shadowfreud Apr 2018
don't fall for a poet;
you'll come at the seams
as he weaves with his words
irresistible dreams.

don't fall for a poet,
though sweet be his rhyme;
he'll find other muses
and leave you in time.

don't fall for a poet;
he'll shatter your heart,
and immortalize you
within his art.
shadowfreud Nov 2016
let me be your anodyne
and take away your pain
and piece your heart back together
and teach it to love again
  Dec 2015 shadowfreud
I tell you it’s dark inside 

You say turn on a light

I say it hurts my eyes

I’ve gotten use to the dark 

I can feel my way to my heart 

And lay down on its surface

I can tiptoe my way

Around hopelessness 

Slip on a few things 

But not fall

But you’re still new to it 

You still trip on my

Newly discovered fears

Still drown in my overwhelming 

Sea of sadness 

You've gotten bruises

From slipping on my silence 

You have fallen on my weariness

And I’m sorry 
I never meant for it 

To swallow you too 

Loving you makes a difference 

But you can't fix a ****
With nothing but a twig 

You can take a horse to a spring 

But you can't make it drink 

You can love me all you want 

But I have to learn 

To love myself 

Enough to turn on the light 

I will try to ease my eyes
to the light 
But fire eventually burns out
Even candles know that

I’m sorry I’m not okay 

I wish I was

If only it were 

To be well enough 

To look into your eyes 

And not feel like I’m drowning

To be able to feel 

The trace of your hands on mine

And not wish you didn’t have to

Feel the scars 

I’m sorry I’m not okay 

I really wish I was 

If only to be able to tell you
How much I love you 

Enough to not die for you

Enough to live with you
I choose you.
  Dec 2015 shadowfreud
A professor explained to me once
how there is a limited number
of possible designs for making
an arrow point function as intended.

You can't stick a round rock on a stick
and expect it to ******* like a dart.

It has to be sharp and hard, yet light
to fly like a feather straight and true
to the heart. I said, you mean like love?

She said, yeah, like love, kinda like love.
  Dec 2015 shadowfreud
There is a world of blessing  
that is awaiting to surround me,
but piles of dust and ashes
are the only things around me.

There is a world of beauty
that is awaiting to find me,
but this prison of darkness 
has locked and confined me.

© Sarah Ahmed (ThePoet)
  Dec 2015 shadowfreud
            sing to
                   me a  song
                           so melodious...
                               •one of  sweet so-
                                    unding timbre•let it
                                        ••   capture and numb
                                           ••             me senseless•
                                            ••        ­          take me to a
                                             ••                ­       place and
                                             ••              ­             time so
                                              ••                               fami-
                                            ••             ­                    lia-
                                           ••               ­                   r•
where fond       ••                      
memories linger free•fr-                                  
om all worldly constraints•                                    
where our ears can see•the                                      
passing bliss in heaven's                                      
godly paint•                                      
Concrete Poem 16 of 30

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