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 Aug 2015 Shams Tamim
 Aug 2015 Shams Tamim
trapped with feelings
don't feel anymore
because baby
i once cared too much
before i was hurt
and my feelings are same no more.
 Aug 2015 Shams Tamim
Sofia M
 Aug 2015 Shams Tamim
Sofia M
I'm so tired of feeling these emotions
I need to let go before it eats me whole
Please help me escape
But I know you can't
because it's far too late
 Aug 2015 Shams Tamim
Nicole Dawn
Why am I tired?
Hmmm let me think.

You say maybe low blood sugar,
I'd say that's off the list.

Could it possibly be
From not sleeping for days
Due to worrying
Over silly things?

Or maybe,
It's the sadness that overwhelms me
Every day and every night

It is from working too hard.
To keep everyone happy,
My grades up,
My smiles big.

So why am I tired?
Hmmm let me think.
I'd say it's probably
From low blood sugar.
I'm tired of being alive
I'm tired of not wanting to be alive
I'm tired of having responsibilities
I'm tired of pretending like everything is okay
I'm tired of going to a house that 'im suppose to call my “home ” but it’s not that at all
Its a roof over my head to keep me warm but not to keep me sane
I'm insane
I'm tired of thinking i'm insane
I'm tired of arguing
I'm tired of having to put in headphones to block out the world
I'm tired of living in a world where money is the number one priority because without money you have nothing
I'm tired of the world
i'm tired of writing about my feelings
I'm tired of hiding my feelings
I'm tired of feelings
I'm tired of thinking
I'm tired of breathing
I'm tired of being tired ..

 Aug 2015 Shams Tamim
Donna Bella
Tired of this ****
**** this *****
Feeling blue,
remembering you,
hearing the words that aren't true,
believing the love said by who

The feeling gave me butterflies,
and again remembering those lies,
Is this what I get as a prize?
Wounds will heal as time flies

You are my life's injury,
you were a Beast makes me believe to be beauty,
and now remembering our story,
makes me feel *gloomy

— The End —