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Unified approach Sep 2020
I am blessed.........
What happened to me,
happens everyday somewhere
So, to consider myself unfortunate - isn’t fair
Taking my misfortune to be bigger than others,
Is indeed my ignorance
 Now my actions has become spontaneously correct ever since
Unified approach Feb 2020
I finally moved the massive stone
To dis  cover nothing underneath.....?
Unified approach Feb 2020
“I” gained consciousness - I am “conscious“
Unified approach May 2017
I am, who I am
And made explicit!  
Yet I am judged
For who I am not.
Clearly my arrangements
Inspired none!
Unified approach Jul 2016
Us           and our arguments presupposed - You said I was wrong.....after much cogitation-through the perception of pain
I think you're right!

To have you in my heart, where you don't belong
Unified approach Sep 2015
The velocity of change
Each leaf drops......the last prepares for the new beginning
U-Haul to another exciting life.

#Change #Positive #Survive #Exciting
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