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  May 2016 Shadow Paradox
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Be like raindrops
Never be afraid
of falling
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Excerpt from a famous saying of an unknown author
Shadow Paradox Oct 2015
Beautiful blue berries

Blood red cherries…

Swirling in the night

Chocolate chip covered thief appearing with fright

The beat of the candy heart vibrates with weak deliciousness

While the frozen dessert screams its loyal wickedness

There was a flaw in the meal

For the law wasn’t happy and signed the seal

A perfect good journey turns into a nightmare

The monstrous ice cream still screaming its snare

And now the story rises

As the peanut butter footsteps arrives and surprises

A strawberry invitation is handed to the achiever

Icy tears hangs like icicles from the law breaker

The peanut butter melts away and now the story reaches its ******

The salty eyes are now side tracked

Beautiful blue berries

Blood red cherries…

They suddenly disappear

The candy heart beat slows and is replaced with cold fear

Ice cream drips into silence cutting off its screams

Chocolate chip covered thief fades, leaving a ghost of its beams

The flashing thief in the night

Is finally gone, but the emptiness leaves a fright

Yea I was hungry and extremely frightened

So when the police stopped me, my imagination became deliciously enlightened
I remember being so little when I wrote this lol
Shadow Paradox Oct 2015
There is a beautiful glow
Shining deep inside your core
Take it
Light the wick
             - *of another soul's heart
"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"-Edith Wharton
Shadow Paradox Oct 2015
It flutters around me
                           connected to my liquid shadow
Attracted to the light
*within my heart
"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."-Aristotle Onassis
Shadow Paradox Oct 2015
My truth memory
Is scattered
Like diamond roses
Wilted inside-
Crystallized fairy tales
Red riding hood kisses
Skullish smiles
Come to whistle
Their dead lullabies and
Musical cherry tops
White witches
Pen corpses
Mutilated whispers
Hyena cackles
Stir the magic batter
Of dying hopes
Sip on lonely dreams
Eat life with the
Honey bee
A little something for the beginning of October ~
The rain trickles down
Thundering against the tin roof
Coming down in sparks
Cleansing the earth
Watering the very roots
Of the trees that let us live
The rain is pounding
The lightning lights up the night sky
Giving hint to a little light that roars
Why does everyone hate me? it thinks.
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