air
If there is even the slightest chance that my life was not in vain
Then I will take all the hardships and bear all the pain
To believe that life is meaningless would make me lose all hope
And when troubles come and sorrows fall I couldn’t ever cope
It is pretty radical and some might call me crazy
But love is irrational though it makes you do crazy things
And yet when you feel it you know and your heart just sings
And if it all turns out to be just as you say You haven’t lost anything there was no point anyway
But if it just so happens that there is more
I’d want to see you there on that distant shore
So take a leap and hold on tight you’re in for a wild ride
I know it’s crazy but sometimes I get a peek on the other side
Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
Dec 2018 · 153
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Following star: God’s great light
Traveling far: Bethlehem night
Bearing gifts full of meaning
Little baby sweetly dreaming
On a journey far from home
Guided by the Spirit as they roam
So much unclear, so much unknown
Young girl and mother scared and alone
Come Lord Jesus from Heaven above
Make the space all aglow in perfect love
The path is long the road is hard
Angels sent in dreams to guard
The light of the world the hope of salvation
Watching with faith and finally joy and elation
Peace on earth let all creation ring
The coming of Him whom angels sing
Christ the King in helpless child
Holy infant so tender and mild
Not even death could keep us apart
Saved in the depths of your merciful heart
Dec 2018 · 359
Life is Art
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
The same sun that fills the morning sky
Makes the artist’s paintbrush fly
The same wind that flows softly in the trees
Fills the singer’s lungs and sets the words free
The same water that covers the earth
Can give the people a kind of rebirth
The same earth alive beneath your feet
Gives the poets their steady beat
The same song that’s free and clear
Gives the dancers something so dear
The same life that ebbs and flows
Gives art its thorns and rose
Life is art and for some their art is life
So much beauty and mystery it is always
New and fresh and profound
You see the place we stand is on Holy Ground
We have been blessed with such gifts
We are called to share and use them to lift
Others up who may be searching or hurting
Needing to know they are loved and aren’t alone
Your art may be the only encounter someone has
With faith, with love, with something greater
We ought to be light, to bring light to a world that is dark
To give hope, to show love this is a chance to leave your mark
To make this place a little better than when we first arrived
The world is our canvas paint it with hope and a future
Share your vision, lift your voice
Move your feet and make your choice
Color the world in brighter hues
These are your gifts it’s up to you to use
Dec 2018 · 163
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Candy canes and Caroling up and down the street
Hearts aglow with everyone we meet
Ringing in the New Year with hopes and dreams held high
Inside we come to sit by the fire to warm up and dry
Snowman snow angels snow that softly falls
Time to remember what is truly important and make those calls
Making the most of the precious moments spent together
And if we have each other there is nothing we can’t weather
Sleep sound in sweet heavenly peace
Dec 2018 · 181
Consecration and Knighthood
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Our Marian Consecration today intimately parallels the actions of Knights before their queen in years past. Knights would come before their queen, kneel, swear their fealty, and solemnly dedicate themselves to be in the queen’s service and do her will. In our consecration today we are essentially doing the exact same thing. Our Queen is Mary, we pledge our loyalty to her and her cause (which is her Son’s Will, for love and for souls), and solemnly dedicate ourselves to her service and being obedient to what she tells us.

Knights were often called to go and fight for queen and country. We are also called to stand and fight for there is a war that rages a great spiritual battle. We fight not with hatred and anger and bitterness and intolerance, but with love, truth, peace, hope, and joy. We do not fight to steal, **** and destroy, we fight to give, to save, and to defend.

When we bend our knees, we humble ourselves. It is an action that leaves us vulnerable and open. It opens doors, opportunities and a whole world of experiences beyond our wildest dreams.

St. Maximillian Kolbe was right in creating the Militia Immaculata. The order of the Knights of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We are like the knights of the past. It is also interesting to note that they specifically consecrated themselves before the Queen and that through the Queen they gave themselves in service to the King.

