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3d · 45
L is for Today
B 3d
Today I am feeling lifeless and low
A little bit lonesome, like no one could know
I'm such a lemon, I'm sour, I fear
and when I ask one to listen,
it's only voices I hear.
Lost and losing to the day, drifting on drifting, someone lock me away!
I'm looking, I'm looking, I'm learning I swear.
My head lives so much, I tug out my hair.
Like me, love me, leave me to be.
All I know is, nobody loathes me like me.
Apr 28 · 346
B Apr 28
Where the air is thin and flowers grow a plenty
take me where it hurts to breathe
where the sun embraces me, so gently
and the towns are quiet but friendly.
We shall finger daisies into wreathes,
watch as the aspen births her leaves
into crimson colors, a many.
Apr 27 · 462
2 decades; 20 candles
B Apr 27
20th birthday
I've forgotten when to breathe
and my mother is my only friend
the last one yet to leave.
I am feverish skin
to the first of March's chill breeze
tripping over, again and again
afraid to pull my hands from my sleeve.
20 years old now
a full on woman in sheep's clothing
but I don't know how
to live life without loathing
love, and bills, and here and now's.
Myself, pulling on a window that's already closing.
Jan 1 · 1.0k
B Jan 1
When you're out on the water
and the sun become sea
two planes of reality
begging to meet.
There is no horizon
no end to my sight
only the certainty of knowing
at least, in nothingness,
things will be alright.
Dec 2022 · 76
Book Club
B Dec 2022
I'm in love with the girl next door
don't even know who I was before
she moved in with her plants and midnight dancing.
Don't think anyone has ever been so enchanting
I have never even used the word
and yet when she's not in the window I am bored.
So I ask what's on her nightstand?
Instead of what she does with her right hand.
Now I'm reading "Ode to Aphrodite"
feeling wound so tightly
while she spins her records nightly.
We're knocking at each others walls
because she has no number to call
only a broken rotary phone
and I so love and loathe to be alone,
deep in the complexity of my own home.
Dec 2022 · 1.1k
Brother Moon
B Dec 2022
Brother moon,
do we dream the same dreams
in the valley of black sheep?
My lover's eyes are the size of you
and I yearn only to sleep.
Beneath the freckled sky, be easy
forgotten, you and I.

Brother moon,
do you weep for sister sun
the way I weep for you?
Can children still on Earth a' run
when you cast your soul's great blue?
Bother moon
will you take me, come afternoon?
To my house of lonesome joy.
Brother moon,
do you dream my dream?
Or are you just another boy,
basking in my gloom.
Oct 2022 · 84
I want
B Oct 2022
You are a thunderstorm of passion
the sky falters with heat until she must fracture and downpour.
I am waiting for my affections to unfasten
- for my summer to be drenched.
It seems I'm always waiting for another sweltering day, another aching inch.
Looking for value although I am not poor.
Missing rain outside my front door
and yet I've always been alone in this sea of sheets
gazing, yearningly, at the flooding streets.
Oct 2022 · 73
Summer Fantasy
B Oct 2022
You are, a tide pools worth of a *******
cascading jump on a trampoline.
You are more than you seem
with your clean cut hair and your magazines
to think you don't know how much you mean
to a ******* the tipping edge of nineteen
ready to risk it all before she's done with everything
it takes to grow into something strong and seen.
What I see
at the end of fate's red string
Aug 2022 · 83
Queen of Rust
B Aug 2022
You were my Queen of rust
with your china doll hands and terracotta hair
lady of want and broken trust
friend of wild dog, promised to be fair.

A bush fire against a summer's rain
you are every little ache and pain
Open eye as the clock races by
a ghost town
torn down
again and again...

