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That wren--
looking here, looking there.
You lose something?
I saw the downfall
Of a leaf today --

A sad sight
To have seen
On a day so bright
And green.

There was no wind
No breeze to set the stage.

The little leaf
All red and brown,
Just let go
And fluttered down.

                               All alone it
                               Fell and lay.
                              All alone on
                              Its last day...
i wish in your silence
you had heard the beating of a hallow heart,
because it's the empty ones that make the softest sound,

but the sweetest music.
 Mar 2013 Seth Bennett
Amy Lowell
You are beautiful and faded
Like an old opera tune
Played upon a harpsichord;
Or like the sun-flooded silks
Of an eighteenth-century boudoir.
In your eyes
Smoulder the fallen roses of out-lived minutes,
And the perfume of your soul
Is vague and suffusing,
With the pungence of sealed spice-jars.
Your half-tones delight me,
And I grow mad with gazing
At your blent colours.

My vigour is a new-minted penny,
Which I cast at your feet.
Gather it up from the dust,
That its sparkle may amuse you.
 Mar 2013 Seth Bennett
Joyce D
Being with you and only you
Is all I long for
You bring out positive emotions in me
Still one nagging emotion crops up
Whenever something else-
          Makes you smile,
          Makes you dance,
          Makes you laugh,
          Makes you sing,
          Takes your breathe away.....
'Cause I want to be the Only one
Who brings all these positive emotions your way.
The Only One
The bullet is cold
And sits heavy in my hand
No need to etch your name
Since you're the problem at hand
The metal rolls through my fingers
Just like the thoughts through my head
So icy and cruel with a vicious intent
Tormenting, all the lies that were said
But even worse were the truths
That so harshly were fed
It's been to my fortune
That you never have seen
All of these tears
That I continually bleed
All that I want
Is for you to see
Every one of my weaknesses
And every part of me
But you unlike the bullet
Never wanted to see
Anything more
Than the outside of me
My physical beauty
Outnumbered by flaws
Once I looked in the mirror
And what did I see
A perfect porcelain doll
Staring back at me
But like a rock to a window
Were your words to my heart
And I watched myself shatter
I just fell apart
You've just absolutely killed
Inside your shining star
So blinded by your thoughts
No one knows who you are
I tried to find out
But I wasn't strong enough to stay
Now both of us are miserable
And I don't know what to say
So now I'll solve both our problems
With one single shot
A toast to no more pain
A toast to no more drama
Another for no more sin
And again for no more trauma
Now forever in your head
A thought like a fang
Forever you will hear
That last fatal BANG
I was a very distraught youth.  I still love this poem though
Eight months I almost spent with you
but then you ended all
your excuse was "I need to be single"
Then why'd you let me fall?

I was as happy as could be
I thought you were the same
But I guess that I was wrong
so apparently I've lost the game

you broke my heart before
three times to be exact
every other two months it seemed
you got tired of what was that?

Sometimes I wish I never loved you
So I wouldn't have this pain
but I only wish you happiness
even if I go insane..
Sweet summer breeze running through my hair
As I unwillingly smell your aftershave in the air
Don't ruin this for me, don't take too long
I don't need you, I want you ,like an insatiable song
But not for too long, as you are just as cruel
Getting stuck in my head like and old tune

I'll get sick of you, you'll see and drop you fast
I can get away with ****** and I know you won't last
So do us both a favor and savor the moment
Be mean and I'll make you pay with torment
You think that I lie and you think that I kidd
But you are tiring and you know what you did

So be nice and have fun
Or be mean and I'll run
Leave you at the shores an unholy sight
As I wave good bye with a heart filled with delight
Come forward, my Lilith!
Stop hiding behind the curves of the past
Come forward, you, the killer of my nights
Puppeteer of my fights
I spared you from all those have been lived,
I spared you to break this fast
Come! Show me your faces
Let me wash your hands, cut off your laces
Your joy of darkness is covering our souls
Making me one, making me yours
My heart, shattered by pieces
My lust, let me use this shard
Let me carve on our skin
Time has come to confess
Our most desirable sin
Come forward!
Let's end this inky lament
Come to rip this testament
Wagging tail
Low Growl
I wonder why you never howl
If I were you, I would cause i could
Flash of black and white
It appears that you're in flight

I see your teeth glistening
Yes my pup i am listening
You're in a playful state
You take away all the hate
Such bliss-
You are happy, yes I see
Oh what joy you bring to me
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