As Knights we are also called to be courageous and chivalrous. To be kind, gentle, and to honor and respect all especially the women, the children, and those in need. To be a knight was to live a life of service, charity, obedience imitating the life of Christ and his values and teachings. We are knights: go forth now under the Queen’s blessing and favor.
Dec 2018 · 204
Be The One
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
I am tired Lord and my thoughts drift
Incomplete and jumping one to another
I am safe and warm in your presence here
I feel my body relaxed and drifting to sleep
I will sit with eyes closed and breath deep
And pray that you would help still my mind
My heart my mind my soul find their rest
And in your abundant love I am so blessed
Let me be the one to quench your thirst
For love and souls until you burst
Let me be the one to care for you and dry your tears
Let me be your hands and feet, eyes and ears
Let me rejoice in my weakness and glory in my suffering
That I would lean on you for every single thing
Unite my heart to yours and bring me deeper still
I pour out myself so that you can enter in and fill
The missing piece the hurt deep inside
With love so deep and arms so wide
If it is your will then by your grace allow me to lead
Your children your sheep your people in need
To bring you the love and souls you so desire
With the help of the Holy Spirit to truly inspire
In Mary’s hand I place my own
To walk with her; faith is grown
The quickest way to the heart of the Son
Is through the heart of his mother
Their hearts are connected in more ways than one
The bond they share is like no other
Let me be the one for Jesus with you
And serve Him who is holy and true
Dec 2018 · 178
Will You Stand?
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Stand up for Jesus can you hear Him call your name
Stand before the one who took on your sin and shame
Stand up for the truth that sets men free
Stand for the one who laid down His life for you and me
Stand for life and justice let your actions show the way
Stand and deliver the message of love without delay
Stand up though you may be small or weak
Stand up in faith and be bold when you speak
Stand with courage for your God is at your side
Stand and be a witness let your heart decide
You are the future and in you I see hope
Hope that lingers even at the end of a rope
Sometimes all you need to start a great fire
Is a spark a passion a burning desire
I see that spark in you it’s time to get ready
Take careful aim and hold it steady
It’s what this world needs now more than ever
This is great don’t hesitate it’s now or never
Stand firm upon the rock of your faith foundation
Join us in the song of the beauty of creation
Stand up for something much bigger than yourself
Put bitterness jealousy and pride upon the shelf
Rise up oh Children and take this whole world by storm
For Jesus loves the children and he will be true to form
You were made for greatness but it’s up to you to choose
Will you be as sweet melody God’s instrument to use
Dec 2018 · 223
Lord, Help Me Remember
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Lord, help me remember
In a love so warm and tender
That nothing is going to happen to me today
With my hand in yours as your love lights the way
No valley too deep no mountain too high
Lifted up on eagles’ wings so I can fly
There is no storm that we can’t weather
Nothing that You and I can’t handle together
Dec 2018 · 160
Give Glory
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Let everything I do give glory to you
Oh Lord my God
Known by many names, still you stay the same
You are more than we can imagine
Greater than our hearts can fathom
Farther than the east is from the west
Hold us close against your chest
Knew us perfectly even before we were formed
You still our fears in the wild raging storms
Crafted with such purpose love and care
To your beauty there is nothing we can compare
You are holy and righteous and worthy of praise
And how I am blessed let me count the ways
I remember vividly the day that you found me
Woke me from my sleep opened my eyes to see
For a second I saw a glimpse of your glory revealed
And in that moment I knew that you were real
Now it seems that something had been planted
An idea a desire spiritually enchanted
Now, years later, it has sprouted and taken root
And, one day perhaps, it may bear great fruit
It all comes back to there the day my life began
You took me on this walkabout so I could understand
A picture is starting to form but it’s hard to make out
It’s clouded and shrouded in mystery and I start to doubt
But I know you walk before me Mother Mary walks beside
Trusting completely in my spiritual guide
So, in faith, I’ll follow you:
Live in spirit and in truth
Dec 2018 · 181
Quiet Contemplation
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Today I sit and look at you in heart-pondering prayer
Watching and waiting in stillness I am then made aware
That this is Advent and I am waiting for your birth
And when you come there will be peace on earth
I am here before you in quiet contemplation
And here before me is the soul’s Salvation
Help me love and know you deeper than before
And live the life that you have called me for