Let yourself dream in the mystery of sundown
but, where has your lover gone now?
Off to a land lush with the green of sycamore
the promise of something that again, has been found.
She has no use for a dessert or
a woman made of many shades of brown
when there was so much more color
before you came around.
Jun 2022 · 159
B Jun 2022
Of grey set eyes
deep like oyster shells
I think you could be of Aphrodite's demise
secrets, your smile, certainly tells.

I want to wear her sweater over my own
don't wish to speak to anyone, it shouldn't be known

Your eyes were oyster shells
holding everything precious and tender
in the pit of their teasing,
lay tide pools of splendor

I would not say I love you like a pearl
because you cannot be hung on string
with the likes of every other beautiful boy or girl
that is an insult to even finer things
the presence beyond this world
Jun 2022 · 82
B Jun 2022
Lost the taste for weakened gin and things like him,
lonely frozen months and lying in the warmth of his seat.
Forgiveness was my nutrients,
forgiveness was what kept me here,
forgiveness was my meat.

I had picked that skeleton all but clean and dry,
watched it crack and bleach with days gone by
sat gasping 'neath a summer's sky
and wished that I too - could die -
feel the hollow grow of my eye.

Still that silver truck never rolled over the big dust hill
so I had to take up and leave
guide my weary soul to another man that yearned to ****.
Apr 2022 · 235
B Apr 2022
Poseidon mourns with the mumbling sea,
froths and foams and falters,
for everything I long to grieve.
Silver tears fall, the fruit of tree.
I grow her from the cut of me,
watch her take up roots and leave.
Wait, while she becomes all I thought I'd be
and steals the silence from my memory -
abandons peace for chase of ecstasy.

I joined the worshiped in their gentle garden
and trampled every orchid, bright and sweet
just to prove I could win such pardon,
live to die another week.
We were all of warm and wild
skin feverish to lonely sun god's touch.
My tongue took blood of grape so mild
I found myself -nothing- in the middle of much.
Apr 2022 · 95
Lucky Penny...Pick me Up
B Apr 2022
I stare into your copper penny eyes
fresh from the sandy shore
and wonder, oh wonder
why don't mine look like that anymore?

Where the Applewood used to grow
and cotton blew lazy in the August breeze.
Back when you still kissed my cheek,
a time I allowed myself to breathe.

White house on the corner of Lover's lane.
Shaded, by the dapple of your lies
whispering of how we'd one day
look through its stained window panes
and plant red dahlias on its sides.

That birch wood is rotting now,
beetle has made it her home.
And I still recite unheard wedding vows
even after you are gone
and I; alone.
Mar 2022 · 120
Walking on Eggshells
B Mar 2022
That broken eggshell,
smaller than the thumb that rests in my palm.
In place where baby's breath grew,
quiet as linen sheets, peaceful as psalms.
Remember when skin scraped as child fell.
I knew that street, those callused feet
all too well.

I felt my soul was sealed up in that rotting tomb,
and now where had it gone?
With the ceramic pieces littered from her ghostly womb.
Hazy summer days I spent wrong.
Never thought, love passed on so soon.

I let it crinkle beneath the leather of my shoe
walk so gently on eggshells when I'm with you.
Have you any idea what you do?
hand me your tender moments, and gentle kisses
so few.

While I trace my fingers along my own body
until I am numb once more,
you're softly smiling
in the shade of an old cypress tree
creeping up her front door.
Nov 2021 · 4.6k
B Nov 2021
You touch like Midas;
turn everything to an apricot hue.
I want to taste the honey off your breath
and lay my chest down next to you.
As timeless as salt air by the sea
my hand under yours
and your heartbeat beneath me.

I find myself in forever
counting the freckles upon your shoulder.
Gather up your handsome frame
and still wish a way to hold more.
This happiness, I will not let my misery maim,
I dare not even whisper your name
-although to shout-
I wish I could.
Oct 2021 · 367
Abominable No-man
B Oct 2021
You would sit out and soak;
still refuse to see the rain.
Live out those dreaded summers
from the lonely view of a rusted windowpane.

