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shogunzoe Dec 2019
Dream streams of epics.
Manifesting plain as print.
Playing fate's blacksmith.
shogunzoe Nov 2019
Cast eyes on shadows.
Coward demons in sheep clothes.
Know thy inner foe.
Own worst enemy.
Lack of successes due to
wasted energy.
shogunzoe Nov 2019
Harmonious tones.
The deep, fast, shallow, and slow.
Love notes unfolding.
Synchronized highs and
lows. Opera note like odes
on loves totem pole.
shogunzoe Nov 2019
Endless beginnings.
Myriad outcomes brimming.
Ending finitely.
Affinity for
infinity, though great things
precede great endings.
  Nov 2019 shogunzoe
Anthony Pierre
Novelty means new
A Poetic Novelty?
Explain this to me!
A Poetic Novelty? Can anyone explain what this mean?
  Nov 2019 shogunzoe
Anthony Pierre
Time has plot with night
to do away with day

An evil plot they thought of
so Night was here to stay

You may not grasp this story
until your day is through

When time and night are your friends
and day now dead is you
A Night Time Plot
  Nov 2019 shogunzoe
Anthony Pierre
The butterfly is a frugal fellow
His dancing wings float ever aloft
He is always well mannered and mellow
Yet deemed queer because he's modest and soft

He passes his time in contemplation
Placates with colourful diplomacy
Works hard and avoids procrastination
He's artful and filled with tenacity

Not a slurp when, his ambrosia, he sips
His etiquette shows: it is well entrenched
For outings and ins he'll sure catch that tip
The rarest charm to behold but not clenched

Luck sees you such a butterfly at play
He's a frugal fellow and so he'll stay.
The Butterfly
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