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Serenity Marine Nov 2015
I think about you late at night when I cannot sleep.
I think about you every second of the day.
Leaving me to wonder how are you.
The day will be light
Darkness will be night
The wind will blow
While rivers flow
The sun will glow
As night creatures lay low
Why trouble incessantly
With what happens tomorrow
As long as earth remains earthly
All will come and go
Serenity Marine Sep 2015
Forgiving of your sins.
Fills you with his fire of happiness
Warms you up with his fire.
Slammed by the holy spirit
Makes you want more of his fire.
So intense that you will cry of happiness.
Glad to feel God is around you.
His presents is lovely and peaceful.
We are sinners, but he loves everyone.
He forgives you of your sins when you ask for forgiveness.
He is listening to you when you pray.

I have probably with guys.
God knew what I go through when it comes to guys. He said to me " You aren't suppose to earn a guys heart, the guy has to earn your heart* and God is with you and will help you if in the need. *He will guide you in the right direction
I'm not one to talk about religion but I just wanted to share my story.
Serenity Marine Sep 2015
I loved you whole heartedly,
Until the day I found out what you have done to me.
You broke my heart.
You stompped on it, like it was NOTHING to you.
You only care about yourself.
You are a disgrace.
You have made me angry.
You never cared about my feelings.
I cannot ******* believe what you did to me.
You used me for my feelings to get what you wanted,
YOU KNEW* that I loved you so much I would do anything.
You took advantage of my feelings.
I still love you but I hate you for what you done to me.
I have nothing more to say to you.
You are just a stuck up *****, who didn't deserve my love or anything from me.  I have done everything to make you happy and that's how you repay me.
*******, I'm done with your *******.
Serenity Marine May 2015
When is comes down to love.
Everyone tells you,
You don't know what love is
What is love?
Love, love is when you care unconditionally about a person.
Love is always there, never to dissipate.
Love is always in the air.
you can't take love away from a person
you can hurt that person
Think about it,  if you love a person so much.
what would you do if someone took it away from you?

So therefor, I am sad because I love a person I cannot have anymore.
Serenity Marine Jan 2015
You are my star,
the star that shines brightly in the night sky,
you are the star that will shine forever in my eyes,
You are my star to keep and admire.
*I wish upon a star you'll forever be mine
Serenity Marine Jan 2015
Your kisses are just as lovely as you are.
Your kisses give me butterflies like how you always give me butterflies.
Your kisses are as sweet as you are too me.
You kisses are like the taste of sugarplums on your lips.
Your kisses give the type of happiness you give me.
You could kiss me a billion times and nothing would ever change the way I feel about you.
I will treat you like a prince, as you are my prince.
I will try to make you happy, how you make me happy.
*Baby, I love your kisses like I love you.
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