Dec 2018 · 161
Intercessory Prayer to Mary
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Mary surrendered her heart to do God’s will
She was ever present then and she is with us still
Help me be obedient and follow where you lead
Use me as your instrument to serve those most in need
Kindle the burning passion deep within
And by your grace help me avoid more sin
Help me be humble so I might not fall to pride
Through these gifts may your name be glorified
Bless and perfect them bring them to your son
That, in all things, Your holy will may be done
I try to fight on my own, but I am weak
In all things it is your quiet strength I seek
One way to know Jesus is to know and love you
You are our Holy Mother ever faithful, ever true
Turn your eyes of love on us in your mercy have pity
Heal our world our land, heal our broken family
Soften our hearts shatter our defenses
Open our eyes, bring us back to our senses
Give us the courage to share in your “Yes”
And, in doing so, we walk the talk that we profess
Dec 2018 · 160
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Surrender doesn’t come naturally
It goes against everything we think we know
It reveals imperfection letting weakness show
And we can’t be weak we must be strong
We must be strong for ourselves and our family
We must lead our children and our wives
For as we know only the strongest survives
We fight for their rights we are modern day knights
It’s a war zone out there with our souls on the line
A battle of good and evil of temporal and divine
But there can be freedom in surrender
When we lay down our burdens and chains
We find a love so soft and tender
We can sing and dance unrestrained
I have found there is power when my knees touch the ground
A peace and strength that, nowhere else, can be found
Bowed down with my head to the floor
It is surrender, but it’s so much more
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
I come before you Lord humble and broken a sinner for all my days and still you call me  your precious child. You call me to live for you, love for you, worship and adore you. In all my faults and failures you have never loved me more and paid a price that I could never afford. Saved by faith and your grace I cannot earn it, I don’t deserve it I am the worst of the worst. But while I live I try to give because you Lord loved me first.
Dec 2018 · 120
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
The gifts we bring an offering
To place upon the table
You gave us these treasures
See what we have done
Take Lord and Receive
The work of our hands
The fruit of the lands
Break them bless them and multiply
Let all we do Lord glorify
We are your people called by your name
You showed us love and call us to do the same
We come together to pray and to dine
A place for all people to come and recline
Jesus gave thanks broke the bread
Then he blessed it and said:
This is my body the bread that sustains
Then with the wine a similar refrain
This is my blood I pour out my heart
The depth of my love from the very start
I find myself so amazed
How inadequate is all praise
When I catch but a glimpse of your face
I am drowned in a sea of amazing grace
How it is that you would choose someone like me
Like Peter I can only wonder what it is you see
But you are purposeful and though I may not see the end
I will trust and follow where you lead I will go where you send
You are the way you are the life you are the truth
I have seen the light of youth help me lead them home to you
Dec 2018 · 146
Into Your Presence
ShowYouLove Dec 2018
Lord, into your presence I come
Singing songs of worship and praise
I come to give glory and share in your story
Of sinners and saints throughout the age
Our lives our stories are as sacred hymn
Precious gifts; music unto him
Shine your face upon us rain down your love
Holy Fire of God fall on us from Heaven above
I sing for you as words pour from my tongue
I dance for you as if you are the only one
I live for you every hour every minute
I try to love for you without limit
I lift up my voice and raise my hands to the sky
Offering up all to the one enthroned on high
To what shall we compare you when nothing comes close
When the greatest eloquence is nothing more than verbose
But in your goodness you have blessed us to express
A vivid if fleeting glance of your glory and grace
A moment of heaven revealed in this place
We come with heads bowed on bended knee
That in our humility we may start to see
The gravity of what you did and what it means
This changes everything turning life upside-down
