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~~It’s never enough to just stand up!
You gotta STAND OUT!!!
~-~ Life's greatest moments are supposed to have a little silly in them." by: GRACIE LYNN STOOPS
Feb 27 · 266
Her love
To a beautiful woman who means the world to me........
As you look in the mirror each new day
Please will you try to see
What a perfect woman you are to me
She defines true beauty
She's what every woman wants to be
Her eyes are a beautiful green
The prettiest I have ever seen
Her lips
And true
They pick me up when I'm feeling blue
Her fingertips so soft to
They are magic when they touch
She knows just what to do
She is my world                                                            ­                                                             these words were written just for you
They are forever etched in my heart
A pick me up just like you
I truly hope they can pick you up in all that you do
Please take them for what they are
Someday I hope you can see how truly beautiful you are
Mass shootings of morality
Guns make the man
Massacre happily
Ignorance leading the blind
Another casualty
Johnny has issues
Got an AR15
Arm everyone!
More guns are what we need
Who gives a **** about Johnny and his mental instability
He’s got a gun!
That’s all he’ll ever need
A few hundred rounds
He kills responsibly  
A few hundred rounds
Watch the innocent bleed
Just another day
Another massacre
Another life
This is America
How many more people have to die
It’s not an issue about the left OR the right
It’s an issue about SAVING HUMAN LIVES!
Jun 2017 · 3.9k
At the zoo
Never get to close at the zoo
A hippopotamus can step on your shoe
You could get bit by a rabid racoon
Become lunch for a lion or get **** on by a loon
the zebras are crazy they'll eat your baby well humming a tune
They’ll  make a dessert out of your lady  
And eat her with a spoon  

YES! You can die when you visit the zoo
Here’s my advice to you ***** the hippo the lion and the loon stay far away from the dangers that lurk inside of the zoo
May 2017 · 1.6k
The Boogie Man Can
It's just me it's just me come and sit on my knee I'll tell you a story of how the wind blows and where all the bad kids go the boogie man ate em' he snatched them up by the toes spanked them on the bottom and gobbled the boogers from their nose the boogie mans got em' oh mommy and daddy they know off to the boogie man all the bad kids go!
Shane M.  Stoops
May 3,2017
Dec 2016 · 739
Stuck at 40
I have never been 40
it's coming soon
it's just around the corner
The big 4-0 looms
I have Never been 40
I haven't got a clue
Will my hair turn grey
How much will I lose?
I have never been 40
What do I do
I've heard all the stories
I don't want to face the truth
I'm turning 40  
Goodbye to my youth
Can some one help me
I'm turning 40 and singing the blues
Will I lose my teeth and gum my food
Wear knee high socks?
Watch the news
I'm turning 40
My life is through
What is next
What have I got to look forward to
It's all downhill
Oh *******
What to do
I'm turning 40
my life is through
Nov 2016 · 850
She is growing
Getting older by the day
She's becoming a lady faster than me or her mom care to say
  Her first taste of freedom
She is counting down the days
Soon she will be 16 and finally on her way
I will blow her a kiss and wipe the tears away
I will tell her how I love her  
My freckle face
Oct 2016 · 13.4k
Game day
Tomorrow is game day all across Husker land Everyone is excited,the Ducks just don't understand
My bird shot is ready
The remote in my hand
I promise to yell and go crazy
I will cheer them Cornhuskers on
Tomorrow is Gameday
Some ducks are going to die!!!!
  Let's get ready
Let the red balloons fly
It's Lincoln.......******* ......... NEBRASKA ..........
Now wipe the tears from your eyes
It's go go Huskers until the day I die
      Final HUSKERS 35 Ducks 32
Sep 2016 · 622
She's my ride home
She was the answer to my Sweet And Somber Pigeon Wings
They were broken and did not fly no more
I was Two a.m. Love Sick from the moment she walked through that door
She was the Voice Of And Old Friend that I did not know before
Her honesty was just the thing this man was waiting for
She could of had Any Man In America
She chose to dance on my floor
Because of her
I am lonely no more
She is the forever in My Never
With her it's Nothing But Blue Skies
and stars in the moon light
As long as She Is My Ride Home..........
I know that everything is going to be alright

Song titles by; Blue October, poem by Shane Stoops
Please feel free to share my poem with as many people as you can I am new to this page a short time ago and it would be my dream come true to make front page or latest or any of the categories any Sunshine given will be reciprocated shortly
Jul 2016 · 9.0k
M&Ms; and 7up
Hershey's bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Snickers and a drink of Mountain Dew
There are three flavors of Charleston Chew
Twix; Twin Bing
Salted Nut Roll is king
I really could eat them after / with anything
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and  in between
I bought me a candy bar
It was made with carmel nougat and cream
I'm gonna eat it
Oh yeah, my tummy will scream
My little obsession
It's a bit obscene
There is no tummy ache that could come between
And this chocolate fiend
Jul 2016 · 826
Insanity me
I sharpen my knife
I am waiting for the day
I finally take your life away
You are spineless
Spewing your generic brand of hate
You leave a toxic wreckage
With every breath you take
Your death will be my blessing
The perfect gift for all you invade
Your existence is worthless
Your the world's excuse for going insane
Jul 2016 · 259
Faded blade
Opening old wounds
It's putting me in certain doom
My mind runs wild
Feeling like a child
So I cut with this blade
Hoping the memories will fade
And I can finally grow
My self-esteem is so low
You got me messing up my hair
Sitting then jumping in my chair
I can't stop thinking of all those times
You were ugly and unkind
Your making me open old wounds
It's putting me in certain doom
Get out of my head
Just give me some room

— The End —