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shesabibliophile Aug 2020
I have wondered what true love feels like
Will it be just happiness and excitement?
Fun and fulfilling,
Will it be just enough?

Will the time stops when you're holding my hands
Or will the world shakes when your lips touches mine?
Will you dance with me underneath a bright moonlight,
With starts glittering from above

Will everything be all right in this life full of uncertainties
Will we share laughs of joy and tears of pain?
Through our failures and triumph,
Will we be enough?

But the moment I met you, those doubts faded away
For you answered in a shortest complete way,
Just as enough.
shesabibliophile Apr 2020
You are a nobody,
Yet you are everything to me
My every breath, my every day
The beats of my heart

You're the reason I write
You are my ink and paper
Every word and every thought
My Romeo in each page

But this isn't a love-story 'story'
With a happily ever after,
When you gave up on us
And blew your last good bye

You took my heart with you
And left me wondering
Am I not enough?
Or am I too much?

I lost you
That I understood,
I just didn't think
That I'd lose 'me' too.
How could I move on?
shesabibliophile Apr 2020
You know I always love you
In the far-off, savage green ocean
With its slow, loft waves,
It's you my eyes search for

You know I always think of you
In the quiet dark night,
With the mellow moon above
It's you the light I search for

It's you my heart longs for
The reason of my happiness,
The cause of my pain

You knew but never stayed.
shesabibliophile Apr 2020
A lifeless beating heart
trapped in memories we built,
holding on to your empty promises
those painful-beautiful lies

I gave you all my love
when there's nothing left for me to live,
you never realized
how broken you made me bleed

How do I mend a shattered heart?
When all its pieces were kept
In a place you have long forgotten,
Where I left my soul in vain.
shesabibliophile Jun 2018
Everytime I look at the sun
it reminds me of the love I want to share with you

but everytime I look at the moon
it tells me that you chose not to feel it.

so I ended up keeping it.

and each time I try to hide it,
I can’t help but turn it into tears.
shesabibliophile Jun 2018
Broken crayons
        is an opportunity to share and add colors to others.
A broken mirror
        is a chance to let others see the beauty within them.
A broken vase
        is a possibility to put pieces back together in your own artistic ways.
A broken heart
        is a duty to express the beauty of the soul.

Psalm 147:3
He heals the wounds of every shattered heart.
shesabibliophile Jun 2018
I would have loved you
the way you deserve to be loved
the way I dream to be loved
in a very genuine way.

I would have chased you
when you felt like fighting alone
when you lose your hopes
when you slowly walked away.

I would have fought for you
the battle you'd struggling with
in the darkness you've been hiding in
with the pain you kept within.

I would have stayed
in front of you to keep you safe
beside you to keep you warm
behind you to guide your steps.




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