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Genuinely a human being
is suppose to listen to bees

Bees are little bumblebees
Dalai Lama is the
Cutest of them

Endure good~ness

With a mission
Working sweetly
Wonderfully unselfish

For a greater  cause
Forgetting about the fame and the flattery laurels
Achievements and Archibalds

Focusing on liveliness of a recent call n
Frivolous flattering sounds
Are gentle blessings

You'd recon that I adore your
Intense passion for
By the looks
By shut eyes  eager to be soon open for a glimpse of

The listeners are performing
With slightest ****** mimics
With crossed legs open
Changing a position
Scrathes on head
Inwardly borne self dialogues

Your soliloquy
Is the sea of
Love, life


By the memory
Bits of your heart beats

When the tin noise  
Of your crying
Tears tears

When you dream of the mortal coils descendant
As a halflings brought together through
Dissolving into the golden

You've seen two

I've seen one amongst many

Each a divine gift

Within wholeness


No peace
When you dissapear

And I yearn to visit a cultural event
In total darkness (if i shut my poetic eyelids and cover them with both palms) then maybe only the blood's tiniest brooks within my fingers may start the signal for the motion pictures inside the ideal world

The World's Spinning
In a  Absolutely Poetic

Let me embrace peacfulness
Within the secret garden

Let me taste of your
Nectary thoughts

Let me lead you through
Thundery waters

Silk veils and lyricism

Let me lead you through
Fire and ice n'all that is

Let me . . . oh . . . Let me

 Jun 2016 Unified approach
Dark is the night, by the light of day

Harsh are the words, which some people say

Grievous the malaise, which we often feel

Deep are the wounds, of a hurt that won’t heal

Lasting the wrong, to whom it is done

Fleeting the moment, when praises are won

Tragic the loss, of someone we love

Empty the feeling, when they are thought of
Do not ensconce from affection nor be cynical about love.
Open your mind to endless possibilities and wonders
Forgive, not just yourself but him as well.
Pause the memories and take still frames in your mind because you never know when you will get the chance again.
Become vulnerable and wear your heart on your sleeve.
Be the person you know you are and prove all of them wrong.
It's okay to mess up but only if you learn from it.
Remember that you are still two, four, six, eight, and all the years in between.
Know that you have a spark that need to be spread to all you meet.
Remind yourself that one day your prince will come.
Know that love doesn't always last forever and that people change.
Strive for high ideals.
Humanity is still alive.
Not everything is evil and dark.
The universe will unfold as it should.
Fate and destiny are by your side.
Travel and learn from the earth.
Keep peace in your mind and soul.
You are made of star dust and belong.
Look back on this life and smile because you decided to live it.
Live a life that causes your soul to dance inside your body.
Dance even when people are looking.
Don't be delicate be vast and brilliant.
Everything happens for a reason.
Look for the light in people and treat them as if that's all you see.
Live like you will never be forgotten.
**Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.
Who are you
A stranger
in my heart.
You pulled out
The strings one by one.
Until  love faded
You didn't try hard enough.
Instead  you let our relationship
Linger on.
I cannot fix the problem
It's your attitude.
You won't change.
Inside you are just a wee boy.
I can't go on
It hurts
I feel to much pain
Iam afraid
To let you go.
Because you are possessive.
It makes me feel uneasy.
I need some time to gather my thoughts
This picture of vivid
is rising
soft silk
sheets where
you left me in tears
wanting more
to imagine likely to like
Where can i find my peace of mind
Only to know it's lost in the sands of time
Looking for something just a small clue

Where i go i just don't know
Trying to hide my self destruction
As my life declines into nothing

With feelings of disparity
And self engaged rage
I only get the best of myself

Looking for something new
No longer wanting to be blue
Changing my life is all i can do
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