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Jul 2016 · 454
Shams Tamim Jul 2016
You say something mean to me
Something that won't cheer me up
But I  get along with it.
Then you say something rude about me
Which could hurt my feelings
Again I didn't say anything opposed to it
As a result you find it as my weakness
But why would you think I had no say
Against your insult towards me ?
I just tolerate this to know your thoughts about me
Have you ever heard the word 'Sarcasm' ?
May 2016 · 233
I Lost You
Shams Tamim May 2016
Walking down the road with a cheerful mind
I enjoyed every minutes with a serene breezy wind
Suddenly I have realized I lost my keys
But that won't be a matter I guess,
Because I have another set of keys in my home.
Then I couldn't find my wallet in my back pocket
Probably I was pickpocketed,
And I didn't care about that also
All of a sudden your thoughts came to my sense
I lost you a long time ago
But those feelings are still in my mind
As I walked down the road towards your kiss
In the end that have turned into a bliss
As I walked down the road to the light
In the end that have turned into a fight
The fight is in between my heart and my mind
Mind says move on but the heart still bear those feelings inside
This chaos won't be solved which I have realized
We lost many things and we teach ourselves to move on
But there there are some missing that we still want to carry on  
  :( :( :(
May 2015 · 587
Shams Tamim May 2015
Sometimes I feel I love the smell of the rain
More than anything I ever wanted
Because the glimpse of the wavy air,
Is the only thing that makes my heart lifted!!!
03 May, 2015
May 2015 · 214
Bittersweet Choices
Shams Tamim May 2015
It's just another night when it seems to be raining
The gentle air is whispering
Thoughts are recklessly wondering to my mind,
Wanted to be touched by your sweet little desires.
The choices we made, reflects it to be impossible
But my my mind will never understand the word, "inevitable"
The chaotic feelings are running widely
The forgotten memories appears to be as ever-lasting
Suddenly I realize
The joy around me will never be blessed,
Without the blissful presence of you, nonetheless!

31 march, 2015
May 2015 · 295
Catching You in the Rain
Shams Tamim May 2015
Watching the darkness of night,
The gentle air is waving outside,
Can you feel the lonesome conversation in your mind ?
While the thunderbolt is going to scare your sight.
Then the raindrops soak into soil;
After mixing the tears behind your smile.

Who knows-those tears would mix, your thoughts of mine.


— The End —