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Shandel Pruitt Jul 2010
So clearly i see it now...
the rhythmic beat of your heart
to mine...
blood pulsing through your veins
carrying with it emotions
love, happiness, desire
all from a mere touch of my hand

"The best and most beautiful things in the
world cannot be seen or even touched.
They must be felt with the heart. ~Helen Keller""

It's the truth though
beauty is merely a visual
imagery playing upon the
simplicities of the human mind

yet when it's whittled down to it
you... are not beautiful
You're the pure embodiment of beauty
everything you are is jubilantly harmonious
to anyone who isn't in my position
a position of weakness and trust
where anything they do is determined by you
with the heart set on your happiness...

you've made me want to let
everything i know as true
just fade to grey
and become part of the background...*
well this is my first poem of any sort in like 14 months sooooooo thoughts comments appreciated
Shandel Pruitt Sep 2009
I Am Poetry...

Held together by these lines
with my substance
black on white
here for all to see
the true makings of me...
Each word that you see
is a fragment
a shard of the
bigger picture...

And all that i am
is all that was written...
By the hand of another...
My Mother...

I am 1 of 4
Epic Poems
Started by her hand
but unending in stature
I Am "Shandel Louis Pruitt"
For Short it's "Del

:) lightly thrown together.... no real thought in this one
Shandel Pruitt Sep 2009
When I look at you
Know what I see?
A divine young queen
Worthy of better things

It may just be me
Since I don’t think
That you really see
Where you should be

True love is near
But you ignore it
No really, it’s here
You’re looking at it

Yet divinity is blind
Time & time again
Since you should be mine
Not just my best friend

A love like this
Should never be ignored
In my heart you’re loves missed
Yet my heart’s still yours

So sing to me
My divine, young queen
Your angelic voice
Resounds in me…
Shandel Pruitt Sep 2009
As true to you as the sky is blue
I’ll love you & bear your pain
Yes it’s true, I still love you
That’s one thing time will never change
It seems to me, you’d cry for me
If my life came to an end
But still you see, there’s a love that we
Still hide from all of them
I won’t leave, without you boo
So in pain is where I’ll stay
Until I know you, will be here through
The Joy, Pain, Night, & Day
So I’ll shed these tear, until you’re here
No…. until WE run away
Ill be right here, so have no fear
I’ll wait forever and two days
Shandel Pruitt Sep 2009
As I sit and reminisce
I see it’s been so long
I understand it’s you I miss
And the time when we went strong
Baby girl I love you too
That’s something I can’t change
As true to you as the sky is blue
I’ll still carry all your pain
My love for you still grows and blooms
Like a flower long forgotten
It hold’s the heart of a champion
It smells of sweet seduction
Shandel Pruitt Sep 2009
What more is there to say
Other than you’re an angel
Who blesses me day by day
And protects my heart from danger
Within your beautiful wings
I’ve found my saving grace
Into my listening ear you sing
As I gaze lovingly at your face
The many bleeding wounds I bear
Are mended by your gentle touch
Enemies attack us if they dare
Our unison will sustain the rush
Shandel Pruitt Sep 2009
Laying in this mess
Watching this room spin
Upon my desk
I notice my pen

Like a sword and shield
My pen and pad
The weapons I wield
The strength I have

Like a volley of arrows
I launch my words
My heart it shows
Through these adjectives and verbs

If only I’d verbalize
As sincerely & and sweet
As the words in my mind
Feverously flow onto this sheet

It’s my new year
Time for my new struggle
That’s one less fear
One less reason to be muddled
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