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Its descent is silent - as the sun sets
Here rarely anyone visits.
The Bluebird sings at the distance in the spruces,
As I touch the leaves of the forest ground,
I find rational breathing - here.
No religion - no opinions
As it offers themselves to me!!
#nature #love #forest #peaceful
He enter’s the room feeling excitingly bored,
Curious and anxious like it hasn’t been explored
Rushing himself like there is no time to dwell
To demonstrate an endless loop of things he did well
Two 10 minutes break - he isn’t  proud
Yet each day he goes forth to join the crowd
He stacks, he folds, he helps his crew
But his plights are ignored and it’s not something new
Countless hours pushes him further astray
The hope of him becoming someone someday
Seychung Namgyal Apr 2021
Happiness is absent - If you don’t fit that mold
We internalize that failure and put everything on hold
Daily validations to lift up our mood
All in an effort just to feel good

But then we forget that....
happiness is fleeting, not a permanent state.
Placing too much emphasis -  get in the way of awakening state
Just live
Seychung Namgyal Feb 2020
I finally moved the massive stone
To discover.....
Seychung Namgyal Feb 2020
“I” gained consciousness - I am “conscious“
Seychung Namgyal May 2017
I am, who I am
And made explicit!  
Yet I am judged
For who I am not.
Clearly my arrangements
Inspired none!
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