I played house
while you played my Daddy's games
guilt and trip ugly words from your mouth
still - by night - to call my name
when the sky turned to narcotic dust.
So I sketch constellations of us,
ones where, about each other, we feel the same.
Sep 2021 · 73
You Could Save Me
B Sep 2021
Do you think angels get tipsy
just from their first sip of whiskey?
You must be from heaven then,
the way your pupils swelled when you kissed me.
Sep 2021 · 204
Cradle for Kitty
B Sep 2021
You've got my heart strings ******* in cat's cradle
I pray you'll be gentle, don't think you're able.
No promise was made, the world on spins
yet from my eyes, leak testimony of betrayal
so fair, knowing I could never win.

I chew on the thought like a watermelon rind
in the stifle of june bug skies
bitter juice to poison this mind.
And I want you to stroke the space where ribs grow tight
but I still see you reaching for my breast
in the absence of light.

Foaming like the rivers edge,
every moment I move my mouth
can you - I beg - listen instead.

You tell me I am what lets your eyes close
when, at night, you sleep.
I wonder what you dream in visions deep
are our eyes embraced as we lay appose?
Will you touch me beyond the sheets?
B Aug 2021
Felt so long like Eros sat in prison,
let my blood pale from crimson.
Until you cast your shadow to my sun
made of all sweet smelling things and neurolysin.
Undid my braid
every tangled knot, and auburn strand - one by one.
I could not define safety, until with you I laid
and showed, to my temple, the steel of gun
see now, even fear is manmade
as the legs of fate's circle run.

Do you know what it is to feel complete
and still sing the lonely song of sailors?
As your darling walks with slow feet
what thoughts of me, will you savor?
Would never need to see another sky - by makers
so long as I could look into your eyes so blue,
so sweet.
I wish I could say I love you
but I am so new and weak.
So I sit, and stir, and tear up papers;
wait another rosy day for you to speak.
I wish I could say I love you
and you would repeat the words, caught between cheek.
Jul 2021 · 75
Palm Reading
B Jul 2021
I want to touch you until my hands lose grip and meaning,
and we loose the world we thought to be seeing.
Til' from my palm,
the creases of fortune,
the mangle of time.
I want to love you,
so true and so hard
even our kisses start to rhyme.
Wordlessly plead,
your worship, your prurience,
your where and when.
the ache of my silent needing
dripping on down your chin.
Jul 2021 · 56
Cherry Jam
B Jul 2021
Veil is tight and packed in an old wicker drawer.
Cherry jam
- I am -
spilled upon the floor.
Chess board alive again tonight, the queen will fight for life
against the beautiful things that bring war
battle of guilt and mistress' strife
the man that drools for more.
White knight be ever dammed, she only has the bitter wine of summer's passing in her hands.
Old guitar strummed to the tune of his aging breath in the aching breeze,
We wait and wait in patient greed.
Jul 2021 · 65
Til Death do us Part
B Jul 2021
My face redder
with every breath I withheld
and I think you could be better
If you loved like what my mind did weld.
Veil had no need to cross my face
only wished, for so long, to look in your eyes,
and match the drum of your feet as you paced.
I don't think I wanted you -
just someone there when I passed on
so no one could whisper of how
I was so alone when I had gone.
Jul 2021 · 81
B Jul 2021
I am
goddess of wet feet and sunken things
wandering thoughts, broken dreams
and all the seashells children never claim
I am goddess of a misty rain.

Mermaid tears that shine like opal
and promised ring of empty proposal.
Whispers heard from the depth of tide,
a lonely soul without ghost by side.

Sand upon the crease of weathered skin
how long it takes, years and years
of "when?"

Lilac scented candles, hovering in the stark of night
I am goddess of hand struck - albite.
I am goddess of all things that will never go right
of moon waning, of sweat beads, fallen kite.

