Shaima Sep 5
you drove me off a cliff
no wonder I can’t hear you,
now luckily for me
your bullshitting is see-through.
Shaima Jul 23
so much destruction that can take you places,
so many idiots lying to our faces.
the truth of the wicked,
the truth of the dead,
the truth of the children that live in your head.
war and division,
based solely on fear,
have hate and collisions
sharpening their spears.
no idols stripped naked
can protect a strong mind,
no rules when dissected
maintain their first rind.
Shaima Jul 13
my body, a temple,
my faith neglected
my soul a forgotten god, no offerings presented.
your hands shaky,
your mind young,
your love so timid, barely reaching your tongue.
our story begun,
our lives connected,
our souls too distant to comprehend all the reckless.
my body, a temple,
my faith restored,
I won’t let the fire distract me from hope.
Shaima Jun 4
let us find purpose
in the bottom of coffee mugs,
in the feeling after a hug,
in the slow dance of lightning bugs.
we’ll find peace
in the midst of most sunny days,
in the right path inside a maze,
in the gleam of a lover’s gaze.

don’t despair when a lonely night,
full of questions left in the dark
makes you question if there’ll be light.
cause the sun we’ll forever rise,
doesn’t matter what dirty lies,
your reflection will tell your eyes.
Shaima Apr 30
I chose night and regretted it every day,
I faked light and hoped you’d find the way;
I burnt my sins and tried to sell their bottled smoke,
but pretty ribbons made bare souls choke.
Shaima Apr 29
I know the way your eyes feel,
when they’re grazing my eyes.
I miss having no reason
to distrust your simile.
Why am I so accustomed
to letting it all die
when you only gave me chances to love our pink sky.
Shaima Apr 22
sometimes the stars are the only beauty you need,
somebody’s arms the only reason to breath,
though joyful and finite
like a homeless man’s mead,
simplistic ideals are a lover bug’s weed.
drunken and lonely, a beggar’s voice sings,
“life is not worth it if souls have no seeds”.
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