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May 19 · 341
6 word poem #1
shadowfreud May 19
"You used to smell like home..."
an experiment in hyperconcise poetry
Apr 3 · 314
shadowfreud Apr 3
o u r
h  e  a  r  t
is the only
thing that holds
on tighter and tighter
  t h e m o r e    that it has
   b  e  e  n          broken
first foray into shape poems.
more challenging and fun than i expected.
expect more in the future!
Mar 24 · 246
shadowfreud Mar 24
no –
i'd fall with you
coursing headfirst and abreast through the clouds
with graceful reckless abandon
we'll live a supersonic life
& go out with a boom
like a pair of

☀ ☀
Feb 28 · 155
shadowfreud Feb 28
the more you learn, the less you know
with every fall, you slowly grow

This isn't really meant to be an amazing, poignant poetic masterpiece; it's just something that's been on my mind lately.

I feel like the older I get and the more I learn, the more I question my initial beliefs and judgments and the less I actually know about anything. Every decision I made or opinion I husband is increasingly clouded by uncertainty and ambivalence.

To add to this grand, cosmic dramatic irony of life, I only ever seem to experience growth after defeat and dismay. History is made by victors, but victors are themselves made from the vanquished.
Apr 2018 · 671
don't fall for a poet
shadowfreud Apr 2018
don't fall for a poet;
you'll come at the seams
as he weaves with his words
irresistible dreams.

don't fall for a poet,
though sweet be his rhyme;
he'll find other muses
and leave you in time.

don't fall for a poet;
he'll sunder your heart
and immortalize you
within his art.
Mar 2017 · 169
shadowfreud Mar 2017
i didn't hurt you.
i didn't **** up.
i didn't give up.
i didn't walk away.

i wasn't lost.
i wasn't hurt.
i didn't cry.
i didn't hide.

i'm not broken.
i'm not numb.
i don't remember.
i've moved on.

i'm fine
i'm fine
Nov 2016 · 228
shadowfreud Nov 2016
let me be your anodyne
and take away your pain
and piece your heart back together
and teach it to love again
Mar 2015 · 556
shadowfreud Mar 2015
do you ever fear
that no one feels you
when they read
no one sees you
till you bleed
no one cares
and you bleed

and do you ever wish
to live forever in a dream
never to wake feeling trapped

and do you ever notice
that you die a little every day
you lie a little when you pray
you cry a little when you say that you're ok
but you're not ok
Oct 2014 · 1.9k
shadowfreud Oct 2014
i'd sing for you to hear it
i'd dance for you to see
just how in love i am with you
and then you'd fall for me...
Oct 2014 · 1.5k
shadowfreud Oct 2014
i sit and watch the stars unfold
and listen to their tales untold

of how they broke off from the moon
and learned to shine their own light too
the light they'd stolen from the sun
to light the night for everyone

of how they winked incessantly
to beckon us beyond our reach
and realize our most secret dreams

of how they soon fall like all else
and become human themselves
to walk among us one more time
to love and lead us one last time
before they too meet their demise
and leave our bitter lives

i sit and watch the stars unfold
and fall to earth – angels unknown
and in their place, up in the sky
i become their starry night
Oct 2014 · 630
shadowfreud Oct 2014
today's "tomorrow" is tomorrow's "today"
you try to catch it, but try as you may
the sands of tomorrow keep slipping away
So live in each moment every today
Please feel free to post suggested edits below

— The End —