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I AM HER Feb 4
At sa pagkakataong ito,
doon ko na-realize na ubos na ubos na ako.
I AM HER Jan 28
I remembered those drunk moments,
where you always hold my hands,
because I'm cold.
I remembered those times,
I cried and you're there to hug me and tell me how much I meant to you.
I remembered you kissing me,
because that's what we felt that night.
And I remembered you lying by my side at 4 AM,
telling me how much you love me.
I still remember that day when I told you
that I'm leaving you.
And that silent sobs you made when you begged me not to go.
I still remember you.
I still remembered the feeling when I'm with you.
I AM HER Oct 2018
As I watched you do things
I realized how much I am falling to you
It’s like everything you do
is so wonderful to me.
Crazy right? But It’s true.

I like the way you smile,
how your dimples perfectly fall on their place
Or how your eyes become so ******
whenever you laughed
The way you say my name,
the way you fix your glasses
And even the way you stare
at something even If it’s not me.

There are times that I just really
want to tell you how I feel —
how much I like you
and how much I’m adoring you.
But then I realized,
It’s better this way.
It’s better to look at you at far,
and just crazily smile at myself everytime
you do crazy things.
That it’s much better to
just wish upon the star
that someday you’ll be mine.
Hi Olibear!
I AM HER Aug 2018
I saw you at school today.
Wearing a gray t-shirt and your worn out jeans, that really suits you.
I was in hurry, I’m already five minutes late on my first class.
But when our gazed met, I thought my world stops.
You smiled at me, and I frozed literally.
I don’t know what to react nor what to do.

I looked away, and tried to calm my heart that was beating really fast.
But when I glanced at you again, you weren’t there anymore.

Disappointed at myself,
I should’ve just smiled back at you.
I look around, hoping to see your smile again.
But I guess, you really left.

Thoughts started to cloud my mind,
creating scenarios that I know will never happen in real life.
But thank you,
for being my coffee today.
For bringing an energy that sustained my whole day.

See you again on Monday.
Aaah, I saw my crush today. He’s really cute.
I AM HER Jul 2018
We were walking across the street.
Drunk and laughing.
We just finished drinking of an eight bottles of local alcohol with friends.
“Stop it,” you laughed.
I laughed too, even though I can’t remember why I am laughing.
You stopped in the middle of the street, pulling me closer to you.
I stopped laughing too,
I can hear the loud sound of my heart beat.
“Let’s stop for awhile,” you whispered.
I can smell the liquor from your breath.
You let me rest my head in your chest, embracing me with your manly arms.
“My head is spinning,” I said.
“I’m drunk,” I told again.
You laughed at me and I felt your lips on the top of my head.
“I like you,”
I almost stopped myself from breathing when i heard those words. I looked at you and I saw you how hopeful you was.
You bit your lip and touched my face. I can’t help not to close my eyes.
For a moment, I won’t think of anyone else.
“I like you so much,” you whispered again as I felt your lips brushing into mine  again.
I felt the million sparksfly and butterflies in my stomach.
Brushing my lips into yours,
I know to myself that I like you too.
So much.
I AM HER Jul 2018
The city is brigth as ours. I watched the city lights below me — it was mesmerizing and calming.
Feeling the cold wind that constantly blowing on my exposed part of my body.
Hearing the sound of the laughter of our friends behind me.
I drink the bottle of local beer that I have in my hand.
Tasting the bitterness of the alcohol running through my throat.
I didn’t even bother to look at you as you quietly sat down beside me
With a cigarette in your hand, and a bottle of beer in the other.
“Aren’t you cold?”
I shook my head as I embraced my body. Keeping myself warm even though I was really dying because of the coldness of the wind.
“Liar,” you said.
And little did I know, you already took off your denim jacket that I always find beautiful, and you put it effortless on me.
“Don’t drink too much, you’ll get drunk easily,”
I nodded and didn’t say anything.
I rest my head on your shoulders, I saw you smiled but you didn’t say anything.
These are the moments that I lived by — our friends singing and dancing, and you
beside me.
Quietly watching the city lights and the stars above us.
Not thinking of what tomorrow may bring.
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