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Seth Bennett Mar 2013
I rested for a brief moment
To ponder on my life
From all that it has been
To all that it could be
I discovered that its a cycle
A small planet lost in orbit
With spring and summer
Day and night
Fall and winter
Dark and light
Sun and moon circles around it
Shifting earth like knowledge recycled
With open plains and sea
But thoughts of knowing when
Through all the years of strife
I still won't know what it meant
Seth Bennett Mar 2013
Our barking howls,
pierce the night,
and the moon above,
brings us light.

The smell of blood,
drives us forward,
and now we know
what we head toward.

We see a man,
his body broken,
now from the moon,
this feast a token.

My eyes snap shut,
like fangs in my head,
the pain is burning,
as my blood is shed.

Sweet dreams fill my mind,
dreams of wolf and man,
the two now entwined,
forever roam the land.

We smell it now,
a victim to the moon,
we hunt for it now,
a gift will come soon.

The two run together,
in dreams of wolf and man,
bind these two forever,
to be one again.
Seth Bennett Mar 2013
Twisting vines of night and fire
Burning slowly ever higher
Death ripped forward from the ground
Spreading darkness all around

Forcing one against the other
Ripped to shreds without a sound
All the lights forever smothered
Eternal shadow never bound
Seth Bennett Mar 2013
As I pass this holy place
I see a flock of birds emerge
Clad in black they set their pace
As each of them diverge

They fly away on separate paths
And all have soon cleared out
All but one who stands alone
Perched upon a quiet hill

He glances up into the sky
Like a friend he terribly misses
He stretches and prepares to fly
To feel the warm cloud's kisses

He surges forward off the hill
But suddenly is held back
He plummets down against his will
And clashes with a crack
This one actually isn't finished, I just like where it is right now, and once I can figure out where else to go with it, I will post this.
Seth Bennett Mar 2013
For every tick the clock has made
Time wears away a dying race
And as the seconds start to fade
Death shows us its true face

The falling embers start to burn
And take away our little town
The hardest lesson we must learn
How god upon us he does frown

The town begins to cry for mercy
Watching their lives end so swift
For why has god come and cursed me
And which souls does he lift

He takes our lives without sorrow
And spits the rest unto earth
What lies ahead in the morrow?
A new people he does give birth

These people rant and rage
About the god which is so cruel
They burst free of their cage
And demand a new form of rule

God laments this ignorance
And turns his back upon his people
He leaves them to a death sentence
And ignores the cries of the needful

But the people band together
And banish all their crimes
Together they are bound forever
And cheer on their god's demise

So the god decides to attack
And this people he plans to smite
But he found that power he did lack
And so he faded into the night

The people at last found their peace
Though time did force it down
Their society fell piece by piece
And was buried into the ground

Today we study this ancient town
And remember the punishment they did earn
Scholars of today on them do frown
For it was our god that they did scorn
Seth Bennett Mar 2013
I want to rest on the clouds,
In the sky above the Avenue.
I want to sit on the horizon,
Watch the river flow in the distance,
Taking the form of a thought,
And carrying me into the day,
Bringing me light from the Sun above,
And comfort from the Moon below.
I want to travel through the trees,
Observe the night like an owl,
Spread my wings into the breeze.
I want to put myself onto paper,
And become a fabrication.
A creation of the thoughts of others.
I want to be a picture,
Erase my lines, color me in darker.
I want to rest on the clouds,
Watch the world from high above,
See the pattern of human life,
Realize that we are just a piece,
Part of the puzzle known as Earth.
I want to sit on the ocean floor,
Take in the sight of the colors,
Colors so much like my own,
Moving in a system of harmony,
Only broken by the intruders of above.
I want to float into space,
And watch the Emptiness,
The darkness reflecting in my eyes,
Worlds of others clashing into one.
Reality of expectation,
Stretching far beyond imagination.
I want to rest on the clouds,
And observe worlds far beyond my mind,
The organized chaos that we call Life.
Seth Bennett Mar 2013
This wall rises high,
reaching beyond the sky.
Now at the bottom, standing alone,
like a million miles from home.

Reaching up, I take hold,
for I know I must try.
Now for you I call,
but you cannot hear my cry.

You stand there, staring down to me,
I look up to meet your gaze,
only to see you looking away,
your memory is fading this day.

I'm pulling as hard as I can,
so why am I still sinking?
My hand is reaching toward you,
so why do you keep on shrinking?

As you fade to black,
I can see you very clearly.
To everyone else you are gone,
but you are still here with me.
Seth Bennett Mar 2013
The sky was gray
The earth was mourning
The sun hung low
With final warning

The air went by
A frozen chill
To remind us all
How time stands still

In early hours
In the darkest night
We all hold on
We wait for light

And as it shines
Time passes by
The light is moving
Across the sky

So now it sets
And with the day
All our time
It takes away

— The End —