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shanta young Nov 2015
It was back in 012 did a couple of tapes did a couples of DVDS but I made a couple of mistakes. Didn’t know what I was doing but I put on the cape know it’s which world tour should go on today?
See you told me I would lose but I won I might cop a million Jimmie chews just fun. Because ******* couldn’t take what was in me Australian Kinney might run up to Disney out with in LA with fenny. I got the eye of the tiger the lion of Judah.
Now it me and my time me and just me and my prime everything I tried to teach them they gonna see it in time tell the ******* to get a stick I’m done leading the blind. Got two shows tonight out in Brooklyn and Dallas then a private hand party in the new British tower you can see me in sight it’s my time to shine all the people in line which mean I have fly like a movie no commercial its lil-Tay more money yah I’m universal.
I hear they coming for me because I hear the top is lonely what the **** they gonna x2 say I’m the best doing it x2. I’m the best
I Rember a time they didn’t give me a time of day just spit in my face then walk away couldn’t buy my mother a couch now I’m sitting at the closing board brought my mother a house you can never understand why I grind like I do damaiyah and abri why I cry like I do cause even when my real mother was on crack I was crack now the whole album crack you don’t got to skip a track I don’t have  to get a plaque I don’t go to get a reward I just walk out the door
all the girls would applaud All the girls would commend as long as they understand that I’m fighting for the girls that never thought they can never can win but before they can begin you told them it was the end and I’m am here to reverse the curse that they live in. got two bones to pick but Imma only chose one you might get address on the second album which mean you breathe tells my mothufucker to say so tell all my bad ******* I can see your halo.
I hear they coming for me because the top is lonely what the **** they gonna say x2 I’m the best doing it x4 I’m the best x2 its ok x2 as long you know as long you ******* know I’m the best x5 I’m the best doing it
  Oct 2015 shanta young
Poetry by MAN
You want ******* well here I ***
I'll be the trigger to make those ***** juices run
**** with your lips I wanna eat you like a peach
Take you to Hawaii and ******* on the beach
Friction from my licking up and down your ****
Hand full of **** as you grab my ****
My **** starts leaking lusting for your ***** fire
Sixty nine every time let me lick your desire
Exploring every inch of your body and skin
Oops I missed a spot let me do it again
Juices are a flowing I love how you taste
Suction sporadic as my **** enters your face
Bodies in sync I'm feeling all your lust
Making you *** with my tongue is always a must
Your ***** my playground watch me swing
You can play too, here play on my ding a ling
Pulling your hair while I nibble on your neck
As I position your ***** umm so wet
My **** on your **** up and down sideways rubbing you
Begging to be entered, so I do, now I'm ******* you
***** gripping my **** doesn't want to let it go
As we play tug of war in and out your ***** hole
Deep inside you I'm feeling your ***** walls
As I ****** in and out you feel my flapping *****
Finding your G spot oh there it is
Your ***** bubbles up and begins to fizz
Pounding on your ***** turn you around like a dog
*** up in the air ******* you into a fog
My poking keeps stroking as you *** on my ****
Writhing up and down bouncing on my stick
Intertwined in our minds ******* at the same time
Staring in each others eyes while our pleasure climbs
Taboo sextasy with you I'll commit every sin
When we are done turn around and do it again..
M.A.N 2-1-14

— The End —