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Shinnu John Mar 2017
Unicorn fetishes with Fictional Highs,
Magnetic Spells I saw in her Emerald Eyes,
She Bled Perpetually, that reddish divine
Don't let it fool you, Fire & Toxic Cries.
Lucid Screams was Her Plastic Love,
Leeching dreams from serenity Above
Paper Towns & screeching screams ,
Refracting Into An Apocalyptic Dove.
Postcards Of Her Estranged Tranquility,
Diffusing Into Polaroids , going right through me
Rhythms Of Lusts Erupting Obscenity,
Followed her footsteps, towards infinity.
Bluest Shade Of Her Misguided Confessions,
Casted me Aside from her possessions.
Uncharted Fragments Amplifying her Obsessions,
Profane Prodigies Detonating my Desecrations,
Unicorn fetishes with Fictional Highs,
3D Symphonies Inside Her Crystal eyes,
Purple Streams Translating her fires
Real eyes ,Realized, her Real lies.
#Polynoid #TeREequiro
Shinnu John Jun 2016
Dear past self
You are Me
But was I you?
I guess You were me
But now I am new
You Might Think You still are You
But You are no longer me
Because now I am me
Through and through
Now we are two;
two ways to go
Don't try to follow
This pain had been swallowed
Yes i've Forgotten you , Don't rage
I've gone through somethin, people call it *change
Here To Improvise Poems
Shinnu John Jun 2016
Found in the darkest corner of thoughts
shocking you harder than Lightning Bolts
A psychological pain inside
Makes you wish you had Died
A definition of humanity
Something called Innocent Insanity?
Something nonexistent
Leaving you Hellbent
Shinnu John Jan 2016
Broken and torn
Only a stiched-up rag doll
Remains in her place.
And she rembered trying
So hard not to cry
While sitting on that
Church pew,
And she rembered trying
To ease the pain
When the blade cut
Into her worn-out wrist.
She would punish herself
For being so blind
And letting herself get hurt.
The first time she saw him again
Was on the sidewalk.
It tore her appart inside,
Every inch of flesh
Peeled off her brittle bones
And was thrown to the floor.
And she rermbered trying
Not to mess up the braiding
Of the noose she began
To weave right after he left.
And she rembered trying
To throw that noose away,
Only to dig it out of the trash again.
And she still loves him,
No matter how much it hurts.
He is now oblivious to her existance
So why wold he care about
The girl inside her he killed?
The corpse she carries,
The one that holds her hand
And beggs her not to hold
Anyone elses hand again.
At night sometimes thay dance,
She and her dead friend
To the music that will play
In the rotting corpses head.
She throws herself into that movement,
The fluid furry of flying limbs.
Dancing and dancing like mad
Untill she rembers him again.

— The End —