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Sadia Tuba Apr 2017
Rearing a fierce rain inside.
Wild, crazy, hungry,
yet humble;
Fulfilled like taking a day's last meal!

Escaping from the human language,
obscure talk among clouds.
Sweet scream across the sky.
No grim,
just waiting for sudden rain stream.

Lonely rain drops,
falling in the midnight.
Whispering to my drowsy soul.
Chilly wind touches the salted cheeks.
Melting my frosty pole.

The pure melody of rain is not for an impure heart;
Though the pure always meets an impure!
I wonder how thousand fates are composed in one hand,
Some unfortunates never find the cure.

Living in an earthly delusion,
Still thinking like a new comer;
Who expects again.
But end of the day,
The lonely soul bears that same fierce rain!
Sadia Tuba Apr 2017
Observed every moment,
Counted every person I met.
Forgot some toxic approaches;
Though some dusts still be remembered under my feet.

Clouds across the sky
Apprise me of my forgotten dreams.
So many mistakes, done with regrets,  
Time to find my long lost gems.

Brutal truths always hide beneath an innocent surface.
So I wonder still something left to pay.
Dear God,
forgive my wrong treads.
Because this is going to be my last day!

Sadia Tuba Apr 2017
They lived in their dreams
They talked in the silence.
They clung to the immature ground,
Far away from being prudence!

They used to look up at the orange sky,
Together with the hopeful eyes,
Clouds gathered suddenly,
Heart beats picked up thousand sighs!

One soul knew the truth,
Never escaped the reality,
The other one- so obedient,
Thought its pair as a deity.

Distance after distance making them stranger again,
creating a bridge of an unprecedented consciousness between,
Breaking the false amour chain!
Sadia Tuba Mar 2017
I am lying on an immature ground.
From where, everything seems so pure!
My mind knows magic is going to be happened.
My heart counts every beat of nearby heart!
And finds an obscure fence.
At the end, it discovers some rules, remembers those till it reaches at the second layer!

Now, I am the master of my heart and mind.
I know the rules they discover.
I think I have escaped from all emotions.
And all on a sudden, the soul meets a nearby soul.
Tries to understand the deepness.
The connection is achieved through silence.
Like a music in the air, butterfly in the stomach happiness surrounds.
My mind's stiffness goes away.
Every night, I used to drink the luster of moon with stars.
I prayed to God for the dream that has come true.

I never know, a brutal scene is hiding behind this innocence.
The mirror in my heart breaks into thousand pieces.
I used to gaze at the void hours after hours, without blinking.
Thinking about my emotion.
Sadia Tuba Mar 2017
How can we be at the same junction, dear?
When you have a craving soul, mine is in real contentment!
You immerse in the darkness, swim in the depth of the haziness.
And I am here, letting the mellow ray enter through my shattered window;
Finding the bird from paradise!
How can we meet at the same junction, dear?
When your life episodes are anomalous, mines are called a princess diary!
How can we meet at the same junction my beloved?
Hell or heaven, they're going to engulf any one of us.
Wish I could soak your toxic breath,
remove all your callous treads.
I know nothing is going to happen, apart from tear drops on my salted cheeks.
My dear greatest Sigh, maybe we'll meet at the common road, where waving hands will born;
Will be waiting to say Good-bye!
Sadia Tuba Mar 2017
Words are depleting like the last drop of water of a Bedouin's ***.
The first broken piece of heart knows the heaviness of anguish in a cloudy noon!
Distance after distance, making a way to forget sweet memories.
Today, the pale yellow day ends easily, fighting with the conscience.
Sudden howl of crazy wind shivers the dozing hair!
The little child comes only in the dream, talks like acquaintance.
Afraid of awaking myself, I might loose again.
She is lost suddenly like will never be back.
How my disobedient sleep makes me remember the people I miss!
My throbbing eye lashes wait moment after moment;
For the inner wave of rain!
Sadia Tuba Feb 2017
Chilly wind outside.
Cozy alone time.
Breathing curtains;
Mellow sunlight filters through it.

Substituting the earthly noises.
Counting the eternities!

The sky is gathering the tiniest sighs.
Creating a dark cavnvas.
Long awaited rain is about to come!

Reminiscence under the ailing skin.
Boiling inside,
Sudden wave of tears;
Resisted by the deep melancholy.
Just shining, floating in the eyes!

Contemplation breaks at last,
hearing the sweet scream of clouds.
Rainy smell wafts through the air,
There's no point of being loud!

Silent roar of wind spreads across the land.
Remembering the inner gain;
Forgetting the episodes left behind,
now it is time to greet the rain!
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