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Shamiso Banda Sep 2015
See, you were my person and I loved you
Must this suddenly change? Because you're a little psychotic and wrote words you can't erase
"You don't get it do you? I can always get someone else,"
I believe is what you said
But me being me and you being you and that being us
was never me holding you under duress.

Shamiso Banda Aug 2015
A heart, like a canvas in the snow
You stood aside, time spent, paint froze
So no masterpiece, no work of art
Why'd you put the heart out there in the start

Snowflakes, a kaleidoscope in the cold
how they fell like there's only one story to be told
But to that heart, something could be seen
The snowflakes had different colours, different dreams, different ways of viewing things
Whispers, shivers, frozen glimmers
Life trapped in this frame of walls and mirrors.

— The End —