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May 2019 · 334
shion May 2019
I think the universe fights for two souls to be together but unfortunately, the human experience is flawed. We aren't given instruction manuals on how to live life or how to love people or the sure path to successful relationships or careers or raising children or asking for help, or any of the things that can only be learned with time and many,many mistakes made inbetween the good parts.
Love, like life, is an imperfect experience we are constantly experimenting with.
Oct 2018 · 1.7k
shion Oct 2018
I wanna drown in a bottle of bourbon
just to numb the pain of the grenade you left in my heart
each fragment ricochets whispers of  your voice.

Lying on the floor staring at the ceiling where
our memories are scribbled but i just can't seem to shield my eyes
maybe it's because im still hoping to hold your hand or is it because
my heart is too heavy that i need both hands to carry it.

Your laughter used to fill every crevice of this shackled place with a glimmer of hope.
But after our altercation and throwing our memories down the drain where bits of my heart lay,
I must accept the fact that you will never be a part of my equation.

How can i even keep my emotions from flowing out?!
when the stars and the moon come crashing down while shouting your name,  the splash of the waves contains your tears, and the wind which carries  your scent  makes me nostalgic of the day that we first met.

I yearn for a coconut to hit me on the head just to forget the agony.
Sep 2018 · 571
the painter
shion Sep 2018
I stole your heart and broke your soul
Leaving my stained colors bleeding over your own .
I wrecked your brain and controlled your thoughts
Even when i've been gone for so long.
I destroyed your ribs and took your last breath
straight from your weakening lungs.

I was a masterpiece
made from the pieces of broken hearts
and lost souls.
My paints configured  of the colors
leaking from the cracks of each victim.
I stole your heart and broke your soul
Using your everlasting color
To finish my last strokes
Leaving  a dull grey
in a place of what once was
A soft shade of blue.
Mar 2018 · 225
shion Mar 2018
I love you
Is never just love
There is never
So sweet adoration
So much succulent lust
Enough feeling to bleach out
The world she knew
A companionship equalled
By no partnership
In time, or space
A pledge of devotion
Loyalty unhindered
Eternal passion
Put simply
Is love'
shion Aug 2017
A cat will play with a ball of yarn to satiate its boredom
And in that analogy you are the ball of yarn.
You are but a trinket to be discarded
A piece of lint in my pocket
the thought  of you
makes me *****
are you mentally *******?

I am indeed an ******* in
so many languages
Connard in French
Kiss you until your lingeries
are drenched
Mudak in Russian
between your thighs
a slippery discussion
Culus in Latin
Feast on my rigid  baton
Apr 2017 · 944
shion Apr 2017
Lying on the cracked floorboards
in a house that reeks of disappointment
and disgust. My only companion is my unappreciated withered soul my only nourishment are my suicidal thoughts.
Scribbled on the leaking ceiling are all the ways I could end my torment.
Each night I hope for the sweet escape of death.
Apr 2017 · 314
blizzard of memories
shion Apr 2017
Cold white flakes fall from the heavens
So delicate and unique
Each pattern different from the last
Each one with it's own identity
Like moments falling from the past
Each one dear  and special
But when you reach out
To grasp it and hold it close,
It melts in your warm hold
And fades away
Until it is nothing but a memory
Of something beautiful that once was
Jul 2016 · 1.1k
shion Jul 2016
You were supposed to fix the broken pieces of my soul not scatter it across the galaxies in your eyes where your tears filled with shards of painful memories flooded  the starways. It baffles me how our love which started with emanating happiness ended in such glorious tragedy.
I'm pulsating with rage and confusion, but I'll instead apologize for my love wasn't enough to appease what your soul craved for.
I'm thankful for being a sadist because the pain im feeling right now is comparable to crawling on a field of razor blades tipped with a paralyzing  neurotoxin while being chased by your apparition wielding a sword that slowly slashes at what's left of my mangled soul while trying to dodge the knives that always end up in the depths of my heart.
Jul 2016 · 837
a smile for frances
shion Jul 2016
hearing your name feels like being stabbed
by a knife engulfed in regret

remembering your smile
is like drowning with no water

seeing you happy with someone else
makes me want to shove my hand
down my throat and pull my heart out

hoping for you to comeback
is like reciting a poem to
a deaf person
Jan 2016 · 478
praise the mutilated world
shion Jan 2016
The world is mad
i tell you this
possessed by the penumbra of greed
the government maintains a state of bliss
oblivious of those in dire need

What has become of our humanity?
our plethora of dreams forever gone
have we been consumed by insanity?
civilization became numb
Dec 2015 · 1.8k
shion Dec 2015
I'm neither arrogant enough to believe
there is nothing out there that may be beyond my
ability to comprehend that works against
or even manipulate phsyical law
am I self-centered enough to think that
if one being did  create everything in the entire universe ever
he'd give a flying a **** what i do on Sundays,
what i eat on Fridays.

Either God can do nothing to stop
catastrophes, or he doesn't care to,
or he doesn't exist.
He is either impotent, evil, or imaginary.
Take your pick and choose wisely
Dec 2015 · 2.1k
Sadistic romance
shion Dec 2015
To bite you is to kiss you
scream for mercy
beg for more

to slap you
is to touch you
tied and tethered on the floor

To loathe you is  to love you
Pretty princess, ***** *****
Dec 2015 · 885
fallen youth
shion Dec 2015
the child is grown
the dream is gone
and i am comfortably numb
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
shion Dec 2015
There's a haze-around the thoughts of you, a soft filtered glow,lighter in the corners and warm splashed flares that fill the frames.
Were there flowers in your veins, petals soaked blood that blossomed across your cheeks?
Maybe this is why your lips tasted of lavender. Are we the love we have made, are we more than the breath
that rose and the blush that spread and the shaking hands holding shaking backs?
I never knew my memory i could come saturated with texture and temperature and the sensation of your hands on my crotch.
I swear there is a garden chest
I know i can feel you blooming
I will trace the roots across your flesh, and i cannot stop licking my lips.
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
Inner Turmoil
shion Dec 2015
People hide from their demons
They try to run away
I think we should embrace them
Listen to what they say

Everyone has their inner demons
Most are afraid of the rage
I say unleash them
rather than put them in a cage

Demons are just an extension of your heart
it's another part of your brain
Just because your demons talk to you
doesn't mean your insane

I've let my demons live in my soul
But the lines are starting to blur
I don't know where I end and the demons begin
A change is starting to occur

These dark thoughts are starting to get darker
This anger is starting to grow
Society has fed the monster
Am I even human anymore, because I don't know?
Nov 2015 · 2.0k
Captivity of negativity
shion Nov 2015
Captivity of negativity

i feel something pulling me down
like my very soul being gripped
by the baleful clutches of death itself

have i succumbed to my
self inflicted insanity?
i can no longer tell apart
reality from my twisted fantasies

it all started from thoughts so depressing
like it was vomitted from the bodies of
a thousand suicidal souls with no reason to live
a life drenched with the fear of not being good enough

longing to sate the hunger for perfection
to appease the judgemental *******
who had the audacity to blame society
for every misfortune that has befallen them

Oh, The irony
We blame society, but we are society.
but who am i to judge?
for im just an agnostic sadistic hypocrite...
Nov 2015 · 434
shion Nov 2015
I saw a young beauty at jail
i just had enough for her bail
so i chopped her up neatly
and packed her discreetly
as i sent her parts home in the mail

— The End —