Spilled champagne upon dusted floor
dying breath...we ask for more.
Romance, you and I could never adjure
I am goddess they seldom kneel for
a woman sheepishly dying, along with her lore.
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B Jun 2021
Hello again-
Cover my bones with your cardigan
how long have you been a necro baby?
Cause' I've been dead since 2010.

Am I still cold?
when you wrap that woolen yellow round my back
Is my body old?
as you stroke blackberry lips with the breath that I lack.

Do you like the way
my eyes
- still alive -
never shut?
Someone can finally stand to look on you,
man of sin, skin, bore; a mutt.

Can you feel the dryness beneath my throat?
Watch the insects flee my face
and see the rot of teeth in the midst of groan.

Hello again.
Bramble crowned amongst worst of men.
How long have you been a necro, honey?
Cause' I'm dead as poet's pen.
May 2021 · 1.2k
B May 2021
Our world was cemented fresh linoleum tile
you always bent down to reach my voice,
I was so sweet, I feel so vile.
You tell her she reminds you of daisies and August sunshine
I smell out the ***** of cinnamon, I am canine,
and thought you were mine.

I know she's breathless
as you shake the bed,
dancing dyad, snowed with asbestos.
And I could be edgeless
sand myself down just for you.
Polish every crevice,
I am god in a teenage body
I could be edgeless
like a marble cast of paresis
settled upon your pew.
Apr 2021 · 58
B Apr 2021
it is but my fantasy,
asleep in a chrysalis of surrounding dark
aware of the day i become moth,
never to raise a silver moon wing-
dead as a flightless lark.
Feb 2021 · 64
Reap what you Sow
B Feb 2021
I am tired of being a ****** property,
by the time I have grown into my skin
all I ought to be
is cloth of a million miles,
I become the sea.
Blamed for men and their poverty,
lack of shame and social precocity
- inspired by years of gulosity -
my sisters and me,
so eroded by eyes, we've reached our callosity.
Woman, with him at war, must reap the sorrows of the land.
Simple and pacing solution; I must reap the life from man.
Nov 2020 · 132
Loves me, Loves me Not.
B Nov 2020
Pluck one from the skyline, high above my head
seems like all the sunflowers,
back from summer's heated dread.
I thumb those million petals, counting off and down the way
hoping to hear a "loves me not"
when all that yellow falls away.
He smiles on me with pleasantness, subtle blush along his jaw
and still, I cannot forget her name,
her name the crows on call.
Nov 2020 · 36
B Nov 2020
My indigo
where did you go?
Far off to
lands of who and why
to color another purple sky,
a little more blue.
Nov 2020 · 87
Poet's Mouth
B Nov 2020
Some say I have a poet's mouth
but, I am mute
until touched by a lustrous moon
drowned in black river; south.
A breath of song, sung autumn by
he left, he gone, I die, I die.

