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Demons are here
Demons are there
they run in your head
they run till you are dead
tormenting your choices
laughing in your face
destroying things you have built
it's like you are running in place.
You may be broken,
You may be burnt,
But you'll be okay.

You may hurt,
You may curse,
But you'll be okay.

It hurts now,
You want to give in,
But 10 years from now,
You'll be glad you didn't.

I promise you that you will be okay.

Please don't give up.
 Feb 2019 shadowspade
 Feb 2019 shadowspade
Love is fake
Romance is a lie
I will be alone
Until the day I die
I'm always going to be alone.
 Feb 2019 shadowspade
I used to just fly
But now I'm falling
On the ride down
The sweet ground is calling

What's better?
To burn or to crash?
Either way,
I'm transforming to ash.

I feel pain
But I don't.
I feel numb
But I don't.
I want to cry
But I won't.
I want to try
But I won't.

I'm starting
To see myself
As just another book
On your 10-story shelves.

I'm dying inside
Being eaten alive
By this sensation.

This unending suffering...
Is your creation.
This was a pretty raw poem I wrote after a 3-year breakup.
I wonder everyday the time
As I stare at this broken clock
To fix this broken tick
To make it tock.
When I wake up and she isn't next to me
I dream of the day when she will be
Receive a text
Send one too
Oh how badly I crave you
On my way to see her today
So in love no words to descibe
Every memory shared
All the arguments spared
I hope that you
Crave me too
When I am with you
My heart races
I can't keep count
So many places
Your arms embracing me in a hug
From a long night away from one another
Leads to conversation and what to do about her brother
Your smile alone
Sends warmth to my bone
Your glare your stare
Take my throne
I can't help falling into the abyss of love
And to see that I have the one I dreamed of.
Crazy how five years can fly
When you were the only one to stay
And not say goodbye
Now I wonder
How much longer
Until the day we don't have to go
I won't have to leave you alone
Instead to go to bed
say goodnight
kiss your lips
sweet dreams. and hold your hips
To feel your warmth next to mine.
know you are safe
know you are sound
Then in the morning to see you smile
Rise and shine let's start the day
But instead forget why we got out of bed
Seeing your smile at first light.
To wake up next to you knowing your were there in the night
We always think of Hell as down.  I wonder if it's not up
And evil souls are burning in the sun, returning the warmth that they stole from the world.
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