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Unified approach Feb 2020
“I” gained consciousness - I am “conscious“
Unified approach Mar 2015
Few are balanced
and remain tethered
some eventually fall.
The past memory
Etched w/name and a date
No longer a reality
Speaks the profound escape.
Past is a memory
Unified approach Sep 2015
The velocity of change
Each leaf drops......the last prepares for the new beginning
U-Haul to another exciting life.

#Change #Positive #Survive #Exciting
Unified approach Nov 2014
Questions not answered, differences over dosed
Once opinion justified, suddenly all opposed
Unified approach Nov 2014
Crawled my way and became a teen

My childhood disappeared
                     From puberty to adulthood
****....Rebellious days disappeared
Chasing dreams and following career - the fun disappeared!
                                 Volunteered and got married,
And "SHE" disappeared
Walked into a threshold of a new beginning

My past disappeared!!
Unified approach Nov 2014
An orphan child without a care
Fighting the world with 'Truth or Dare'.......

(Stage1 )
Left the stage, too shy to sing
No long term commitment just a fling
Displaying emotions for minor things...........................................................­.................................................................­......................................................

(Stage2 )
Move ahead and finish the game,
Your life will never be the same.
Fly away and reach out for your dream
Don't be the victim of low esteem...
Unified approach May 2017
I am, who I am
And made explicit!  
Yet I am judged
For who I am not.
Clearly my arrangements
Inspired none!
Unified approach Nov 2014
Why me, why now?
These questions can’t be answered, but changes can be made
What I think I lost, could be a way of getting paid
For all the days, weeks and years left for me to understand
That life is full of experience and experience makes a man
Unified approach Nov 2014
Forgiven you for what you've done
But I'll never forget that you're the one
For all the things that you have taught
I've stopped pretending to be, who I am not
Unified approach Nov 2014
Standing up for           the cause
Grieving the
Showing us no sympathy
Just Comforting words -
                "Have patience you'll be free!"
Media filtering the real news
Separating the real truth
Living more than 60 yrs in exile
Giving us Advise to re     ------concile
Convincing that it'll be alright

Chanting 'Om Mane Pedme Hum' every day and night
Tired of the being tired of this situation  
Peaceful demonstration
Holding candles quietly
Holding banners that are loud and see people walk away BLINDLY

My Land_MY People
Unified approach Dec 2014
An incongruous effect when upset
Creates a huge distance between two hearts
Even screaming doesn't relay the message.
That’s why people just whisper when they are in love.
Happiness is absent - If you don’t fit that mold
We internalize that failure and put everything on hold
Daily validations to lift up our mood
All in an effort just to feel good

But then we forget that....
happiness is fleeting, not a permanent state.
Placing too much emphasis -  get in the way of awakening state
Just live
Unified approach Nov 2014
I am not having any more parallel dreams
I want to stand, see things happen
Regain the positive energy and shine 
Life is really short to throw away what is mine
I collect what got shattered
I fix what got broken
I right what is wrong
I wake up to a better me!
Unified approach Dec 2014
I found this book "anonymous"
Which shed a light on peace
My understanding became clearer  
It put my mind at ease
Unified approach Nov 2014
Be strong and keep walking
My inner voice said
Gear up for the future
look straight ahead

Take a deep breath
Forget the past years
Keep your head up and
Dry your tears

Even though, you're hurt
And she broke your heart
Keep your HEAD.....
And your HEART apart

It is tough
But time will surely heal
Perhaps a new life
Will then reveal
Unified approach Nov 2014
Dream or reality there is no eternal bliss,
Even all joyous state will eventually cease
It is important to remind and to think
That change in life could happen faster than a blink
 And so live everyday, like it's your last, 
A day makes a year and it goes by fast.
Devoid from attachment
Recognize all things as illusion
Even our mere existence as a human
Unified approach Nov 2014
Love blinds the rational mind
It exist as a veil,
Where thoughts and actions are carried in vision
At times it brings laughter and joy
But pain and hurt can also be near
Romeo died for Juliet,
Shah Jhan built the Taj
To impress their feelings dear, they cared not for the world
No man , no creature could help 'em see
Love is futile for fools to be.....!
Unified approach Dec 2014
Underneath all the facade.......
Masked private despair
It is the art of our mind
Which has the ability to cognize
Yet confuse us at times
To be happy.....
To find peace is within
The obstacles are self-created
Unified approach Apr 2015
Let's go.....What? Why? you can!
Unified approach Mar 2015
You're someone I love.....
And wish to grow old together
Enjoy the sun and the harshest weather
I wanna be the one to heal and take your pain
When you are unhappy, I want to make you smile again
Be the court jester, be the clown
Take your frown turn it upside down

It's not an addiction
And you're not a drug
You just took my heart and I don't carry a spare!
Unified approach Nov 2014
Like happiness, sadness is ephemeral. Nothing last forever. 
So use your energy instead to improve your future endeavors.
The imprecise nature of our real existence,
Is an approximate level of our understanding
They say a calm mind and an optimist view
Can even save a Crash landing
Unified approach Nov 2014
He held his hand high to feel the breeze
Tears in his eyes as he went down on his knees
He was happy to be alive but grieving his fate
He was lost in thoughts, in it's natural state
Ridiculed with contempt, he didn’t feel the same
He pinched himself to see if it was a dream
An experience left him with a wounded soul
His world was dead, he had lost control
His mind was confused, desperate for a solution
Chasing mirage or be an illusion
And as he gradually left the ground
He heard a whisper a faint sound
'The only weapon to fight this pain,
is to leave the past behind and live again’
Unified approach Nov 2014
Give your hearings to all
But speak only few
'Cause lesser the spoken,
Clearer you're heard.
Unified approach Jan 2015
Recycle it
pass/or fail
......garage sale
Alter or adapt for new use
Appreciate it....don't abuse
At home or elsewhere
Evolving care
Reduce the pollution caused by waste
When you see the result you'll be amazed
Unified approach Nov 2014
Sometimes I go deep in my thoughts
So deep that I reach a different place
A place I feel much happier and free
Different things I see
Things I can’t experience consciously

Sometimes I drift away at sleep
To an imaginary land 
Where things are less complicated
And easy to understand
Unified approach Nov 2014
Sometimes i feel rushed
…..i feel my dreams got crushed
sometimes i feel pretty lonely
despite of having people around me
sometimes i loose my sanity
some things doesn’t make sense to me
sometime i feel angry about injustices
my defensive instincts wants to stop this
And sometimes i get excited, no reason at all
Unified approach Dec 2014
I have mastered the art of life
That I need no instructions or manual to live my life!!!

I wish I had…….
Unified approach Feb 2020
I finally moved the massive stone
To discover.....
Unified approach May 2015
The relentless effort to exhale
Emotions, with composed face,
That's me around you

Your presence alone
deprive me of the power of resistance
I Lose control, become irrational
That's me around you

Your flawless beauty, intoxicating my vision
Entertaining my every senses
Teasing the mere faculty to see beyond.
.........that's me around you.
Unified approach Jul 2016
Us           and our arguments presupposed - You said I was wrong.....after much cogitation-through the perception of pain
I think you're right!

To have you in my heart, where you don't belong

— The End —