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Shiny Apr 17
Sleep, dear sleep,
Why do invade me uninvited?
But why do you fail when I call you?
You've invaded my precious moments
And escaped the undeserving ones!
Why are you so partial?
Oh, I've slept myself to oblivion!
Insomnia and narcolepsy,
the duo have haunted me for years,
Now what do I do with what's left?
Shiny Apr 3
Is living at the moment always chaotic?
But makes sense contouring backward?
Somehow every moment almost always
no, say absolutely always adds to a whole.
Shiny Nov 2020
There are only two regrets you can feel:  "Why did I?" or "Why didn't I?" Both are equally heart-breaking but I guess "Why didn't I?" hurts a tad bit more.
Shiny Nov 2020
Dreams bring life to my soul and make me whole.  This might be a cliche to fellow dreamers but I'm voicing it still.

In the quest to make dreams come true, I forget what makes me thrive, immersing myself in endeavours.  Sometimes wondering if I should pursue but just going all the way in regardless.  Sometimes it takes years, persistence, patience and taking a toll but every dream is worthwhile.  I guess sweet dreams, bitter failures, making dreams true is, after all, what life is about.
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