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Serena Jungers Apr 2010
Torrents pouring down around me,
Standing with my arms flung wide
Trying to catch the life, the meaning
And possibilities so high.

I can't stand here, watching helpless;
I wish my soul would be at peace.
There's nothing more that I desire
Than for anxiety to cease.

I see the bubbling brook, so peaceful,
And hear it as it passes by
As birds, chirping, bid me welcome
In bloss'ming trees that point to sky.

Spring and life anew surround me,
But still, I feel no joy inside.
The burdens of my life are haunting
As life is turning with the tide.

Thousands of people, talking, laughing
Pass me by at every turn
If I could but reach out and touch them,
Then would my soul-song cease to yearn?

Alas, I'm in this lonely bubble
Silent but for tears and fears;
Uncertainty that swarms around me
And cringing from the gossip's jeers.

Alas, if I could love another--
With love, unselfish and so true
For so few can penetrate this bubble
Knowing my flaws, and loving me, too.
Serena Jungers Apr 2010
You look at me with wondrous eyes;
I'm sorry, you may be surprised--
I don't deserve your love or trust.
The way you look, how much you care
Astounds me, and I'm really scared
That I'm not capable of loving you
To the extent that you love me.
You've put me on a pedestal;
Trust me--I don't deserve your praise.
I'm as unworthy as can be
I wish--If only you could see
You can do far better than me.
Serena Jungers Mar 2010
If I could have
A piece of wisdom--
Even the tiniest shard;
And if I could know
What is to come,
Oh, what I would give!
To be able to take
That shard, that piece,
And tuck it safely away
In the darkest corner
Of my mind, and
Only pull it out
When I am full of
Hurt, or doubt--
To know that I
Will be alright
No matter how
Life turns or twists
In unexpected ways.
Serena Jungers Mar 2010
Disperse the pain
And clear the air
I wish I could
Start over again
With you, and me--
Make better choices
So we wouldn't be
Caught in the void
Between us now
You're unreachable;
I wish I knew how
To bridge this gap
And make it right,
Please understand me;
I don't want to fight.
Serena Jungers Mar 2010
This pain--
So unexplainable.
This ache
Is undeniable.

I wish, so bad,
That I could fly;
Become mere mist
Up in the sky.

To numb my body,
And numb this pain
Is all I ask;
I won't ask again.

If I could cry
And let the pain
Leak through my tears,
Then would we be
Okay again?
Written while missing a faded friendship.
Serena Jungers Mar 2010
Your fingers wrapped up in mine,
My heart wrapped up in yours.
Still trying to define
Where to put that line.
Laughing at each other,
Laughing at ourselves.
Caring for each other
Like nobody else;
This might be love,
But I can't tell.
Is love a choice?
--Yes, I think so.
So do I choose
To take the leap
And love you now?
I still don't know.
Serena Jungers Mar 2010
So many memories from this life
And some will be forgotten.

"A picture's worth a thousand words,"
Some say, and so it's true.
A picture is a freeze in time;
A word, that can't be spoken.

A picture is a little seawater,
Held still in a jar,
While the sea continues on,
Moving, changing constantly.

Pictures are too clear sometimes--
Too harsh, revealing details
We left blurred in our minds.
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