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Shazz Manji Dec 2014
Set fire to my mind
before you warm my heart
I cannot survive
by your touch alone
Ignite my thoughts
into firey passion
or walk through the darkness
Shazz Manji Dec 2014
It would be a grave mistake

to fall in love

with you

and because of this alone

I choose

not to
Shazz Manji Oct 2014
We are always falling
in hopes of finding something better
but there are times we discover nothing more
than the concrete ground
and the shame of believing
there would always be someone out there
waiting to catch us
Shazz Manji Oct 2014
So many questions
left unanswered
So many words
left unsaid
Flooding through the troubled minds
of the isolated
and forgotten
night after night
sitting alone
with hearts ablaze
staring at the moon
Shazz Manji Sep 2014
Wrapped in a blanket of blue
steadily breathing
blissful to the world
How I envy
So full of joy
of all the goodness the world has to offer
Unscathed and unbruised
My only wish is to bask
in the light of the world
that took you in with loving arms
and held you close under the stars
so that I may be so lucky
as to shine with you
Shazz Manji Sep 2014
When I should have loved longer
I piled each excuse higher
towering between
distant thoughts
and sweet words
tipping the scale once and for all
amongst all the chaos
of trying to find myself

                                                           I lost you
Shazz Manji Sep 2014
I feel no more sadness
I feel no more joy
They are far
beyond my reach
where I stand
between the roads
and crosswalks
unable to move
or hold on  
for very long
where nothing is left
that can be felt
and perhaps
this isn’t
a sad poem after all
for what is more heartbreaking
than sorrow from grieving  
and what is more empty
than joy without meaning
Perhaps it is best
to go on without feeling
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