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Shanekwa Sep 2012
first comforting...

but be wary,
                                          it is a silent killer.
Shanekwa Jun 2012
The Internet has this amazing way

of making art

feel so accessible

yet so demeaning.
Shanekwa Feb 2012
Realizing that we expect far too much from one another.
Shanekwa Feb 2012
Where are the Kerouacs?
The Ginsbergs?
The Cassadys?

Drunk on
and life

Riding the highways and railroads to dreams unseen, even by them.

Clashes of ideas, like bright lights in the dim daybreak of an all-nighters.
Fueled by cigarettes and philosophy.

Now everyone wants the same thing.
A boring spouse.
A boring job.
A boring house.

What happened to the generation of lost souls that once searched the open plains and the cramped alleyways?

For nothing more than a beautiful moment.
Shanekwa Feb 2012
Slipping into consciousness
                exploding with pain.

So much time spent, praying to this porcelain god.
Asking why
Begging for a break.

Those rare moments with the pain fades, and the absence feels like the strongest intravenous drug ever plunged into your veins

during those

late night ER visits that have become ever too familiar.

With sheets for walls.
And Judges for Doctors.

And cries from children echoing off white sanitized walls.

And you slipping out of consciousness
and into drug induced escape.

As the ceiling panels become beautiful,
and the scratchy sheets become cozy,

You breath a sigh of relief
Shanekwa Dec 2011
I want you to lie to me.
            I want you to tell me that in your dreams
                                you wear an ugly polo and khaki pants.
                                         And that you LOVE tucking your shirt in.

I want you to tell me that flipping burgers
                                is a step in the door to reaching your life-long goals.

I want you to get on your hands and knees.
   I want you to beg.
      I want you to plead.

I want you to say you'll never be as successful as me.

I want you to accept you'll never be free.

*You'll earn the right to make minimum wage.
Shanekwa Dec 2011
                          are the peace seekers for the souls past.
This will be transformed into a longer poem.
It is too beautiful an idea to let go in ten simple words.
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