But he is our rock our anchor our solid ground
Hold fast to Him when life is all sound and fury
Cry out to Him and be not afraid you need not worry
I stand here today to speak as one who understands
Both fear and uncertainty, and still the peace from his plans
Nov 2018 · 139
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
How glorious this creature you have made
Not one more precious or more fair
Made with love her skin her body and her hair
Through sin and in our fall
We have marred the divine scene our hearts are scarred
Now we look at beauty only on the surface
Fail to see what is just inside
Mind and heart within mortal flesh hide
We look now, but Lord we fail to see
The true value of this stunning beauty
There is more to her than meet the eye
A mystery in an enigma in a sigh
Thank you Lord for this special gift
The flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone
Created specially so we would not be alone
Not a thing not an object but a partner companion
To love and to cherish to have and to hold
To talk and to listen and together grow old
In your love Oh Lord grant me your sight
To look upon women in a more holy light
Nov 2018 · 167
All Souls
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
Lord God we pray for all souls on this day, especially those whom we have lost recently. Have mercy on their souls and bring them into the fullness of Your glory to be with You forever in Heaven. We pray for our souls that those lost or in the dark may find their light once more. We are all sinners and have turned away from You and Your love. Have mercy on our souls. For all the unborn for all those who never saw the light of day, take special care of those precious souls in your presence Lord. We pray that, by Your gracious will, we may all be reunited with the ones that have gone before us that one day we may all glorify You in Heaven forever.
Nov 2018 · 132
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
Many are the trials that will come to pass
Many are the hearts that are made of glass
The faithful will be tested, shaken to the core
In the coming in the presence of the Lord
Many are the sorrows and challenges ahead
Many will despair, I cling to hope instead
The days are coming when the world will be dark
And in the light of Christ the contrast is so stark
Many are the sufferings we will undergo
We have a chance for our faith and love to show
Soon and very soon we are going to see the King
He will come in glory, justice and peace shall ring
Hold fast to your anchor as the storm rages
Soon is the coming of a new golden age
When all will be made new and mysteries revealed
No sickness death or hunger and hearts will be healed
We will see his love perfected in the Holy Trinity
To see this Circle of Life it is as divine poetry
But until that day comes when we finally meet the Son
We must do our best and pray that His will be done
There will be trials but together we will overcome
Nov 2018 · 183
Jesus Calling
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
Jesus is calling you so soft and sweet
Quiet as a whisper wanting to meet
Listen, can you hear him knocking
He is waiting just outside the door
Open your heart what are you waiting for
Jesus is thirsting, He is thirsting for you
Longing for a chance to make you new
He is thirsting for love of souls
He is dying for a chance to hold
His children in His arms one more time
The beauty from the pain was a sign
He made life from the ashes a new beginning
Paying the ultimate price our Salvation winning
Jesus is calling rest in his heart of love
Filled with holy longing from above
Jesus is calling you will you answer the call
Will you turn from your way and abandon it all
Will you give what you have to the poor and sick
And with joy and a smile do it
Take up your cross and follow me
The life, the way, the truth shall set you free
Jesus is calling you to come to the holy of holies
Enter into the mystery into the true presence
See with eyes of faith and beyond your sense
Feel the peace so heavy and deep
Experience that sweet release
Breathe in, breathe out, fill your lungs with the spirit
In the stillness and the quiet you can finally hear it
Hear Jesus Calling
Lord into you I’m falling
Falling for you
Jesus Calling
Nov 2018 · 167
Evidence of You
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
When I take a moment now and I look back on my life
From the mountain top of joy to the valley of strife
From the biggest ways to the smallest shifts
In the crosses borne and the priceless gifts
I see it here I see it there; it’s the evidence of you

