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Shiny Feb 10
My tender heart clenches in pain.
Tears roll down on it's own accord.
Why do your simple words
Tear apart my heart so ruthlessly?
Why do you hurt me so deeply?
Shiny Dec 2018
Whenever I speak about me,
people hear half the narrative,
fullness of half a tale dangling.
I leave out the other half of it.

Whatever people understand,
it's always the partial truth.
My world is full of paradoxes
Just so long to tell in its entirety.
Shiny Nov 2018
Too numb to feel anything
Sorry all, who love me,
For not being there with you.
Too high and driven by dreams
That even sleep has evaded me.
Hurt too deep to stay where I am,
I want to belong at a better place.
I am not gonna stop till I get there.
And not even after.
Shiny Oct 2018
Why did I get to know about the myriad faces of the game before I even got in the field?  Players have told me a lot about the game called love .  I never asked them.  Some simply did while some needed to talk out to move on.  I just happened to be the person they could trust with their darkest secrets.  With the tales, my dream of an almost utopian world has receded into the past.  Sometimes I just have a minuscule wish to be able to dream of paradise like everyone else.
  Sep 2018 Shiny
If you misspell a word on a paper
You don’t shred the whole paper.
You fix the mistake
And move on.
Note to self not to shred myself up about doing one thing wrong.
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