Oh death's cold shiver and rotten hand
against times of gold arising,
found me in my crowded solitude and
kept sure the sun could not shine to me.
Nov 2020 · 115
B Nov 2020
The way Easter grass felt on bare feet
like sadness in its melancholy dampness,
so sweet.
Reminds me of the tears that refused to leave your eyes.
Spring, in my mind, much taken a backstreet.
The girls that came only with the sun,
gone with the songbirds, with the nothing and none.
Flowers of pale and humble, simple hues.
You, standing still against a backwards sky. Searching for blues on blues on blues.
That tree I’d climb until I could not find need to pluck a pear and fall to the ground
bones all split and worthless, blood gone brown.
By a certain height you start to feel so small,
wondering if to break would matter at all.
As long as May swept between our lips, to your scream, whispering lies.
I fall in love with an empty man,
Watch him through the years,
the fall and the rise.
Now, in your eyes, stolen land;
even the cornflowers have died.
Nov 2020 · 53
Peaches, Blood, and Cream
B Nov 2020
Your words to me
like teeth plunge into a peach
the pink of gum and blood on tile, white.
Lately you have much to teach;
lonely, stone fox is not evil to be,
only when he tears at mouse does it not feel right.
Lets her live with muscles tight...
Trust has replaced the holy three,
made peace an enemy
in her robes of sweet and jasmine green.
And now your smile, by sunlight, bleached
curse the rays that rise on East
and breaks the skin of a rotten peach.
Waits for the glory of ending's blinding light
so glad it stole away my sight...
and I can only feel the dampness in my bed at night.
Jul 2020 · 350
B Jul 2020
The aching burn in the stretch of my lung
pulsing Panama ***.
However furious you loved me much
youth is still a blinding hand; gilded blush.
Bring you closer, in my head-
“Older than your age” he said, he said.
As true as I see growth so near
man of ***** and beard and broken sky
still nibbles, longingly, my ear.
Every tooth I smile, weak and kind,
begs me not to die another time.
Frees me from a waking mind,
breathing fantasies of cheeks, flush like wine
and to have you between the sweat of thigh
part my lips, grace my hips, part the red sea; dry.
By tomorrow I'll be prim as the birch moon we loved by
don't remind me darling, darling mine.
Jan 2020 · 692
Cruel Femininity
B Jan 2020
There she lay
figure just beyond the rising turquoise spray
spooning sugar right out the jar.
******* her fingers like a babe, woe be to her, far.
Much akin to the salt in the pools by her bay
only so better loved upon the tongue.
So loved better, so tender and young.
There she was - pale feet to sand
in an even fainter dress, lace to be flung.
Sugar, between the creases of my hand,
press her closer
flavor, the monotony of man.
Curls, red, like hills of strawberry blush
lips wide to such wolfish song.
Sweet fingers, mine to touch,
from still night to golden dawn.
And constellations, in her eyes, between her bones,
upon her nose,
sprinkling her thighs.
Anew with confiture was I, filled with her breath
to lose her would be cruelty, to lose her would be death.
Why - do I love her more than what I know to be?
I'm sorry I could only write of heaven,
and not of what she see.
Jan 2020 · 44
B Jan 2020
I remember
what it was like.
In the rain, in the night.
Clothed in ******,
cold like starlight.
Trees of black and green, on bending to our will.
Every creature, every soul, every stirring eye: still
Waist deep in regretting,
and head, so far under all I loved forgetting.
Your smile, like a boy's, so plain and youthful,
my eyes, so wrong, too old...too truthful.
All I could feel was the weight of those hands
couldn't suffer my yearning, though I could understand.
The next wake and early morning
I walked in solitary, the fool's crown, adorning.
As you shuffled on home, shoes to the sidewalk, slide
I, twelve paces behind, pretending it was your side.
Become bluer on bluer as you step with the lines,
so I cursedly follow, 
picking up rays the sun left behind.
Jan 2020 · 73
B Jan 2020
I know I can forgive you
as that iris laps in the view,
of a knife up to my throat.
Your eyes, in sweet loathing; afloat.
The red truth on rings,
frantic in my ears
soft as butterfly wings.
Soft as butterfly wings.

Your voice, so near me, an ocean away
crashing and foaming
cursing my life, begging I stay.

Curled, unsure fingers
beneath the dark of my hair,
shadowed and lingers.
The day so forgotten, the moment so there,
forgiven, unfair.
Felt like an animal, fighting be tame,
and your hand - domestication, clutching my veins.

Thought of the clementines you so cherished much
as juice dripped down your boyish arm,
on and on, until crimson pulp, to touch.

Pulls at twin cords,
cold, practiced fear and warmer words.
Same pulse along the jaw.
Familiar flush of jade stroked wings.
The end, hopeless and raw
and the feeling your name, on brings.

Through all spite and longing,
days of sun forever dawning
I get fluttering creatures
still as a hand so seizures.
Deep in place unknown
between belly and throat.
Under gruffest tone
and nights alone.
They will never wish a wing to know
the hurt of hidden bones.
How it come, ever slow.