Sometimes I would wander and sometimes I would stray
Sometimes I would stumble or forget to pray
In every path I followed in every trail I tracked
Every choice I made, every road I travelled led back
Every way and every day; it’s the evidence of you

I didn’t always walk a straight line I didn’t always try
I found strength when I wanted to give up and die
And when I lost sight of the path a time or two
Somehow I still went the right way when I hadn’t a clue
It feels right this insight; it’s the evidence of you

Here the human heart of man tries to make its plan
But in His wisdom our steps are directed by His hand
We end up getting to where we are going
Even though at times we aren’t always knowing
So I find most all the time; it’s the evidence of you
Nov 2018 · 140
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
The songs we sing and the words we write
Are like a family we hold so tight
History reminds us
Our past does not define us
Not after God has found us
We come to share our stories we come to break bread
We share a meal and a tale or two
A gift for me and a gift for you
Every story is specially unique
Each one touches people for different reasons
They are not bound by race or religion or language or place
Stories help us remember as well
The people and times in our lives
Even after death stories still survive
We pour out our heart we bare our soul
All we have and all we are blessed and broken
Given for all: love freely spoken
The words we write not only for our benefit
The stories told so we might not forget
Your story is dynamic growing and changing
Nov 2018 · 203
The Same
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
The same blood that flows in you
Flows in me too
The same song that stirs and shifts
Stirs my soul and bears gifts
The same melody that rises like perfume
Permeates the air in every room
The same sweet notes that ring out so clear
Have power to move me even to tears
The same heart that beats so steady
Keeps time with mine already
The same eyes, the same ears and nose
The more I think, the similarity grows
We are different, unique but so much the same
And, over time, it becomes quite plain
Nov 2018 · 116
ShowYouLove Nov 2018
When the world falls to pieces
And life is crashing down on me
The walls close in and I’m falling fast
And it’s so dark I can’t even see
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put my heart back together again
Lying there like so many shards of broken glass
These are all a result of my broken past
From the midst of the shadows you step into view
My first thought is: it’s too good to be true
But you kneel and pick up the pieces one by one
Until even the smallest is collected and it is done
Then you rearrange them so careful and so sure
I watch; captivated by the mystery and allure
You have softened some edges, others are still cracked
Here was my heart yes, but it was different in fact
I still saw the scars the memory of pain
But the bitterness and anger did not remain
A feeling of peace settled over and for the first time I saw
The bigger picture overcome with awe
I see the good and the bad more clearly defined
I see how I am beautifully wonderfully perfectly designed
This is my present, the future isn’t set in stone
I can change, I can learn, my choices are my own
I look ahead with newfound hope on my present circumstance
That with every new horizon there comes another chance
To be the best that I can be make every moment count
Together there is no challenge that we can’t surmount
Oct 2018 · 154
All Fall Down
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
We fall down at your feet Lord
Humbled in your glorious presence
We fall down in awestruck wonder
When you split the sky with lightning and thunder
Before you we lay down all we have and are
And arise with so much more by far
There are walls built up around us
In our hearts and in our lives
Brothers from sisters husbands from wives
Some to keep in, some to keep out
Some because of fear, others in doubt
But these barricades provide little comfort
No way to leave, communicate, relate
And walls close in on us siphoning life
Lord let the walls crumble let them all fall down
Turn our world and our thinking all the way around
Break down these walls find the cracks in our armor
Leave us vulnerable and needy
Let us build from the rubble bridges instead
Let out minds and hearts in harmony be wed
Joshua marched for 9 days around Jericho’s wall
And on the power and mercy of God Joshua would call
Let us march and pray for 9 months and 9 days
And sing songs to our Lord who is worthy of praise
We trust in you Lord, but in all things, your Will be done
And we give glory to the Father, the Spirit and the Son
Oct 2018 · 151
Daniel’s Prayer
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
My faith is in the Lord where my help comes from
When darkness surrounds me and the enemy is closing in
I cry out to the Lord and I know he will answer
He protects me from danger and wraps me in his tender love
Trust in the Lord and his Goodness
Do not tremble do not fear my Soul
For He who brought you here will see you still whole
Your God is the Lion and the Lamb
Prince of peace, He is the great “I Am”
You are my rock, my refuge, my strong tower
Come Oh Lord and show us your mighty power
You make the strong weak and the brave cower
The enemy like lions are hungry and they roar
But you shut the mouths of lions you are the one true Lord
They are made as kittens so gently do they purr
The change from one so wild and fierce a miracle to be sure
You Oh Lord have delivered me to safety from the Lion’s Den
Praise and Glory and Honor to you until the world’s end
Oct 2018 · 170
Your Love Is...
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
Your love is a song and you sing it over me
A rich and full harmony, a simple sweet melody
Beautiful and haunting at turns trembling and enthralled
Something deep inside answers as if called

Your love is a flowing complex dance
Inviting me into a divine romance
It moves and draws me and I’m carried away
To a place so incredible I want to always stay

Your love is a poem so sublimely written
I drink deep the words and am hopelessly smitten
Every thought every line meticulously selected
Just for me and it is why I am so strongly affected

Your love is a masterpiece painted on the canvass of my heart
From what I saw as junk you created a work of art
Your love find the hidden beauty and brings it to the front
The change is real there are no illusions no little stunt

Your love is a story quite masterfully told
From the annals of history and saints of old
It is living and dynamic yet ever constant and true
And it details the adventures of me and of you

Your love is beauty it is pure it is grand
Indescribable and so hard to fully understand
Your love is life itself by it I am sustained
I take comfort that when all else fails your love has remained
Oct 2018 · 526
Oh My Soul Rejoice
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
Oh my soul rejoice be joyful in your King
For He is good and has created everything
Oh my soul take flight and soar above the clouds
In the air that fills your wings let go of any doubts
Rejoice in the one who made you and calls you his own
He has found favor with you and made his home
Oh my soul be still and quiet and free
It is in those places that you will find your God to be
Reach up to Heaven ascend to Him on high
Be at peace with the glorious divine sigh
But he who sits on the throne is also very near
And as I sit one thing seems quite clear
Rejoice my soul in every time and every place
Because everywhere you look is the Lord’s face
He loved you so much he died to show
That his love is real not just a show
He died so you could be set free
By his Hands and Feet nailed sin to a tree
Rejoice my soul for your God is risen
To break you out of spiritual prison
Rejoice my soul for healing in pain
Life in death and loss is gain
Sing with one clear voice
Oh my soul rejoice
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
Cry out to the Lord for He is good His mercy and love are without end
To the orphans and widows sinners and poor He is a friend
Cry out with joy cry out in pain for every birth and when someone dies
The Lord is merciful He harkens to our cries

