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Shelby Young Apr 2017
leaking, pooling, dripping fast
be it tears or water in this carafe?

bottled up and wound so tight
looking for darkness when only there is light

all signs point to left but you veer right
this house is not your home tonight

ghosts, and spirits, visions of past
let go and leave them for once and for last
Shelby Young Apr 2017
on still water
this pool of "passion"
it's clear to see below

no ripples here
ne'er there were
and they'll surely never flow

but calm and serene
may not make a dream
the choppy waves
are what she craves

o captain, my captain
sail on
this one is not your swan song
Shelby Young Apr 2017
'tis with sorrow and regret
the sun within our ship did set
a mistaken word
a withered gaze
all but blurred us to a haze

for the memories that once were pure
are tainted now to be no more
when i reminisce
and imagine your face
all feelings left are of disgrace
Shelby Young Apr 2017
i am a poison
trust and true
some may birth me
some will brew

whence past your lips i flow
your inhibitions are let go

you know me bad
you know my crimes
yet even so
you'll waste your time

savor every sip you take
for i am your downfall, i am your fate
Shelby Young Oct 2012

Angels whisper, spirits scream,
When all nightmares turn to a dream.
People pray, children play,
What has our world come to today?

"Why did daddy not return?"
Children ask as mothers squirm.
"The bomb took him away," they must say,
"That is what our world has come to today."

Katrina ruined many lives,
Parents lost kids, husbands lost wives.
As New Orleans became hell on Earth,
Houses were swallowed under the surf.
Everything is not okay,
Look at what our world has come to today.

Gas prices keep climbing higher and higher,
People claim the governments a liar,
For making all the prices soar.
Therefore the people roar,
"Why should we have to pay?"
Because this is what our world has come to today.

Third world countries beg for food,
If only we all understood.
With out stomachs full and pockets empty,
We should share - for we have plenty.
Now listen to what they have to say,
"Why is this what our world has come to today?"
Shelby Young Oct 2012
if my words were written down

and thrown into the wind

i wonder if you’d hear them

and learn of how i sinned

if my words were written down

and tossed into the waves

i wonder if you’d find them

in the sea, their shallow grave

if my words were written down

and left there on the floor

i wonder if you’d pick them up

and try to learn some more

if my words were written down

and shouted from a hill

i wonder if you’d listen

a hope i wish you would fulfill

if i spoke my words to you

would you take notice or just leave

i wonder if you’d even care

or just abandon me
Shelby Young Oct 2012
thoughts come crashing out of sound

my fingertips just jotting down

the words and all the feelings too

with depths as vast as the ocean blue

the lyrics flee my mouth and mind

as quickly as this watch tells time

each second ticks to match my pen

etching this paper from end to end

we’re emptying the flowing cup

of tears and smiles, it’s not enough

to cleanse me of those dying days

of barking dogs and kids at play

forever shadows in my brain

they’re never to be real again

but nothing will change for me

for i will never be set free

until words fall from outer space

into this soundproof plastic case

where they can scream but won’t be heard

for nothing is quite more absurd

than silences that shriek aloud

and chatter mouths who can’t be found

only fools attempt to understand

and that is why we walk this land
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