Your taste, your say, your meaner things,
soft as butterfly wings.
Soft as butterfly wings.

The angst of pain
is so foolish gone
when blade of gruesome lust and flushing hate,
is in your hands.
So, at my heart, it stays.
Jan 2020 · 62
Winter, in its Bitterness
B Jan 2020
I think I must have loved you
neath the holly bush
Where red fire grew
and silver voice hushed.
I think I learned and knew and pined
a different form of word,
one which I was free to call you mine.
A whisper, still, you so heard.

Ever on, the things of sleep and fur all stirred.
For winter's numbing breath
was far past faith's deceit
of mere comfort, ease, and depth.
Beyond linen sheets and rosy cheeks
and you at peace with I.
So I sit through season's wistful sorrow
frost and birth's sweet lies.
To see the day bleakness says its last goodbye,
and you awake me a 'morrow.
Dec 2019 · 271
Plum Plum Plum
B Dec 2019
Mouth to plum, bruised blue and black
it's always guilt, the wild eyes lack.
It's always pansies, blooming down my back
If you could ever think to love me - attack.
Feel my fingers, feel my nerves
relish my blindness, dampen my words.
Eat me alive,
I've forgotten what it is to die.
Forgotten how to bring my ****** lips to wine
and let you shove away the tears - I'm dry.
The beauty of petals, what do they serve,
to only dry and fall dead from a flower,
when the sun is not hers?
Dec 2019 · 156
Angel Soft
B Dec 2019
The devil stalked my boulevard,
in the days of summer's heat wave and cigar.
The times I forced my heart to beat so hard,
and risked it all, against your guard.
If I love over and over
what is fear but to stay sober?
To draw you closer on closer;
take my weakness and expose her.
You came with a name to keep reciting,
eyes of blue, igniting.
It's saintly to save
but we stay fighting.
Curl my long dress
right between your fists.
Catch my breath,
you breathe risk.
Oh, you did it again
you've done it all over again.
Washed under tides of sin.
What is pure? What is holy?
When there is you, and you only?
Blessedly, I am marred.
I try to forget, so fast, so hard.
Still, all the heavenly hues
become colorless in your muse.
By your mouth, I bruise.
Angel; corrupted, mine to lose.
Dec 2019 · 604
Dance of Death
B Dec 2019
On the shaded floor of a velvet dark forest
careful feet prance into a dance of death.
Bright flesh devoured between grisly teeth
or live in starvation, take your meal as breath.
Whimpering under my salivating beast,
I call out, throat caught in the jaw, no release.
"Midnight man, sing a soft song of me"
As, for that sleepy place, I seek
to bury my body in the shadow of the wood,
so discreet.
So meek;
me in my whitest cloth and quivering stare,
try to hide, soft rabbit, but white leaves you bare.
Better to become wolf and chase an ever
Nov 2019 · 154
B Nov 2019
i wonder how you feel
burgundy sweat upon your chin
when your hear the clink
of paper thin glass
in your ear
how do you hear
against intermost words, so crass?
am i so indistinct
daydream is your only meal?
Nov 2019 · 287
B Nov 2019
She smells of apricot
and love me not.
Her branches are much too far away.
Nov 2019 · 188
Youthful Questions
B Nov 2019
Is it too much to want
a boy of confusing lines
and waters, grey as his eyes?
How is it to be
under a lurching sky?
With my eyes wide open
I feel ever more blind,
only sense the heat in his stride.
Is it worth my nervous wit
to awaken
a soul of furious passion?
If I hurry my sin away
are we both victims of time?
Nov 2019 · 204
B Nov 2019
on the sheets of another.
His silhouette
a tasteful composure.
Blood of my lips
to desolate, desperate fingertips.
Savor me,
far gone
the ocean breeze.
Down the avenue
wet foot.
You, I miss you...
Nov 2019 · 125
Beneath the Grecian Sun
B Nov 2019
I danced for years and years
beneath the Grecian sun.
My feet hurt, yet I felt no fear
when they told me I could be one.
Painted, painted meadows
and life spent too little, too long.
Hair splayed in salty waves
I ever whispered her mother song.
Lemon groves all swept my hands
calling far away.
Climbing up the stairs they hold
to heaven's gate, I pray.
To this day I still dance on
though eyes flash over my shoulder,
awake til the summers dawn.
Never to grow one day older.
Nov 2019 · 253
American Dream, Awakens
B Nov 2019
Sometimes dreams come waking
by the American shore.
Over and over,
escorting wandering souls, more and more.
Over deep ocean, golden rays;
blinding eyes, singing praise.
America the beautiful and America the free.
How free is possibility,
In a nation of changing, pride, urgency?
How much can you bear internally
watching your brothers and sisters wither in desperation.
Oh, beautiful and free and desperate nation.
Nation of red, white, and blue
red blood,
white knuckle,
blue bruised back.
We struggle together, yet unity we lack.
Everyone seems to be rushing up and pushing down
when we are all surely hell-bound
destined far beyond the ground.

