Shiny 3d
I'm all alone running
Monsters are chasing
Darkness is spreading
Fear strongly clutching
"Kill the monsters baby"
pounding into my head
Hell bent on fighting
And finding my path
With my light saber
Shiny Mar 13
At times,
Why is a bye sweeter than a hi?
Why does feeling low feels high?
Why does being alone not feel lonely?
Why does pain feel like a sweet candy?
Why does being clean feel little dirty?
Why does carefulness feel a tint shitty?
Why does serenity feel like a cacophony?
Why does silence feel like a symphony?
I wonder why!
  Mar 9 Shiny
God. How am I still not okay?

God. It's been so long.

God. I'm so tired of life right now.

God. What happened to me?

I was such a nice kid.
I was calm all the time.
Mature for my age,
Little but so lively.

I was so helpful.
So loyal.
I always supported my trust.
But I never really spoke my mind.

I was shy.
I was small.
I never stood up for my feelings
I never stood up for myself.

And now I'm older.
I realize I don't need support.
I need myself.
I need confidence.

Speaking your mind is not wrong.
Standing up for your feelings isn't rude.
Standing up for yourself isn't mean.
Saying what you feel doesn't make you imperfect.

No one's perfect. Not even them.
The ones you hate for being so amazing.
Maybe she has anxiety.
Maybe his mom is alcoholic.

No one has a perfect life.
There's not one perfect family in the world.
There is not a person in the world who's perfect.
There's not a person who doesn't have one bit of strife.

But just because you aren't perfect.
Doesn't make you less worth it.
You're amazing.
You're still charming, kind, and strong.

You're just more experienced.
You just understand some more things now.

And maybe, just maybe,
You just aren't as shy anymore.
I'm not perfect. But I'm not shy anymore either.
Sometimes it takes an epic fail
To ultimately progress the tale.
Or even to make progress at all, which is sad :( but it is also the catharsis through which our protagonist evolves and learns, right?
Shiny Feb 28
If in a world narrow and shallow,
you are the depth less, wide ocean,
Be all silent, invisible and hollow
you want in your survival motion.

But forget not that you're an ocean,
Be an ocean when you meet ocean.
Open up your horizons far and wide
You no more have the need to  hide.
Sometimes, we happen to forget who we truly are, becoming silent people in the midst of people who live in a smaller world with narrow perspective. Speaking your opinions when you find the right people can be a bit difficult at times after a long epoch of silence.
Shiny Feb 20
While I believed in the world you lived in,
You never would believe my world existed.
You questioned and ridiculed my feelings,
While I always oversaw your shortcomings.
You’ve stretched the string till its breakage.
Just one little twitch will make it go asunder.
You might unknowingly end up doing just that.
I’m afraid I may not be able to rejoin the string.
I adore you. Please don't let it come to this end.
Shiny Feb 15
I am not waiting
for a prince charming
for a person flawless
for wealthy or husky
for forever promises
for extravagant gifts.
All I wish for is
When I am with him
  I should feel I'm home.
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