Justice and peace shall flourish tears will be wiped away
Turn your face to the sky to the dawning of a new day
For God is great and God is good we are precious in His eyes
The Lord is merciful He harkens to our cries

Hear the pleas of the faithful in a nation that has become lost
Now we have so much power but it came at so great a cost
We look for Your truth in a world that is feeding us lies
The Lord is merciful He harkens to our cries

Some have glimpsed where this road will eventually lead
Sliding down the ***** of lust power jealousy and greed
We are crashing headlong speeding to our demise
The Lord is merciful He harkens to our cries

There is nothing we can do to fix this on our own
But all things are possible with you, we are not alone
Things look bleak but there is hope when we realize
The Lord is merciful He harkens to our cries

Send your Holy Fire change our hearts and heal our land
Instill in us a love for you and a desire to obey your command
Today we stand in Faith assured as in one voice we rise
The Lord is merciful He harkens to our cries!
Oct 2018 · 168
Right to the Heart of God
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
It is by love and mercy that we get right to the heart of God. By grace and faith we are saved. His is a gift freely given, but we must accept the gift. We must see with the eyes of a child for Children are right in the heart of God. Let the children come to me, whoever accepts these children accepts me and whoever rejects my children rejects me and the one who sent me. Jesus doesn’t mean only kids. He also means us the adopted sons and daughters of Christ. Whoever accepts my children accepts me and whoever rejects my children rejects me and the one who sent me. St. Faustina whose feast day it is (Oct. 5) got right to the heart of God and helped reveal to us His Merciful Heart and the depths of His Mercy and Love. Many people seem to have left the heart of God, lets try to get back right to the heart of God. Our prayers reach Our Father’s ears and go right to the heart of God. Jesus, we trust in you, help us trust in you all the more. Lead us home to be with you and guide us as we strive to go right to your heart.

Your love is an arrow shot straight to my heart
And against all odds it found its mark
Like a bullseye was painted right on my chest
The wall cracked and the Spirit did the rest
The walls fell down like when Joshua blew his horn
And somehow from dust and ashes I was reborn

Now I’m all aquiver like a bow drawn taut and tight
I see what I’m aiming for as I look down the sight
Arrows of love are nocked and ready
Center myself my hand is steady
Take a breath and feel the tension go
It will reach its target somehow I know
Your hand will guide it as it flies through the air
Oct 2018 · 165
Gift of Hope
ShowYouLove Oct 2018
Do not let your hearts be troubled
My Children, do not fear.
Rather, have hope and take heart
I will never leave you orphans
Nor will I ever abandon you.
Where there is love, there is life
Where there is life, there is hope
I am love, I offer you eternal life
In me are found your peace and joy and hope
Continue to pray and pray with confidence
I am moved by your cries
As a mother for her newborn baby
And even if a mother forgot her child
I, the Lord Your God, will never forget you.
I created you, made you, carved you
In the palm of my hand
I hold you in my arms, close to my chest
In the shadow of the cross there is peace and rest
Give me your weakness I give you my strength
Give me your sorrow I give you comfort and peace
Give me your darkness I give you my light
Give me your fear I’ll help you be brave
Give me your sadness I’ll help you find joy
Give me your chains I’ll help you get free
Give me your blindness I’ll help you to see
Give me your silence I’ll help you to hear
Give me your heart and I’ll open it wide
Give me your mind I’ll lift it up to Heaven
Give me your soul I’ll show you it’s value
Give me yourself I’ll give you all you need
Take Lord and Receive
All that I have and all that I am
All of it finds its source in you
You give and take away
And by your Grace I still remain
Take my life and take my will
Take it all and then instill
Just your grace and just your love
And that, My God will be enough
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