We fear failure, we fear love
we fear whoever is watching above.
Because, regardless of who created and thought,
“my artistry will change the world”
was surely not
trying to leave it in ruins.
Simply; we, America, move too fast
we justify the present, suppress the past.
Ignore all the wrongs we've rendered within our own borders,
to our own neighbors.
What can you do wrong, when you have dominion?
And when you are below, what importance is there in your opinion?
There is no morality in a man who has his eyes on the rise,
a man who has never taken labor
in his stride.
America was built on sweat and vigor
though, now, whose finger is on the trigger?
The new America, polished and improved
has the gun cocked in every angle
advertising the glorified dream, the success that you can strangle.
The time that can be abused; yearning for wealth, working to the grave.
Servant to the passing days, when,
wasn't it liberation we once craved?

We're building an empire, disguised as democracy,
where we ****** the spirit of those we promised were equal.
It reeks of hypocrisy.
We're building an empire,
but even once-great Rome fell down in shambles,
and we aim far, far higher.
Higher buildings, higher expectations, higher need to achieve
to beat and beat down on those that only breathe.
We're building up walls to elude the sun, dead,
when you live in darkness, what, honestly, becomes right in your head?
What light shines upon a nation, still unashamed
of prerogative and seldom rights to be obtained
by virtue and strive for those who believed in the American scheme?

Sometimes dreams come crashing
at the American shore
littered its sands
all the years from America forever and America before.
the only poem i've ever read aloud for a school project
Nov 2019 · 624
B Nov 2019
in my coarse sorrow
and aching qualm
i think of febrile tomorrows
what am i
but a girl obsessed with winter’s poppies
in a torrid mid-July
Nov 2019 · 210
B Nov 2019
Eyes of ghosts all fill the room
lovers, made of dust and made of gloom.
I remembered them but I forgot,
to forgive and forget, the lot.
As always, the night went on,
my face in the old glass window
stared at me with an iris of killing pawn.
Nov 2019 · 853
B Nov 2019
bring in your hands,
pain and broken daisies.
you cry; like nothing in my arms
grieve for flowers and unsung lullabies.
because you see the whole world as alive
never seen the devil and his harm,
while I live my life through maybes
you refuse to understand.
meant to be read as A, B, C, D, D, C, B, ***
Nov 2019 · 303
Talking with a Mirror
B Nov 2019
for more months, i talked to his mirror
because he always looked right back at my own
moon-straught face
he always looked clearer.
from there he seldom strayed from perfect,
he never spoke wise
it seemed he was only reciting my words, disguised.
still, the man that i saw,
through silvery sheen
was so much easier to love and to keep evergreen.
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