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Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
The birds fly so high
The fish swim with pride
And forever more
When I look at the ocean and the sky
I think of you
Regardless of the height of the tide

Warm waters catch my dreams
With you in all of them  
I take a nap at the beach
And I never have to worry
For the moon keeps me at peace

I follow the sound of the waves
Melodic vibrations
Decoded by my brain
I can feel your love
Past the realm of reality
This isn’t a delusion
Your love is more apparent than gravity
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
Who knows when this world will stop
When the winds will change
And my heart will drop

I live this life knowing  
Only what I’ve learned
Whether good or bad

It’s days like these where I reflect
The light of the sun
And when darkness comes
I’ll fight tooth and nail
To see your shining hair
Brush upon mine

But for now
I’ll keep my selfish secrets
For no apparent reasons
Other than to remain an enigma
To your mellow heart

Sunday afternoon
With nothing to do
But fall in love
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
Your worlds
Far from here
And close to anywhere
I’d hold my breath
In hopes to see you there  
From dawn to dusk
In hopes to catch a glimpse
Of you anywhere

You shine so bright
Brighter than a Quasar in celestial skies
I’m the darkness that fills the void
I feel so empty inside
But your light
Finds my line
You can’t escape my gravity
So hold my hand
And live this life with me in my proximity
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
My life is on the line
I’ve been alone
This whole time
But for now I fear
These voices in my ear
And the worst I fear
The echoes from the great beyond

I’ve been running
All my life
Dark times run deep
I need you
Even if it hurts my pride

I’m tired, and I’m hopeless  
7 billion souls
And you’re nowhere to be found

I’m tired of projecting  
These complex web of lies
Hurt me deep
Like never before
If I love you when I heal
I will love you forevermore
Sing to me to soothe my soul
Your memory lives
Past all dimensions
Of space and time
I’m glad I knew you
But it’s time to say goodbye
Sergio Esteban Apr 2019
I feel like life is unbearable
And other times
I feel like I’m on top of the world
Never mind the middle the ground
I seek for highs and lows

I numb my feelings
When you’re around
I let these faucets open  
When you leave this town
I wish I could tell you about my life
But I need to keep this secret
Like it will cost me my life

You run my mind
Faster than the speed of light
slow down
Maybe you can unlock my mind

I’ve been helpless, I’ve been lost
But follow me,
To my forgotten stars
You’re my binary moon
In my fantasies so far from this abuse
Let me love you
More than the Googolplexes of nebulae stars
Let me hold you in my arms  
Galaxies will rise and fall
But my affection towards you
Will never die
Inspiration: III. Urn : Childish Gambino
Sergio Esteban Mar 2019
I’d like to know
What is to be loved
I’d like to feel
What’s an affectionate hug

I never knew
But I’d like to know
It’s never too late
To mend a damaged heart
Sergio Esteban Mar 2019
Heaven up
And Heaven down
The moon rises
As the sun falls
Dark clouds fill the sky tonight
Let the rain pour
And let it seep deep into the ground

Give me life
Give me warmth
Give me a map,
To reach your world
I’m growing fast
And I’m growing old
The clock keeps on ticking
And the seasons come and go
Life is a trip
I don’t know who I am anymore
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