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 2d larni
i want to delete all the memories
just like i did with all our pictures
i want to forget our history
and act like we're strangers
i don't want to miss you anymore
i want to get over you and close the door
i know you're not missing me
i know this is how it's meant to be
#forget #memories #relationship #missyou #strangers
 Oct 27 larni
 Oct 27 larni
I cuff our wrists together
and tell myself
you're deciding to stay
 Sep 18 larni
soul mate
 Sep 18 larni
it’s crazy to know
that your soul mate
is currently walking this earth,
not knowing when you will meet,
how you will meet,
or why you met;
but it will be the happiest moment
of your life.
 Sep 2 larni
she: what is it about me?
he: what do you mean?
she: me...?
he: uh...
she: what don't i have?
he: uh...
she: i'm overweight...
he: um...
she: i'm unattractive
he: what?...
she: i'm boring
he: no...
she: i'm dumb
he: uh, well....
she: i give up
he: well, i....
she: nope, that's it, i give up
he: oh, come on...
she: quit trying to talk me out of it
he: i was only...
she: i'm done, good bye
he: wait, what, where are you...
she: have a good life
he: what about dinner?
sapphire nights
spent with your body
pressed on mine,
hearts racing
stars aligning
moonlit promises
forgotten by dawn,
each bittersweet memory
a reminder
of what could have been.
- we say just friends but i still remember just how you taste.
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